Mihrimah Sultan History in Urdu & Hindi with Eng Subtitles –Most Powerful Princess of Ottoman Empire

Mihrimah Sultan was the most powerful imperial princess in Ottoman history She was one of the prominent figures during the Sultanate of Women. Mihrimah Sultan was the daughter of Suleiman the Magnificent and his legal wife, Hürrem Sultan. She was born in Istanbul in 1522 Her name means “Sun and Moon” On 1539 in Istanbul at the age of seventeen, Mihrimah was married to Rüstem Pasha ( a person having a very bright future) who after 5 years of marriage, became the Grand Vazir of Ottoman Empire. He remained Grand Vazir for around 15 years. Rüstem Pasha was one of the wealthiest personalities in the history of the Ottoman Empire. Mihrimah Sultan wasn’t the representation of conventional beauty. Instead her charm lay in her remarkable intelligence and good nature. Shortly after her wedding she developed a rheumatoid-like condition and spent most of her life dealing with the illness. Mihrimah Sultan gave birth to a boy and a girl. Mihrimah was not like other imperial princesses in Ottoman history. Extant letters written by Mihrimah Sultan indicate that she was well-educated and disciplined. She was active in political affairs even in foreign courts. Her congratulatory letter to the King of Poland upon his accession to the throne till this day remains preserved in Poland’s archives. Mihrimah Sultan was loved dearly by her father who valued her opinions. Following her mother’s (Hürrem Sultan) death in 1558, she became advisor to the Sultan. She acted in capacity of “Valide Sultan” (Mother Queen). Throughout her life, she had a say in many state affairs. She encouraged her father to embark on a campaign to Malta for which she had 400 galleys built at her own expense. She use to send him news and forwarding letters for him when he was absent from capital. She continued to act as adviser to her brother Selim II who ascended the throne following their father’s death. During the complete tenure of his brother, she acted in capacity of “Valide Sultan” (Mother Queen). She along with Sokollu Mehmed Pasha and Nurbanu Sultan played an impressive role in state affairs. She was the wealthiest woman of 16th century, often loaning money to the treasury. Mihrimah Sultan was very famous for spending her wealth on charity and good deeds. The repair of ‘Ayn Zubaydah, the spring in Makkah (a source of providing water in Makkah), she donated 50,000 Dinars. For the establishment of a foundation to supply wrought iron to the navy was among Mihrimah Sultan’s contributions to the Empire. When her brother ascended to the throne as Selim II, she lent him some 50,000 gold sovereigns to sate his immediate needs. Mihrimah also sponsored a number of major architectural projects. Mihrimah Sultan’s most famous foundations are the two mosque complexes in Istanbul on eastern and western side that bear her name. Both designed by the ottoman’s best architect, Mimar Sinan. The first Mihrimah Sultan Mosque was built on the way at Eastern Entrance of Istanbul which is one of Üsküdar’s most prominent landmarks and was built between 1546 and 1548. Along with this mosque, a madrasah, a soup kitchen to feed the poor, a clinic and a primary school were also built. The second Mihrimah Sultan Mosque was built at the western wall of the old city of Istanbul, Which is one of the masterpieces of architecture was built between 1562 and 1565. A fountain, madrasah and hammam were also built along with this mosque. In recent past, a new story has been revealed which need to be discussed here. It is said that while Mihrimah was accompanying her father during the sultan’s Moldova Campaign. On the way, Mimar Sinan, saw Mihrimah and fell in love at first sight. He asked for her hand in marriage only to have his proposal rejected by her father. He in turn poured his heart into his architecture. When Mihrimah Sultan Mosques were built, both mosques were built based on very precise calculations of sunrise and sunset. On March 21, Mihrimah Sultan’s alleged birthday, while the crimson red sun sets behind the single minaret of the mosque in Edirnekapı, the moon simultaneously appears between the two minarets of the mosque in Üsküdar As Mihrimah means the sun and moon, hence, the masterpieces Mimar built are believed to be a reflection of the great architect’s undying love for her. This delightful story is nothing but a figment of the imagination. There are no historical evidences or even a rumor in this regard. Firstly, let alone, taking Mihrimah Sultan (the woman of the Ottoman dynasty) along on campaigns is unheard of. Secondly, how is it possible for Mimar Sinan to know the day and month Mihrimah Sultan was born while even the year is uncertain? One of the popular and also controversial story about Mihrimah is that she along with her husband Rüstem Pasha and her mother Hürrem Sultan, made a strong alliance against Shehzade Mustafa and became dominated power in divan and inner circle of palace. Unfortunately for Mustafa, this condition became a great obstacle for him to access to the throne But in order to prove this theory, there is no solid evidence against Mihrimah nor the Hürrem Sultan’s direct involvement. Mihrimah sultan died at the age of 55 in Istanbul on 25 January 1578 during the reign of Sultan Murad III Mihrimah sultan is the only one of Suleiman’s children to be buried in his tomb, the Süleyman Mosque complex.

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