MIT Sloan School of Management: Sloan Fellows for Women

MIT Sloan School of Management: Sloan Fellows for Women

The Sloan Fellows experience is like joining
a new family. It’s full of respect and love and friendships
at a depth that you may not otherwise get outside of your own family. It is phenomenal the rate at which you go
from being intimidated by these strangers to being dependent upon these friends. And then you start helping each other. And then it’s that unsolicited person that
reaches out and helps you with something you didn’t think was grandiose, it was simple
for you, somebody else appreciates. The women in my cohort were just exceptional. We get together, we go for dinners, we formed
friendships and a support system that will carry on beyond the Sloan Fellows program. It’s a safe place to open up and to talk about
your family, your spouse, how things are going at home, and what difficulties you have from
a professional standpoint. The women at Sloan Fellows have been very
close, initially because we were the women in this program, the minority. But as you get to know each other you realize
that you have a common journey that you’ve already made. You’ve made sacrifices to be here today, no
matter what those might be. And as the year goes by the shared journey
that you lived through brings you even closer. Sometimes we may think that, oh, we have children
and families so how are we going to uproot our family and bring them back to school? You can do it – with the right support from
your partner and from the program office and from the larger MIT community. You can do it. Some of the particular ways the women have
been able to help each other has been with career advice. Whether it’s advice on how to negotiate the
terms of a new role I’m looking at or advice on what path I might want to take, sometimes
I want a woman’s opinion, and that’s been very useful. This is one of those rare opportunities that
you can jump off the hamster wheel, take time for yourself, think about your life and really
find the path that’s right for you. It’s a rare gift. I would definitely recommend Sloan to other
women. You will come to an environment that is absolutely
conditioned for you to create this very powerful network of women around the world. It’s just such an amazing opportunity to take
a year of your life to meet other people from all over the world. It’s hard to put into words what this year
does and gives you. I’m just going to say it’s magical. It’s very special.

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