Minecraft starter house // Minecraft SMP lets play // #craftaway

Minecraft starter house // Minecraft SMP lets play // #craftaway

welcome welcome and hello everyone
Kunipshun Fit here thank you all for joining me today on this wonderful world
of minecraft bringing it to you today from the craft ways of server
this is gonna be episode 2 of that series and I wanted to show you guys you
know what would have been working on over here so this is like the starter
build from a house I wanted it to fit in with the theme of everything that was
going on so I did some research online and everything looking at medieval
houses and how they built their houses and what those houses would look like so
I tried to recreate that here in Minecraft and I think I did a pretty
good job if you watched my solo series video I was just I did a little snippet
over there talking about layering and how layering can really improve your
build quality and what your builds look like I tried to use those tips here in
this video to you know build this house and there was a whole lot going on here
that’s why there’s so many you know like splices and cuts this was about another
4 hour build or something like that I’m just really not very fast at it some
people can whip these things out super quick but I’m not one of those guys I
have to really you know think about it and go back and change things and make
sure things fit and all that I’m getting better I’m getting better it’s gonna be
good in the end you know what I mean but uh so anyway I I looked at a bunch
of pictures online and all those houses used wattle and daub is what it’s called
and it’s like some twigs and sticks and all that stuff woven together with some
mud and blah blah blah and that’s kind of what the side of the houses look like
and so that’s why I used the bone blocks here I thought they had a pretty nice
aesthetic you know when you stacked them all together on end they looked they
look good to me so that’s what I decided to use and
here’s another shot of the house you know second story is going in
I’m trying to plan out what’s going on here with the roof and lo we had some
visitors even come over and check it out gamer queen came to see what was going
on and she had a look around and munchies he came over and checked it out
too they just kind of hung out for a little while and talked to me about my
build gave me a little bit of a welcome to the craft away server and yeah so it
was fun hanging out with them for a little while – back to the build now you
can see I’m just starting to put in more of those layers that I was talking about
in my solo series planning out what’s going on just you know making sure that
that nothing is really flat I don’t like big flat areas I like to have depth
sorry about that I hit my mark fun and here goes the roof
now I have a thing with stairs see you guys know that I have a thing for stairs
so there was stairs and there were more stairs and then things happened and
there were more stairs and then there were more and more things happened and
I’m telling you the derps with these stairs were serious I ended up replacing
about probably a quarter of them because see a place am it wrong every time hey I had good fun doing this building
even though I messed up so many times and here there’s another one stair in
the wrong place so I did the best I could with the roof you know it’s it’s
one of those things it’s it was getting there it doesn’t look very good at this
point but once I get it all finished up and get all the details put in I think
it looks a lot better slabs derp with slabs – a little bit you
know they’re kind of like stairs so there was a lot of slabs in this build
as well and so you know I made some mistakes but we got them all fixed up derp again I did have a lot of fun with
this build so here you can see more of the layers going in you know I made some
fence posts and I made some trapdoors and kind of put them in if you look at
medieval designs the the older houses they really don’t have a lot of windows
so I didn’t want to do a whole lot of windows in this house and there there
are several reasons why they didn’t have a lot of windows you guys should check
it out you guys should read up on that a little bit you know it was really
interesting learning about medieval houses and the the reason that they
designed them the way that they did and I learned a lot actually about house
design from that so it uh it was a good read check it out and there were stairs
and there were tarps and stairs and more derps
I’m telling you you would think as much as I’ve played this game I would learn
how to place these things there’s another look at it from little ways of
cloud toast was actually hopped on and joined the realm and talked to him for a
little while about the shader packs and stuff that I’m running he downloaded the
shader pack himself just taking another look here
now by the way the reason that I you know um editing the video this way is
because during that for our build session where I was you know building
this thing for some reason I had the robot voice thing going on again OBS
decided to screw something up and it had double vocals recording two input
channels on my audio so it sounded horrible and I vowed after the first
time that happened to never upload a video with that happening again so I
didn’t realize it at the time derped when I was doing the video and I just
couldn’t use the audio so I figured you know we’ll get rid of that and we’ll
just we’ll just rerecord and I’ll talk to you guys a little bit about the build
that’s going on and that’s what I’ve got going on here now this is a waterwheel
that is coming along it took me a little while to get figured out exactly how I
wanted to do the design this is not the final design you’ll see that in a little
bit and I actually think I’m gonna go back and change it again I think there’s
too much of one color going on with the wood as you’ll see here kind of towards
the end but some puzzle down at the bottom of a little river that I’m gonna
use to you know bring the water away from the waterwheel and let me tell you
what guys I thought stairs were my nemesis in this game they are not
definitely not placing water in big areas and this is not even a big area
this is just sort of a complex area but placing water down to make it so that it
doesn’t flow it was that that’s gonna be the bane of my existence in this game
for real I even had to enlist the help of gamer queen she came over and she
helped me do a whole lot of work on this water stream and we finally got it to a
place where there was no water flowing I don’t know what I need to do to study
water mechanics and learn how to do this properly but I’ve got to look up some
stuff on that because I was derping something wicked so to go over the
little water river that we built I had to put a bridge in you’ll see some of
that here and this is kind of a fin product of that bridge again you know
with the layers in different blocks in different formats and things it’s
there’s nothing really big or massive about that build but I really like the
way that it looks you know the the trap door it kind of looks like what do you
call those things Ann Arbor where the vines grow over the top you know I’m
putting the trapdoors in here on the side of the build it gives you that
