Mind Your Own F**king Business

Mind Your Own F**king Business

Hi fellow white people Are you having a sad because that family is
enjoying a picnic together while being black? Did that customer in front of you just speak
a language that makes you irrationally angry? This is a great time to try “Mind Your Own F**king Business”. With “Mind Your Own F**king Business”
you will be able to grow the f**k up and act like decent f**king human being. Our patented technology allows you pull
your head out of your ass and see the world beyond the brim of your MAGA hat. Hi honey I saw some black people at the Starbucks today Did you mind your own f**king business? I sure f**cking did Stop bothering those nice people today,
with “Mind Your Own F**king Business” Side effects may include, not harassing people,
no one getting arrested or murdered by police, a general sense of well-being for POC, a lack
of internet fame and/or trolling and coexistance. Please consult your doctor if you are still
a piece of shit after Minding Your Own F**king Business as the symptoms may be a result of
a deeper problem and require further treatment. Now Available at Anthropologie and Whole Foods.

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