Midtown Manhattan Isn’t What It Used to Be

Midtown Manhattan Isn’t What It Used to Be

Picture New York City and you’re probably
thinking about Midtown Time Square, the Empire State Building, Grand
Central…. This is Midtown Manhattan Tourist flock to it, while locals often try
– and fail – to avoid it But there is more to this part of town than
tourist traps and traffic congestion Midtown has been electrified by a bolt of
Brooklyn Hip and Wall Street money. Maybe it’s time you took a second look Midtown is everything between 14th street
and Central Park South It is the world’s largest central business
district It also has some of the most expensive real
estate And it doesn’t get any ritzier than Fifth
Avenue which commands the world’s highest retail rents But if there is one building more responsible
than any other for midtown’s success it’s this one Built in 1913, Grand Central Terminal helped
sparked a boom in construction that made Midtown the center of American capitalism This audacious building is used by more than
one million people a week. A century after it was built it has only now reached capacity. That’s future proofing New York embraces eating out. There are over
45 thousand restaurants in the city It would take 125 years to eat in every one
– not saying your should Here in Midtown – the restaurant scene is
embracing change A number of Brooklyn institutions have jumped
the river Roberta’s pizza started on the other side
of the East River in 2008 but their second outpost is based in Urbanspace food hall – smack
dab in Midtown You could be fooled into thinking this is
Williamsburg not Park Avenue Another Brooklyn import is Ichiran, the Japanese
ramen chain whose first US restaurant opened in Bushwick in 2016
. Here you can sit with a group or…. in splendid
isolation in one of the so called ‘flavour concentration booths’. Very serious But if you want to swap Brooklyn cool for
something a bit more luxury we’ve got the spot The Office is an intimate speakeasy offering
pre-Prohibition style cocktails and a food menu to match You’ll find it hidden away on the 35th floor
of the super swanky Mandarin Oriental This is one of the most expensive hotels in
New York, rooms start at $1000 a night But there are 113 other hotels in Midtown
offering plenty of choices So forget the old wisdom that the excitement
is basically, anywhere but Midtown .
This part of Manhattan has something new and exciting to offer, whether it’s high end
or rough-and-ready.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. Even as a tourist, I just don't see what's appealing about this place. I get that it's been hyped up for decades by Hollywood – and most people outside of the US would think NYC when the US pops up in their mind – but I can't see anything special about it.

  2. So midtown has a couple new eateries. Great, but not the demographic or cultural shift I was hoping this video would explain.

  3. I advise every corporation and museum to leave Manhattan asap. If there will be a first terrorist atom bomb, it will explode in Manhattan.
    The current administration of Donald Trump makes such an event more likely than it has ever been. Insane people do not protect people, they provoke others into violence and hate. And the current Trump administration is deeply insane with the exception perhaps of Mattis and Pompeo.

  4. Manhattan is wonderful and beautiful Tourists should enjoy it during Christmas. The atmosphere, The Gorgeous Window Displays Shows and Theatrical Plays.
    Sadly at one time l lived on the City. Way too expensive now.
    However the Bronx and City Island and Staten Island has loads of restaurants .Queens also.
    Brooklyn downtown ,Bay Ridge. and Sheepshead Bay Great!

  5. As a resident of a Washington, D.C. suburb, I found the area around my AirBnB rental in Astoria (near Broadway station on the N/W) rather interesting, as there was a car mechanic, a Chinese eatery, and a Rite Aid one right after the other. Even in areas outside Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn, and LIC (Long Island City), you can walk to almost every amenity. I'm also surprised at how the locals tolerate 90+ decibels when a subway train thunders through an area (when the tracks are elevated). I did sleep through the night when I visited, but only because the N/W was a full block away.

    And no, the elevated tracks should not be put underground. It adds a certain character to the neighborhoods that do have elevated tracks (even with the noise), and NYC should preserve that; otherwise, Chicago and Philadelphia will be the only American cities left with pre-WW2 elevated tracks in city neighborhoods.

