Milwaukee Public Schools’ Culturally Responsive Teaching Fellows Program 2017-18

Milwaukee Public Schools’ Culturally Responsive Teaching Fellows Program 2017-18

– The culturally responsive teaching in Milwaukee Public Schools came about as part of the GE grant in 2011. At MPS we really set the goal establishing culturally responsive
practices district wide. Once a month we have teachers from the 12 schools come together to learn culturally
responsive teaching practices with the goal being to
take those practices back to their schools and teach
them to the entire staff. – Certain teachers here like
culturally responsive teaching, it’s “Oh, well, I’m a racist and they want me to not be a racist.” It’s not what it’s about. The group is about examining
your ways of thinking. – The cohort really gives
you the opportunity to say, sit down, listen to other people and get a feel for yourself. – Looking at some implicit biases, there are hidden things I was
never consciously aware of. – The more efficiently I’m
able to recognize those biases, and eliminate them from
the classroom practice, the better off the environment would be. I can connect with students
more and if I can connect with them more, chances
are, they’ll achieve more. – You have to reflect and say, Could I have handled that better? I’ve had experience and
I’ve had this program and I’ve had different perspectives. What will happen the next time
it occurs in my classroom? Will it make me a better teacher? – So when you see other teachers who have been doing this
successfully you’re like wow, there are other people out
there doing the same work as me. This is something that’s possible, other people have done it. – Every time I have taken one of the culturally relevant activities, taking that time to connect with students in a way that they enjoy, has allowed me to have really
efficient classroom time after those moments. I’ve seen it work. – This is the best way to do it, is to have open and honest dialogue. – I find it to be nourishing, productive, and has been positive and
beneficial for my teaching. Got nothing to lose, nothing to lose and only an increased perspective to gain. (students cheering) (upbeat music)

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