Molester Stamp in Japan: What Japanese girls think about it

Molester Stamp in Japan: What Japanese girls think about it

If you have time to push the stamp you should catch the guy instead It’s like a crime prevention buzzer. If is on your bag… it’s hard for guys to do it. Do you think Japanese girls will use it? – Many will be too scared to try. Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese. Recent news have become fairly popular all around the world because Japan released an anti-groping stamp that sold out actually within the day. About 500 pieces sold within the hour and we’re wondering why. This time we are gonna go and speak with Japanese girls on the streets of Tokyo and ask them… What they think about the anti-groping stamp. Let’s Ask Japanese. The molester prevention stamp was on the news recently. – I saw those news. They first made a limited number of those stamps and they sold as test. If you shine light on them the stamp becomes visible under UV light. You can only see it then. – What do you think about it? – Well… If you have time to push that stamp, shouldn’t you catch the guy instead. I see. – That might be more real. I think so. – Don’t just watch it. Do something about it. Raise your voice. Don’t expect others to help you. Do something. Don’t run away from it. I am not sure if this stamp has a meaning. This crime happens in seconds sometimes. Can you open it and push it in time? I doubt that. I thought so too. – Maybe it’s an automatic stamp but it’s unrealistic I think. Without UV light you can’t even check it. And otherwise you can’t tell it has been done. This train harassment problem has continued for years now. What should women in Japan do in this situation. Raise your voice! We have women-only carts… it’s best to go on those. Raise you voice? Many girls say they couldn’t do that. What do we do then? Try and escape somewhere else. Even if they touch you… once you realize that, excuse yourself to others and move to a different area. – You can only run away. The reason for making this stamp was a video online where two high school girls are chasing a sexual harasser down the stairs. They shouted “wait” and another old man made the predator stumble and fall. – I saw that clip! That was the reason for making this stamp. – What_ I would not chase the guy. If I got touched, it would only be that moment. I would get angry and try forget it. I would not chase him. Harassment can cause a lot of damage for those involved… and psychological stress… That stuff is bad. Don’t do it. Molesting is forbidden! In news abroad this has become a big topic a new stamp was being sold in Japan. Your face looks like you know. I know about it. – What am I talking about? – The sexual offender stamp. The sexual harassing prevention stamp. How did you know? – It was on NHK I saw it on Japanese news and was surprised it exists. It’s super recent. – 500 sold in one hour. A lot of girls want it. The price is about 2500 Yen. – That’s expensive. You wouldn’t buy it? – No. – And you? – I wondered if I would actually use it. If this happened to me, I would not be able to raise my voice but… I am not sure if I could stamp him. I can’t imagine it. Not everyone can spend that much money either It’s expensive! – If it was 1000 Yen I would think of it. You think it’s expensive. – I would not get it They said it just washes off. And that for over 2500yen… that just doesn’t add up. This idea comes from Japan. Do you think it can prevent these crimes? I think it might for men touching high school girls. I would not be able to speak up. So I think it is good. High school girls might feel saver when they attach it to their bags. Like a crime prevention buzzer. If it is there, it might deter others. So they’s think “she might fight back so let’s not” Maybe. So having it on your bag is a good idea. You said you won’t be able to use it? What if he pulls his hand back quickly then? Inside a crowded train you might be able to push it but if it happens in town, I can’t react fast enough. In crowded trains it will be very difficult too. If they touch you from behind, it’s sometimes hard to tell who did it. It’s better if people around them realize what’s going on. I want someone to save us. If I push the stamp… nothing will happen after that I think. If you cry for help, that would be best. Do you think Japanese girls will use the stamp? I don’t think we can. – We’d be too scared to. I want people around to realize it and say “There is a train molester!” Or have them confront him with “What are you doing?” – Yeah. So you expect others? Not the girl herself to do something alone… but for people to protect each other? Those were our questions. Thank you. So this was a fairly interesting topic. To be fair at the start I didn’t know how… people would react to, asking those questions. The girls said that the stamp might be a good idea but they are scared that they won’t react as quickly grouping on the trains in Japan is fairly common especially with Japanese girls. It doesn’t happen as often with foreigners, but it still happens. They said it sometimes happens in the blink of a moment. It might be happening while they are leaving the train. When the masses of people roll out. So they doubt that they will have the time to pull out the stamp take off the lid and push the stamp so that’s one of the things. The stamp is fairly expensive for what it is. And it washes off easily, you can’t prove that that person was the one who did it because he might just wash it off at the same station. It’s still hard to tell who it was on the train. Sometimes there are so many people and especially when it gets packed. Might be hard to understand but when it gets packed then it’s hard to tell who it is, who it was, use the stamp and push it onto people’s hands those are a couple of problems mentioned. Japanese girls… many feel like they can’t speak out and they won’t have the strength to speak out unfortunately. Escaping the situation is the best (according to them) unfortunately, the trains that are known for groping like the Saikyo line… have really long times between stops. Once you in that stop you can’t really escape and that’s why those train lines are the ones that are fairly frequented by train gropers. Because they know that it is their chance, to have a fairly long time to find their victim and attack. It’s hard to get away in those certain situations. Some girls said, this stamp might be a good things for High School girls, the ones who are too shy to actually go and speak up especially. Maybe as a deterrent having it on the bag will show molesters that they shouldn’t approach the girl. Still yet it’s very sad that things like that have to exist in the first place in Japan but it looks like this is a thing that… will still continue to exist for the next couple of years because Japan still hasn’t managed to get rid of groping on the trains unfortunately. So guys how is that in your country? Does your country struggle with the same issue as much as Japan does or not? Let us know in the comments down below. Now … we are tackling a lot of issues about Japanese culture, also a couple lighter topics. If you are curious about finding out about them be sure to subscribe to our channel. Don’t forget… even if this is a tough topic for us to do, I hope you enjoyed us doing a serious topic once in a while as well. If you did please give us a like  even though this is a serious topic, so we know that want to know about serious issues in Japan as well thank you so much for watching and have a great day. Bye.

