Monash Business School graduate Jonathan Byrt – inspiring a more reusable society.

Monash Business School graduate Jonathan Byrt – inspiring a more reusable society.

If I was to change
anything in the world now, it would be people’s perceptions about the products that they use and the importance of reuse because at the moment
we’re a consumer society that is purchasing,
using and throwing out. And, it’s creating too much,
too much environmental harm. Last year there were 525
billion single-use water bottles that were purchased and consumed globally. That’s about a million
every single minute. We wanted to redesign the water bottle to something that was more convenient. We realized that there
wasn’t a place in our bags for these round bottles,
so we redesigned it around international paper sizes. So the A5, A6, A7, the thought being that it’s going to slide down
next to all of the items that are in our bag to save a lot of space and sort of optimize it for carry. So that’s what we’re all about. We’re trying to inspire
a more reusable society. I’m a pretty curious
person and I think Monash really fostered that curiosity. I was able to take part in
a huge range of electives as well and I think it
taught me how you can use business as a means to
really solve some really big global problems out there. So, I took part in a
lot of geography units. I volunteered when I was at Monash and it was all really well supported. It taught me to think outside the square and to use these business skill
sets to create greater good. We’re not motivated by revenue or profits. It was always a decision
when launching this business to create a product that
created real positive change. We’ve got a really nice
partnership with a not-for-profit based out of the U.S. called, which allows us to provide two months clean water for every single memobottle sold. It’s nice to know that our business is giving back to communities that
are less privileged than us, but also creating a
conversation around the effects of single-use products and trying to inspire a more reusable society. What I love about my job is that we can see change happening
and it’s measurable.

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