Missouri Star Quilt Co. uses YouTube and Video Ads to grow their business

Missouri Star Quilt Co. uses YouTube and Video Ads to grow their business

Doan, and I’m a quilter, and I’m a mother, and
I’m a grandmother. 2008 was when all
the markets crashed. We lost our retirement. Hamilton was losing hope. And my husband and
I were losing hope. AL DOAN: My sister and I,
we challenged ourselves to help figured out
a way to help them. JENNY DOAN: Our kids
bought us a quilt machine. It was very humble beginnings. One day Al came in and asked
me if I wanted to do tutorials. And I was like, sure, honey. What’s a tutorial? I had not a clue. Hi, everybody, I’m Jenny
from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. AL DOAN: YouTube gave
us the opportunity to really differentiate and
find a whole new audience that’s interested in quilting. On top of that, YouTube video
ads helped us expand our reach. We started carrying all
the fabrics that mom would use in the tutorials. So now we’re the
world’s largest provider of precut quilting fabric. JENNY DOAN: Opening a
business in Hamilton kind of sparked things. AL DOAN: We’ve
got 14 quilt shops in town, three restaurants,
a little hotel. It’s this whole
quilting Disneyland in Hamilton, Missouri. JENNY DOAN: YouTube has
enabled my family and I to bring hope to the town and
to the people who live here. And so I got a letter from
a lady who lived in Iran. And she ended her letter to
me by saying, “you have filled my war-torn life with color.” I just thought I was sewing. I had no idea how huge this was. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I am so blessed to have come across the Missouri Star Quilt Company on You Tube. I am brand new to it all. The Missouri Star Quilt Company has given me hope in what I do. I've had several strokes and heart surgery just to name a few. I take my time and make it happen. Ms. Jenny Doan's Video's are so informative and so easy to watch and learn. Thank you for giving of yourself so that others like myself can enjoy the experience from start to finish of beautiful happiness. God Bless

  2. Yes I learned from Jeannie on My very first quilt ever for my son in the AF I wanted to do something special for him. When he asked me to do a quilt . I did not know where to start. I looked up many videos and the Missouri quilt was so appealing and easy tutorials.From there I just learned and ordered fabrics and still Iam learning from her. I make alot of mistakes sewing , But I continue on making them. I made one for my husband the rhombus quilt for my son in college which in fact the first one was a disaster but did not give up and then I made a lapquilt and finally another one for me. Iam on my seven quilt still learning and making mistakes. currently Iam making the super duper hourglass because i found it easy to make, Thanks Jeannie for teaching us and showing the love and kindness through quilting. I even met you at the Houston Quilt show 2016 yay

  3. You are a remarkable lady. Your tutorials are easy to follow instructions,. Congratulations to you and your family.living the dream

  4. My Sister and I took a trip down there in October of 2016 … what an awesome place!!! We love you!
    Thanks to you and your family!

  5. One issue that I only bring up because YouTube is promoting this video everywhere: A lot of people don't know much about Iran beyond vague and often-unfair media portrayals, so hearing about a "war torn" woman from Iran will probably give the impression that the country itself is war torn, like Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria. But Iran's last war ended in 1988.

  6. I love what MSQco. does and what they stand for. I love YouTube for giving people hope on both the viewer and the content provider. Without YouTube I would have no hope because otherwise I would not see the artiest or hear their fans thoughts (and sometimes the haters, that is why we have Freedom of speech)

  7. Love this so much! come up as an ad then i looked up to watch a second time. The second time i watched i clapped at moments and cried all the other moments.I love how your passion and actions changed so many lives, from the people in your town to the lady in the war torn country. Thank you for sharing so inspiring to me as well even though i have never quilted a day in my life.

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