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  1. Also what if there's a weird guy and he looks threatening but he actually did nothing and he gets stamped like
    How long do those stamps last

    I am aware that these guys stamped for nothing would be rare compared to all the other motherfuckers

  2. As much as I like to hear about the nice things in Japan, these topics are just as important.
    I just don't really understand the stamp thing, what exactly does that thing do? How do you use it?

  3. Thank you for doing a video on something more serious! I think it's important for people to keep up to date with all aspects of Japan, even the more difficult topics, because at the end of the day, a lot of us tend to not see its flaws like this because of the lack of information on occasion. It's also great to get actual opinions on the matter, so I would love to see more videos like this!

  4. I think it's just caught media attention for the problem it claims to address, not for any proven effectiveness. Can you stamp clothes or just skin? Does it wash off immediately? Can police check for a stamp? Do they know to check? Would it be considered evidence anyway? Is there any evidence wearing the product acts as a deterrence? Are there potentially negative legal ramifications for stamping someone, say if they claimed to be allergic to the ink? The fact the ink is invisible seems to imply its application is intended to be hidden from the molester – is that a reasonable assumption in most circumstances? Wouldn't it make sense for the ink to be more visible, but more permanent, like the dyes in cash boxes?

  5. Japanese women: fight dirty if you have to. Kick him in the balls. Poke him in the eye. Your keys can be used as a weapon. Do what you have to do. Nobody has the right to do that to you.

    Japanese men: protect your women. These creeps aren’t just committing evil, they’re making you look bad. If you can do something about it and you don’t, you may as well be groping them yourself.

  6. The fact that it's gotten so bad that all the stamps sold out that fast is sad. The fact that the stamp is only visible under UV light ( do they have people checking at the exits or something? ) seems kinda useless or something that would have groups of creeps showing off to each other how many stamps they got in a secluded spot and a portable UV light

  7. Instead of expensive, roundabout stamps, why not just tell japanese girls that it's OKAY to raise a fuss! Why are the japanese always so afraid of being a bother to others, even at the point where they're being unfairly treated or even harassed. The fear of being ostracized by the group… nay, the fear OF THE GROUP… is just too strong. :/ Being mindful and caring about others and putting others first is admirable, but being afraid of what the group, that's just too much. Any virtue, taken to an extreme becomes a vice.

