Monroe 2020 business medium-duty calculator overview

Monroe 2020 business medium-duty calculator overview

The Monroe 2020 is our most popular
medium duty calculator and has been a favorite amongst our customer since 1989 the most noticeable differences of the
Monroe 2020 when compared to the Monroe 6120 is the
keyboard and it’s arrangement this model offers a larger 12 digit
display a cup numeric keypad and layout that is
similar to our heavy-duty models yet the 2020 is smaller in size from those
models so you can count on this machine being a
good fit the montreux 2020 places a wide variety of productivity oriented
features at your fingertips such as percent change markup grand total to tax
keys and it comes with a four key independent memory the non a date
function allows you to print a reference number or date rounding may be set to standard five for
rounding roundup or truncate. The item count feature even allows you to count
the number of entries in each calculation the montreux 2020 is a plus
for any office. You can use this as a print calculator
or simply turn off the printing feature and use it as display only the montreux
2020 is available in both black or ivory for more information please go to

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