Mini Nether Hub Design // Minecraft SMP lets play // #Craftaway

and Yahtzee awesome bow of Awesomeness
is back hello and welcome welcome and hello everyone Kunipshun Fit here thank
you all for joining me on this the rather rainy day in Minecraft take a
look out this window here it’s raining its butt off but sleeping you know doing
the bed thing all gone no more rain uh as you can see here um we have some
books our buddy shadow cell needed and Elijah and he’s left us a cooked fish –
don’t mind if I do so we traded him our extra Elijah that
we had for a couple of minutes always a good trade to get that done
um I’m getting geared up to go out into the desert or excuse me not the desert
duh the jungle because we need to harvest pretty much like an entire
jungle for the nether project that we have going on so we need to make some
room and we’re just getting set up to go do that get all the things that we are
gonna need to get that done we have a good bit of stone here we’re gonna have
to take that down to the nether and we’re gonna have to double check while
we’re down there hmm what can we get rid of here I don’t need that yeah let’s
just uh we’ll figure out somewhere to toss that we’ll throw that stuff away
that can get thrown away okay so I don’t have all of my good tools and my good
armor with me I mean I’ve got some on let’s see this nope that’s not it that’s
just a plain helmet yeah so we’ve got to find all of our good stuff we might have
to make a thing or two or whatever but yeah we’re getting ready to go on a
little adventure over to a jungle and we are going to take that whole thing down
pretty much the entire jungle is going to come with us because we need the
jungle logs and leaves and the cocoa beans and we pretty
need like everything that you could possibly imagine from a jungle we’re
gonna need all of that stuff to go along with the next part of what we’re doing
so yeah spawn town looking pretty cool looking
pretty good at night last time I did this whoa that’s a phantom I didn’t even
know what that was up dang it I almost killed myself with the inner pearl oh I
didn’t have any idea what that was yeah let’s sleep because that’s not cool
apparently I haven’t slept in a while and yes they fixed all that so phantoms
are good to go they will definitely attack you now and I am not yet ready to
take those dudes on so yeah do we see him there he is
die you evil sky dragon is he gonna die there he goes okay he’s dead
yep so anyway last time I endure pearled over there to the portal from over here
I did it right into some fire so we’re gonna try to recalibrate here no let’s
see what that does dang it I get I hit it perfectly where I
follow right in there unintentionally that’s not cool so let’s go through here
we’re gonna drop all this stone off at the little place where we do our work
and you guys haven’t seen all this I don’t believe I did some stuff in my
stream the other day but as you can see work is definitely happening on the
little mini hub here definitely a lot going on there’s a lot of stone to be
placed still yet slabs and stairs and all that so let’s get all this unloaded
I seriously wish that Minecraft would are the people who do this would make
your standard inventory about twice as big let’s take all this stuff put it
somewhere else and fill this whole thing up with him – I don’t know then that man
I know we have shulker boxes and all that stuff now but I would still like to
have just a few more slots in my inventory you know for things that are
gonna be good for us to have all right so let’s get rid of this stuff let me
get geared up in everything and get the proper armor and tools and all and get
ready to go and yeah you guys can meet me back over by my house all right well
we took a little nap and we’ve gotten the rain to go away again it’s a
particularly rainy season here on the craft way server don’t know what’s going
on with that but yeah it’s definitely a thing so I figured that we would hop
onto our valiant steed of which I have you know told you guys I figured out the
name of but someone has had done the attacking they have gifts the cloud
toast you really should go subscribe to his channel but yeah so apparently this
is some getting back ins for the little joke that we played on him and I my
horse wants to show me his butt and I don’t know why anyway so I figured what
we would do is we would hop on him and head off into the sunset or rise OH
nope definitely set definitely set yep so come on get down here so I don’t die
when I jump on you come on come on get your butt down he loves it up there man
see he just wants to be on top of the hey get down oh yeah
off we go we’re going this way that’s just the way that I started heading and
now I’ve decided to just go that way so yeah home is around 250 250 ish on the
the coordinates there so we’re just gonna head in this direction because
there’s not much back this way race craft is kind of over there and a couple
of the other guys but we’re just gonna head off in this direction and yeah
we’re just gonna go see what we can find haha you guys see what that is
bingo we found ourselves a jungle and from the look of it this thing is huge
not a ma b2 and there’s a parrot oh my gosh you guys from the solo series oh oh
we got they all good now they all died no but you guys from the solo series
y’all might remember the parrot over there so we might have to get ourselves
one and name him up in this rascal all right well as you guys can see if
you’re looking from here oh that whole area top of that hill those hills all
the way back to where the fog starts and all the way around here
I have harvested all that stuff took a long time took quite a while that was
really thick in there and it was like a jungle slash oak forest which was pretty
cool it gave me jungle and oak wood and
jungle and oak leaves so that’s pretty sweet
now I have replanted as you can see some of the trees are starting to pop up
already I did some that whoop there went one see they’re gonna be the bigger
jungle trees self replanted this whole area I’m going to have to afk here for a
while to let this whole thing grow and yeah then we’re gonna head to the end