  8. Girls here buy tear gas/pepper spray to protect themselves againist molesters.. Stamp??? Talk about mentality difference…

  9. I find it really amazing that these women are afraid to say anything it truly baffles the mind. I can honestly say I don't know any woman here in Texas that would not say something. I've seen tiny women go after massively huge men maybe they need to start teaching women in Japan to be more assertive. In any case a stamp is stupid a whistle would be a better along with public shaming if they get caught put on TV put their pictures up everywhere make their life a living hell

  10. I can imagine it'd be misused. Someone you don't like, want to get some kind of revenge on, or blackmail. The idea itself is reasonable but misuse is quite easy

  11. It would have been nice if you told us what that stamp is, so we audience know what you are talking about. So after checking google… this is pathetic, only in Japan they could come up with an idea to mark a criminal with an invisible ink, perhaps they do not want to inconvenience poor bastard? on the other hand, if it was visible, they would be wearing it like a trophy… well, I would 😀

  12. What about a taser or metal rod to bash them in the head?
    I feel like proving someone groped you is difficult. I have seen women in parking lots get held up by muggers in America. Most of the time I don't even get the chance to help them out. A lot of people have guns in their car. They only need to reach for it. At most they only need a helpful distraction. Although I do have to admit beating up a criminal in a parking lot is fun. Puts my years of martial arts to good use.

  13. Really wish they had this while I was living in Japan last year… but I also wish the stamp was a little more obvious instead of needing UV to check it and wouldn't wash off so easily. Around my university in Tokyo, a lot of business men would drive around the block until they came across girls walking alone at night then park somewhere and follow you, reveal themselves and chase you, or run up to u and grope you. A couple of my friends and I have experienced this but when we tried to inform authorities they said it would be rather difficult to catch them and that they would atleast put up a sign to warn students and have police patrol a little more often… i just think it would be comforting if there were more ways for these men to get caught..

    Also Cathy Cat it's really nice to see these little more difficult topics being asked!! Hope you're doing well! I'm the girl that bumped into you at Disney Sea early in the morning last year's spring ??

  14. Moonie Cathy Cat, this is a shocking state of affairs Never knew this happened sort of thing would happen on the public transport it must be a worry for the families and parents!

  15. Interessant, dieses Grapscher Problem gibt es hier weniger, dafür Manspreading, also Männern die breitbeinig in der Bahn sitzen, oft um Frauen zu provozieren. Allgemein braucht es mehr Respekt untereinander und endlich eine Gleichstellung von Mann und Frau. Grade Japan ist hier unter den G7 Staaten auf dem letzten Platz. Vielleicht ist dieser Stempel sinnlos, aber er bringt die Belästigung von Frauen in die Öffentlichkeit, und das ist gut so.

  16. Love the sky blue on Cathy, very pretty.

    I don't understand why Japanese men allow this to happen, and I don't care if it's a cultural thing to be docile and not interfere with others. I'm not trying to be sexist and say ladies can't defend themselves but obviously this is a big enough problem that I feel people should help each other out .I really feel like it wouldn't be out of line to start putting men's pictures on billboards that get caught doing this if it is proven they are guilty I bet the shame caused by this would discourage a lot of pervs.

    I actually had to deal with this when I was visiting my then girlfriend in Moscow. Some creep had the audacity to fondle her right in front of me and I choked the bastard out, as he was trying to recover a little old babushka kicked the creep in the ribs several times, based Russians don't stand for that crap and I bet that's one s.o.b that'll never grope a gal on the subway again.

    Another instance my sister was on a class trip to Ukraine and was sharing a train cabin with several other students, a drunk guy burst into her cabin and started fondling one of the girls obviously getting ready to take things farther so the girls started yelling until a conductor came. The molester tried to tell the conductor they were friends and though none of the girls spoke Ukrainian they did speak Russian ( or at least my sis does fluently), and I guess it's similar enough where a person that speaks one can get by communicating with the other. Anyhow to bring an end to the story the conductor thankfully believed my sister and without the train being stopped heaved the drunk pervert off the train in the middle of nowhere.

  17. i was thinking about going to japan to enjoy some ncie train rides, but now i dont think that will be a good idea. the stamp is definitely bad for tourism ^_^

  18. I think it goes back to the Ring of Gyges, Plato's story about a ring that lets the wearer turn invisible. When the consequences of committing a crime were removed (no one could identify, much less catch, the invisible man), the simple shepherd that found the ring almost immediately becomes evil, seduces the queen and kills the king.

    Ultra-packed subway cars may be the ring of Gyges, metaphorically, providing sufficient access and anonymity to empower the immoral, even when, in normal contexts, they'd be law-abiding citizens.

    If this analysis is correct, then it's the lack of visibility and consequences that's the problem. The stamp seems to address this, but only in the most subtle way (a hidden symbol on the attacker). If we wanted to really diminish or eliminate the problem, we would find ways of monitoring and punishing the offenders, but that's easier said than done.

    One potential solution that comes to mind is using something that girls will usually have on them already, a modern cellphone with a camera. If they would take photos of the attacker's face, and put them on some sort of website, it would eliminate some of the anonymity. But there we have to be careful, as there is essentially no recourse for someone doing this (not even a girl, could be a coworker that's jealous of you, for instance) to an innocent man as a joke or act of revenge.

