MIT Sloan Digital Business Strategy | Course Trailer

MIT Sloan Digital Business Strategy | Course Trailer

I’m a huge believer in the power of artificial intelligence,
but some people take that too far. If companies get the mind-machine
balance wrong,two bad things will happen. First of all, they’re going to waste the skills and
the talents of their people, and second of all they’re going to make inferior decisions. In the book Machine, Platform, Crowd, Andy McAfee
and I talk about three big revolutions: artificial intelligence, the product-platform
revolution and crowdsourcing. A lot of companies today see themselves in the product
business, they offer a good or a service, but increasingly as we head into the future those products
are going to be accessed and consumed via digital platforms and the platforms
are going to become dominant. What I’m most excited about though,
is how the innovators and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow
are going to take advantage of machines, platforms, and
online crowds to create huge amounts of value and deliver really fantastic
things to people.

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