we’re gonna get some shelters to make shelter boxes and we’re gonna come back
over here and gather up our loot from this and head back over to the nether
project all right so that should be enough so let’s run out here and we’re
going to get started with this first one so one two three four five and we’ll
bring it out there is that gonna be too wide let me check something on my other
screen right quick because I’ve already built this in a test world and that one
that one’s only four wide but if I do it is five wide gonna be too wide I don’t
think so I think five wide is gonna look good and
it’s an odd number so yeah we’re gonna go with five all right so we’re gonna go
up like this and we’re gonna have to do that same thing we’re gonna have to do
that again lava yeah we’re gonna have to do that
again okay like suck alright so let’s go right there okay all right so that’s
that so there’s gonna be lava back here there’s going to be glass in front of
the lava and in front so let’s go ahead and take care of that these are gonna
come in here like this alright now some of these materials are
there they’re gonna be wasted but I mean what can what you gonna do you know some
of these like this down here you’re probably not gonna see them all and
honestly because this is gonna step up one block we probably will go one higher
but we’re gonna have to get some of those ladders around there which I guess
I kind of need to do that anyway so I can put the lava in cuz at this point we
could go ahead and dump the lava in that would be good
um let’s see yeah I’ve got ladders here alright don’t need Rockets right now so
just giggles we will put the letters in here let’s go ahead and get this lava in put that and we’ll do one of these and
do some of this okay so now we can empty our inventory like that okay 1 2 being
really careful with this cuz I don’t wanna die
okay now we’re probably going to have to put a cap on these I keep in mind this
thing has to get rebuilt on all of these walls everywhere have been working it’s
absolutely ridiculous it honestly is ridiculous but it’s gonna be cool once
it’s all done okay so we can stack these now and go around and take a look yes
that looks good and there still should be enough room to fly down the middle
it’s gonna be kind of tight but mmm we’ll make it work okay so from this
point any these again and we had it come down like that that right yeah pretty
sure that’s right now okay so that was a qual lava glass fence
tree stare okay all right we got it going on so we’re gonna do take the tree
wood next and do oh that’s no good hmm guess we’ll just have to go like
this in case you didn’t you guys didn’t know they they fixed the block placing
lag supposedly so we should be able to just run along backwards like this in
place place place place place just holding the button down that’s supposed
to be a thing that we can do now it got all messed up there for a while but
we’re supposed to be able to do that again let me go check my design right
quick um man I wish I could blow that up a little bit more okay so there’s
actually there’s actually some blocks on the inside of that but I don’t I don’t
know if I’m gonna do them you know what so I mean this is pretty close to the
design that I had but I think maybe whoops we might wing this a bit and make
this one look a little bit different so this came around like so we’ll just
leave that there for now this comes around
like this and it’s gonna step right back into the next one you know when it comes
around this side like that okay so then we had that yeah there’s a
little bit of variation oh yeah I know what it yeah it’s looking a little bit a
little bit weird but don’t hit the glass dude that would suck all right so this
is looking a little bit weird because we need some of this going on here okay
yeah now we’re cooking with gas that’s looking better okay so that’s
that now these I had kind of I have these so if we put one there and one
there no one there it’s a one there and one there baby mmm well I got to put it
upside down around the top so let’s just go right here in the middle okay and do
one of these like that okay back that off yep that’s gonna be good
that’s looking good so let’s see if we can get it from here and that one good so that goes like that do some
careful block placing here now this front face I’m gonna do just like this
only it’s gonna be a little bit smaller so that is cool however we will have to
bring it out this way I don’t know we might just have to do something cooler
with the front faces of these things so all right so we’ve got the trees in I’ve
got the top in all right I actually I kind of like this design a little bit
better than the other one because the other one was straight across right here
this one steps in although we’re gonna have to we’re gonna have to fix that
that is not gonna work and you’ll see why in just a second so let’s do that
and then we can put these back here now that still looks pretty cool kind of
looks like Master Chief’s helmet from Halo haha I love it alright let’s take
these back okay now now we have five one two three four five so we could go here
and here which means like that is that what I had going on no that’s not what I
had going on whoa you got to be careful busting blocks man you’re gonna get some
lava in your face you know what I think would look better there than what I had
going on on the other thing hmm I don’t know I had this you see that didn’t
place correctly again hey because I’m aiming in the wrong
place maybe was it like that oh I remember what it was these trees were
actually over one more that’s what the difference was but that’s okay we can we
can work with this we can make this look good
let me go do something right quick all right thank you guys for bearing with me
while we get through this little build sesh here to you guys where y’all are
gonna see what’s going on here at the end and it’s gonna be worth it trust me
I don’t have enough cobblestone to build what I need to build we got some stone
brick stairs and stuff like that let’s try some aussie cobblestone walls on
regular cobblestone walls okay so yeah let’s try let’s try that let’s see what