little bit of a window sort of feeling Sunfire came to check it out too he
thought it was nice they actually invited me to go over with them to his
base and do some stuff but the lag was opis tear and another one stupid oh gosh but uh I was
having some serious lag problem saw wasn’t able to go hang out with Sun fire
and queen but we are planning a collab here in the future as soon as we can get
that going you know I’m gonna be bringing that to you guys
so getting the roof done here checking it out seeing what’s going on every now
and then you just have to shoot ass Kelly Bob right in the head Bob got rid
of him so yeah check that out I put some details in I think it looks pretty cool
if you look at some of the pictures on you know Google’s about what medieval
houses look like I think I did a pretty good job so here you can see I’m putting
in some slabs this is gonna be like the water trough that goes off into a
reservoir in the back of that mountain over there that’s what’s gonna bring
water across the you know area to the waterwheel and I’ve just wanted it all
to look like it could have really been a thing I didn’t want a water wheel here
with no water source that that’s not gonna be a good thing that you know
that’s also something that you guys need to think about a little bit with your
bills you know think about what it would be in reality you’re not gonna have a
water wheel with no source of moving water if you know the water wheel is
gonna be you know interacting with the water on the bottom then you need to
have a flowing river you know but if the water wheel is going to be reacting with
the water on the top then obviously you’re gonna need a water trough system
so just think about reality and incorporate that into your builds and
that’s what’s gonna allow your builds to really come to life now I think this
looks really good I’m happy with the way that it came out and I keep in mind this
is only my starter home but we’re on a server you know what I mean this is a
multiplayer thing this this is gonna turn into something big I was even
talking to Klaus the other day and I told him that in a couple of years after
we all have a couple million more subscribers in it and you know share
this with your friends you know I could totally see like a craft away’s vie
at craft build-off and he didn’t he didn’t think that that could happen he
doesn’t think that uh will ever be as big as them but I tend to disagree I
think that we all have good personalities and I think that we all
build together well and think that that could really be a thing so I decided not
to cover up the hole in the roof and I incorporated it into the build put some
blocks in and a door so that it’s like a it’s an access you know onto the roof
there they’re gonna have to figure out you know a way to be on the roof and do
repairs and things like that so why not just build it into the building that is
blue bait over there he was working on the reservoir and maybe he’s the one
that I need to talk to about doing the water thing because he filled that
reservoir up like quick fast and in a hurry okay I hear a skeleton here
somewhere we got to go take care of his tail look a sheep let’s kill him just
for good measure I don’t know where the skeletons at try to find him right quick
maybe he died the sun’s coming out baby he died in the water so bully bait I
think his gonna come over and he’s gonna do some terraforming and stuff right
here he wanted to kind of make it ah there he is he wanted to make this
little edge of this river look a little bit better and that’s gonna be cool with
me he’s a he’s an excellent builder so that is gonna be a good thing for him to
come over and take care of that I do plan on swapping out all the wood around
the outside edge of the waterwheel with some either dark oak or some spruce I
think it’ll look a lot better and I’m also gonna swap these middle
slabs under here probably a few of them and some of these I’m gonna swap them
out for a darker wood to make it look all wet and damp and just yeah it’s
gonna look better that way what’s going on there I kind of don’t know ah okay I
see what’s going on yeah I don’t I don’t need that extra little row right there
I’m gonna have to take those off but that’s okay always improving so there’s
one more thing that I wanted to do on this episode before we get done I check
that out I think Sunfire came over here and finish this bridge let’s take
care of this dude oh man blew up before we could get him killed that’s the
problem with bows you know they take a few minutes so this is a cool bridge
this is the one that I was gonna do but he already got it done I think it looks
nice yeah that definitely fits in with the theme and he left enough space
underneath it where you can pass under the bridge in a boat so see what I mean
by thinking about the realism you know and thinking about how that should
actually be now over here somewhere oh look they’re putting in plots for builds
that’s a cool idea we were talking about that a little bit on the discord server
and how we were gonna make things all fit together you know what I mean now I
have to find it because I don’t know where it’s at you guys remember when we
were looking first it might be back in his castle that was the horse rental
thing I knew it I found it and I knew it was here it’s down here in the spa I
told you guys we got to come over here this way
yep diamonds for sale the gg diamond store for stacks of diorite perd oh crap
we don’t have enough oh well you know it’s we’ll get 1 diamond out of it maybe
we can Nick and make a diamond shovel he’s actually gotten quite a few
diamonds over here so you know what we got 4 stacks of diorite here so 1 2 3 4
and we will take that diamond for ourselves thank you very much kind sir
we got to go get a lot more diorite it lucky for us in a mine just below our
house there is basically a ton of the stuff so we’re just gonna have to go
down there and get it all and we’re gonna have to bring it back over to him
and we’re gonna take all those diamonds because we need them you know for stuff
we barely have any armor the armor that we do have is not good it’s just not
good I mean well I mean it’s ok we did we did put mending on it we we managed
to catch a mending book while fishing so I mean our chess pieces alright but
we need more stuff definitely definitely need more stuff so anyway thank you guys
for joining me again today from the craft weighs server I’m gonna be
bringing you a whole lot more from this side there’s actually gonna be some big
builds going on and stuff like that and I have an idea for what I want to do
water water is not good for for the conniption fit but anyway I have an idea
what I want to do for my base build it’s going to be epic
in proportion I guarantee you thanks again for joining me today guys you all
have a good one

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  1. Wow oh wow oh wow!! I don't have words. Maybe EPIC – AWESOME – AMAZING – FANTASTIC? Those don't even seem to work for watching you do this! WOW!!

  2. House looks epic dude, really looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the server. Hermitcraft vs Craftaway? Heck yes haha come at me Mumbo.

  3. That is a pretty nice house. Even if I took 4 hours on a build, I'd struggle making it look as fine as that.

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