  19. I think Japanese girls should learn a thumb lock and have the confidence to use it. There's no question then because the only way she got a hold of your hand is if you weren't keeping it to yourself. From there the other passengers can help out and since it's debilitatingly painful they wouldn't have trouble figuring out who is attached to the hand.

  20. Oh my God, I never thought this actually happens in Japan. I know its easy to say, if your not involved, but to speak up or to inform others while it happens is probably the best, it only takes a lot of courage, but I think we all know, if we do something forbidden and someone asks "what are we doing" we are so scared and can't really act ether, because people are looking at us and we need to answer this question. Luckily in germany, the girls are more squicky and would start screaming and everyone would know. In Ireland, where I currently live, Trains are luckily pretty empty, that even if someone would do that, it would be obvious and easy to tell, who it was

  21. How long before someone sells a t-shirt with a great big version of that stamp that glows in the dark? Record album cover art?

  22. "It would be better to cry for help" followed by "I don't think I could". This seems to be a consistent theme in Cathy's piece and it says an awful lot about how Japanese women have a long way to go before they can claim to have truly taken on a misogynistic patriarchy that remains deeply rooted into Japanese culture. Japan is not alone in this. French women have been having a difficult conversation amongst themselves about it for years (many fear diluting their idea of their own, highly evolved femininity by throwing it out like a proverbial baby with the bathwater). There are similar examples to be found everywhere. As a man I understand these concerns but feel they amount to a false premise. Easy for a man to say, I know. But this is 2019 and there is nothing incompatible between femininity and self assertion. I hope women everywhere are by now feeling enough is enough and that yes, they can and should speak out against any abuse or intimidation. Immediately. These days, where I come from (London) an abuser on the underground network might reasonably expect to get kneed somewhere vulnerable by the abusee. And the whole carriage would be cheering on the subject of the initial abuse the whole way!

    I am glad to see Cathy has chosen to take on a serious subject and she is to be congratulated for that. This report is about the wider female community in Japan but her content started out identifying with the Lolita fashion, which she clearly still enjoys, and she has explored both the fashion and the community that identifies with it down to the last atom. And yet I have never seen her or any other Lolita YouTube commentator discuss something I saw some years ago at an exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert museum about Japanese sub cultures (the V&A is not famous for it's curators getting things wrong). The exhibition featured an early example of a Lolita dress (I think very late 1980s) and suggested the hyper-feminine fashion evolved as a kind of inverted backlash against the misogyny I mentioned above. As if to say "you want us to be meek and compliant? OK, so how much femininity can you handle, eh? Try this! Bam!!!" I would totally get that and what a fun, peaceful way to pack a punch! But I never see anybody speaking for the Lolita community elude to this aspect of the history of Lolita. Is that because the V&A did get it wrong, or that the fashion houses that control the industry behind Lolita suppress such ideas or something else? genuine question. So now, there's a challenge for you Cathy!

  23. Question do the trains not have camera's why not have transit have them install them it will help protect its passengers and why not have undercover police officers riding different trains? Just food for thought.

  24. Hold the people immediately around the victim for questioning & record the names. Eventually certain names will keep popping up.

  25. There wouldn't be train gropers in Ireland, but there are guys who go around night clubs and grope girls there. So that would be the main place for that to happen. Not many preventative measures here either, but most of the time, girls won't be afraid to give out to them

  26. if you don't know who it is, the best thing to do is next time have some mini stun gun type "flash light" when someone touch your butt, grab that hand, hit it with your stun gun. HAHAHA

  27. Some guys should wear a shirt that says victims can come to them and tell them who did what. I would be happy to get in the jerk's face and let him know he can't get away with that. Nobody touches a woman without permission!

  28. It's pretty messed up that Japanese girls still have to go through this stuff so much, but it also annoys me that they can't seem to change that part of their culture and mindset that prevents them from, you know, simply calling out the creep, like almost any western girl would do? :-/ On a less serious note, if it was the reverse (very unlikely I guess), and a girl was groping ME on a train…I think I'd rather enjoy that lol, even if the girl wasn't even particularly cute. 😛 It does make me wonder sometimes. Not liking it is pretty obvious and not difficult for me to understand at all, but for some girls who get psychologically affected by it, I wonder why it bothers them THAT much. I can't really imagine the mindset myself. I guess girls are just more mentally sensitive or something.

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