that looks like I think maybe those are gonna look good does what I had going on
on the other build just wasn’t quite right so if we do something like that
maybe it looks pretty good kind of kind of dig it maybe that’s a
little too much okay hmm what could we I gotta get oh yeah we
got these things so let’s stick one of those there and there and these are
these are kind of like you know holding back the walls you gotta have a block
variation in these things that’s what makes everything look so good all right
and now I had them coming down like this we will connect are they not gonna
connect oh man they’re not those will though actually I kind of
like that yeah that’s pretty cool I’m digging it all right so you can see like
all the layers that we’re building up and this is it’s just really it’s really
a thing you know it’s just gonna take some time and get it all put in there
okay so now some of these can be changed out like several of them can be changed
out for these like that not quite like that that’s not quite right sorry guys
I’m not the fastest builder in the world but I will I will get it done eventually
let’s I quite like those so let’s take some more of those out kind of looks
like some of it’s been some of it’s been rugged you know we can even change some
of these blocks on these sides let’s change those and that one will go with
some of these here like that so you’ll just get that that little hint in there
of some block variation on this side we’ll get a couple of those and maybe
that one there Oh getting some some block lag going on is that all the stone
bricks that we had all right well looks like we’re going with some of these okay yep digging that digging that it’s
got a little little bit of moss happening in there all right and now
also one thing that I wanted to do is bring this lava looking thing out
through the floor so I’m not gonna do that just this minute I’ll show you guys
that after I get one of them built later on there’s there’s a block do nope
there we go just doing a weird thing right there okay so let’s put all this
away and grab these and what else we’re gonna need some of those okay so this is
basically taking care of what we’re gonna have to do here but we’re gonna go
ahead and bring some of this in like that okay some of its gonna go here yeah
I don’t like that one all right those kind of just came down
some of them you know sort of like onto the floor a little too much there okay
and now we need oh you know what though we’re gonna have to put we’ll just put
slabs up there because the lava will catch the leaves on fire and we can’t
have that happening so this is gonna have to have like a slab wall all the
way along the top like that because I don’t want to lose the light coming from
out of here so this now is gonna get basically filled in up here and then
we’ll go back down to the bottom side and make this look a lot prettier
because what we’re gonna be doing is taking these leaves over top of this in
kind of a v-shape where our did I use all the oak leaves already or did I not
grab any remember we’ll stick another one there okay so let’s run back down
here and get some more of the oak thought I’d grab some little oak and now
so let’s go back throw a couple of these guys in here like that
how’s that looking I’m thinking that’s looking pretty cool take a fine or two
and give it some dimension here with some vines those will grow in maybe we
have one coming from up there and we’ll have one here on this side I’m digging
that that’s gonna look really good all right so now we can pile ourselves up
here in the middle like this and take some of these leaves and bring wow man
sorry about the lag guys I don’t know what’s going on with the realm today but
it is definitely not being a happy camper so we’re pretty much in the
middle now we’ll take this up a little higher now this is just like bare-bones
for what’s going on here I’m gonna spend some time making all of that look a
whole lot nicer and it’s gonna come from this side up that way and do the same
thing so all of this is all gonna connect together and there’s gonna be
vines hanging off all of it and you know stuff like that but the middle of its
gonna have to remain clear so that people can fly through here and yeah so
I mean that’s basically it now I have to do that on all of these walls all the
way through all of these whoops all of these tunnels that you guys have seen me
working on I haven’t even gotten the floor done in that one I’m dreading that
tunnel it’s gonna be forever and you can see how high that is I’m gonna have to
grind out some more of that netherrack over there this is gonna be an ongoing
project I’m gonna work on this project when I can
and yeah so anyway I think we’ll close it off here this has been about a
20-minute build sesh so there’s about a 30 minute video and I think you guys
have probably had enough so let me know down in the comments what you think
about this build some people have already told me that they don’t really
think it belongs in the nether I disagree I think that this looks perfect
for down here it’s going to bring some of the overworld into this area you know
and like the people who would have lived here would have tried to make this place
more hospitable so they would have done decorations and things like this to make
the place look a lot better and when this is all done all this lava will
light up all the cavern the tunnels and everything so we won’t have to have
light sources and stuff like that because it is a light source and I
really I really hate visible light sources but we might use some glowstone
and throw some in above the leaves and stuff just to have a little peek of peek
through some light coming through up to there anyway I’m rambling sorry
so yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed what we did here today it was a little
bit of a talky slow kind of a grind a build you guys probably click the
forward you know through button quite a few times but that’s okay let me know
down in the comments what you think about this and we will see you all in
the next episode

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