MIT Sloan School of Management: Why Sloan Fellows Alumni Love Our 1-Year MBA

MIT Sloan School of Management: Why Sloan Fellows Alumni Love Our 1-Year MBA

There aren’t that many full-time, one-year
programs. I wanted a program that would be intensive,
it’d be full-time and really clear my head from what I had been doing before and put
me in a place to think clearly about new ideas and a new vision for my next venture. Sloan Fellows program at MIT seemed like a
unique offering. And there’s no question that coming to Sloan
for a 1-year intense program feeding me exactly what I needed given my prior experience, it
suited me quite well. It was such a rich environment from June to
June – intense that one year was a wonderful experience for me. The one-year program seemed to be perfect
because it was full immersion. I was looking to take a year off from being
an active entrepreneur in order to then afterwards move forward with fresh eyes. When I put a backpack over my shoulder and
I sort of started my day of classes, I felt young again. And that after 20 years of being in the business
world I was completely refreshed with the thought and the feeling of being a student
again. The MIT environment is very technology focused,
obviously, a lot of leading edge activities going on. You just naturally feel that during the year
and you get exposed to the whole environment here – very stimulating, very leading edge,
very technology-based but with this really great MBA curriculum. MIT Sloan is a mind-opening experience. You have to be open to new perspectives and
that may change your trajectory. Right after Sloan I founded my new company,
Pixability, which today has over 80 employees and we have locations in Boston, New York,
San Francisco, Chicago and London. I was working at General Motors at the time,
and every year they would select one or two people in the company to actually attend the
Sloan Fellows program, and I was lucky to be selected in 1990. I had people in my company, and personally,
tell me that they could sense, they could see, they could hear that I was quite different
in just one short year after MIT. I’m now the CEO for Amadeus in North America. I genuinely believe that not only the brand
but the things that I learned and were able to apply, allowed me to behave and act in
a different way and I do think I’m a better leader and a better manager as a result. And to come out really with a lot more confidence
about how I could contribute to my organization, how I could compete, and my own personal aspirations
all grew as part of the Sloan Fellows program. I decided that a one-year program was probably
best for me in order to not be away from my company for too long, not be out of the industry
for too long, but also just long to feel like I really had a true academic experience. And that’s why MIT Sloan and the Sloan Fellows
program was just absolutely perfect. There are so many things going on at MIT that
it’s such a privilege to be able to walk in the door to that and become so connected to
it, and be able to from then on always just show up on campus talk to people – you’re
part of the MIT community. And that’s priceless.

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