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  1. If he wants to spread the wealth evenly why doesn't he fund those allegedly getting the short end of whatever stick they have up their asses? Millions of new workers having jobs when there were none is an issue you are not qualified to comment on because you did not make this happen. No one has heard anything about you helping anyone but yourself and just because you billions of dollars to buy your way into buying the vote is only a tax writeoff for you. The phrase returning the favor in political language means ( up your's I can buy enough people to smear you or anyone else any time I want.)

  2. Please Rowe!! We need you in California!!! Save us from the insane, government loving, money blowing Newson. ROWE 2022!!! 🇺🇸❤️

  3. Yea, get Governor Gavin Nuisance the Hell outta here! (And don't send me a message saying you voted for him, I did not)

  4. I've seen at lest $10,000 more with TRUMP…. and raising the minimum wage hurts small businesses and young teenagers needing their first jobs. Of course a billionaire like Bloomberg loves raising the minimum wage cuz it runs small businesses out of business.

  5. Help the economy..don't confuse the 200 million Trumps voters who are now working…Bloomberg says he will produce more works..BUT who will come to work?they are already working …😆😆

  6. I would vote for Mr Rowe, and Bloomberg is a fool, the economy is working well. democraps are taxing the crap out of us

  7. Bloomberg. He is responsible for conceivably kicking off an armed revolt in Virginia in the next few days. Yeah, he don't carry much weight with a lot of people.

  8. Mike's got my vote, but don't waste your time on the California Governor's race sir, you are Presidential material. Mike Rowe in 2024, or perhaps as the VP to Nikki Haley !!!

  9. The problem is people looking for a savior. No one person can change the entire systemic problem set that California has. It is the result of all the bad politicians in the state legislature, who are the result of bad voters throughout the state.

  10. I believe he would make a great leader in California! If I lived there (thank god I don’t) I would could vote for him! Love me some Mike Rowe!

  11. Don’t be fooled by Bloomberg’s endorsement for unions. While mayor of nyc he delayed and passed off new union contracts off to the next mayor to deal with. He didn’t even know that the nyc garbage men didn’t repair their own vehicles.

  12. Bloomy must be living in fantasy land. Best economy ever and he denies it. Lowest unemployment across the board. Lower taxes for most people. More money in peoples pockets. Biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday ever.

  13. Nope. Not one Republican governor could ever get Cali to give them money for their policies.
    Even Schwarzenegger was admired for his policies, but he complained afterwards that he was refused
    any money to implement them, rendering him virtually useless.
    Even Newsome barely gets money, and only for his tragedies.
    Mike Rowe, personable guy, can’t charm, threaten, negotiate money out of those Cali pockets,
    not smart enuf…

  14. Haha! So according to FOX News, Being a billionaire is a good thing if you are a Republican but a bad thing if you are a Democrat. Also, there is a growing list of rich conservatives who claim to hate California who, for some reason, choose to live in California. Mike Rowe, Tomi Lauren, Ben Shapiro and on and on. Not very compelling.

  15. I REALLY HOPE HE RUNS!!!!! Been here for over 40 years and I am sadden about how this State is such a Disgusting Disaster!!!!!

  16. No. Mike Rowe needs to run for the Presidency in 2024 as a Republican. I've studied his background, and watched several of his shows/narrations, etc. This guy would be a FANTASTIC outside of the Deep State/Swamp. If he has the courage and stamina by then, he really should run to serve his country. Afterall, the Presidency is the dirtiest/toughest job.

  17. Phony narrative best economy ever this is such a joke this is the typical Democrat trying to lie to you and tell you the opposite of what’s happening

  18. Conservativism in Cali leadership rolls would have to be injected slowly in order for the population to accept it without over amping.

  19. Bloomberg wants Cali values for the rest of the country. Look at San Fran and LA, needles and crap all over the place ( literally ) no thanks.
    Side note: Mike wouldnt have a chance in Cali, he makes to much sense for them.

  20. The drugs " epidemic " … that's the doosy.
    Americas children cannot continue to be deceived, and then wallow in their own choices and then cast out in their own garbage .
    America has to truly care again …the infrastructure of one's enter most being .❤❤❤👣🕊🗽🧭🏥🌬🌎
    It has to be something SHORT, QUICK,AND RIGHT ON SPOT .
    The mind is a beautiful thing to LOOSE .
    Its cut out for you Mr. Mike Rowe …go for it .🥰🚨🏥🧭🌬🗽🌎
    These generations have to be raise up , straight from the birth canal .

  21. He can win California but none of the people will be willing to pass any of his potential good ideas. By none of the people I guess I’m saying leftists. Good conservatives need to unite and save the state.

  22. No Mike don't run for Governor of California. The time isn't right. The Legislature will not cooperate in any meaningful way and will resist you by any means possible. Leadership can only go so far and if the led feel you are wrong then all you'll do is butt your head against a wall in futility.

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