MMU PSF: Michael McGarry on Fellowship

MMU PSF: Michael McGarry on Fellowship

My name is Mike McGarry. I’m the Student Support
Officer for MMU in Cheshire. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I applied
because I have been in post for over 8 years and my post is located between an academic
structure and an admin structure and includes a bit of both, so in that respect there is
no obvious progression of framework for me to use and the HEA provided me one, which
is one of the reasons I went for it. It is gives me a quality standard that I can benchmark
my work to and I didn’t want to the PGCert in Education where as I could do the APL route
(Accreditation of Prior Learning) and I did that in my own time.
What did I gain from achieving the Fellowship? Professional recognition for my post, which
as I said there is no obvious structure for it. I gained a teaching qualification for
Higher Education, which is valuable and it does provide me a step towards a Masters if
I decide that I want to do that. I am considering gaining some masters credits through the FLEX
programme and I can use the FHEA as a starting point towards a Diploma or a Masters if I
want to do that. So, it is proving very useful. What advice would I give to any one applying
to the do the Fellowship? I would look carefully at the breadth of your experience and well
as the depth. I would look early at the PSF and see what your got to achieve and then
go back over your experience over recent years and you may find you already have all the
experience there, you just need to bring it up to date with current reading and references
and present a good bibliography, rather than starting from now and trying to do lots of
new activities to benchmark against the standards. So, look carefully at the breadth of what
you have to achieve. That’s the challenge, rather than simply focusing on the narrow

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