Mike Ilitch School of Business Elevator Pitch – Wayne State University

Mike Ilitch School of Business Elevator Pitch – Wayne State University

If you go out there with a pitch that
kind of sounds the same as everybody else’s, they’re not going to remember who you are. When I was a freshman, I really did not participate in this kind of program. And
I kind of regret now that I didn’t. I figured, if I could step out of my
comfort zone today then I’d walk away a winner. Higher education is especially
important to us as we look to hire the future of Google. So, to sort of come and
hand select maybe the future of Google here, with us today, was really an exciting
opportunity. I come from a town up north. I came down here to the big city and I
just spoke about how taking in all of the experiences that I’ve been granted,
have shaped me into the person I am and what I value today,
What surprised me most is overall the professionalism is excellent. We’re all
getting smarter as the world is evolving and technology is getting smarter. But
we’re losing some of our soft skills – our ability to maintain eye contact or work
on taking a breath when you’re making a pitch. Or having a conversation with
someone or just having a smile, seems to be sort of somewhat of a lost art. So
it’s really refreshing and invigorating for me to come here today to see that
you’re teaching some of those skills to the students in our future workforce.

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