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  8. I see from the comments that most people here still base everything they believe on silly old stereotypes. And the others are jealous they they can't afford to live there.

  9. Midtown starts at 34th st below that is Chelsea,the flatiron district and the meat packing district. This narrator needs to get his facts straight.

  10. I ? NYC & Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Finger Lakes District, Lake Placid, Long Island Ice Tea but definitely "NOT" Niagara Falls, New York! ?I have an Uncle who is a Doctor and practices in Manhattan.

  11. I for one love Bloomberg videos lately! You guys have been making really enjoyable vids. Love the short clips and documentary style stuff. Thanks for the tip about The Mandarin, can't wait to visit The Aviary soon.

  12. "Picture New York City and…" all I can think about is the grime on the streets, the sound of traffic, the cold wind, and the smell of food, haha. If I had a ton of money I'd much rather live in Singapore than New York.

  13. NY has become a rich persons paradise and they don't want the average Joe around. NY was dirty and dangerous OK but it had character but now it's full of kids from other states coming in and trying to act all street as if they are real New Yorker's. I live in Iceland and I can't tell you how many tourist I meet who say they are from New York with a Midwestern accent. Then when I say where were you born and raised they say something like Indiana so I say so your from Indiana and now live in NY. When people ask me where i'm from I tell them now I live in Iceland and was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. Guess that does not sound cool enough.

  14. McDonalds operates in many countries all over the world and that is not seen as a big deal. But a pizzeria from Brooklyn opening in Midtown Manhattan (only something like 6 kilometers as the crow flies)…that is a big deal.

  15. One of the changes is one that has – for all practical purposes – been forgotten. These are the neighborhoods of hardworking folks who used to live in Midtown: Chelsea, Lower West Side, Hells Kitchen, Kips Bay, Murray Hill, Turtle Bay to name a few. These were the middle/lower middle class who went to work; frequented neighborhood grocery stores, bars icecream parlors and the like. They were the backbone of the city who kept it running. Then came the UN Building and little by little gentrification encroached on these neighborhoods and their residents. The old adage, "Money talks and the poor walk." These people liked even loved their neighborhoods and the city NYC is losing her middle class and backbone to go with it. The end of an era.

  16. Terrible video Bars and Restaurants are closing everywhere in NYC and Retail. Brooklyn hip wall street money who comes up with this crap. People in other countries i guess

  17. I wish this video would cover also amazing new architecture rising up in Midtown – super-skinny skyscrapers. And also cover MoMA, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and other cultural attractions. They just made it about food 🙁

  18. Sorry, midtown does not stretch all the way down to 14th St. No one living in Chelsea says, "I live in midtown." This seems like just an ad for some restaurants.

  19. Wow, The comments here are even worse than the NYC itself. Maybe NYC is innocent, it is the greed and hatred of people make everything unbearable.

  20. NYC is boring these days; no young people, empty storefronts, chain stores everywhere. The rents are manipulated to be too high — even in Brooklyn.

  21. Yeah in 10 years native New Yorker won’t be able to afford living in this city. Yeah I can’t wait to get the fuck out it’s getting out of control

  22. Yes continue to go to Midtown. It’s amazing there. Don’t ever venture to Brooklyn or Queens – you’re liable to get mugged or worse for sure.

  23. Based on this video midtown is exactly what it is used to be. Restaurants come and go, the only difference is it gets pricier.

  24. Is my math wrong or something. You could eat at 3 different restaurants a day x 365 days that's 1095 restaurants in a year. So couldn't it take you 40-45 years to eat at every restaurant in new york, not 125 years?

  25. Forget the idea that midtown has nothing to offer?
    What a fucking lie. Midtown is DEAD after 6pm. Midtown is a ghost town. It's a business district with a bunch of super-rich living in it–and super rich who don't live there for more than a month a year. There's no point in spending extensive time for a tourist in NYC. Bullshit. What a waste of time.

  26. "It doesn't get any Ritz-ier than Fifth Ave." Any real NYER knows that Madison Avenue is where the real shop are. Fifth Ave is for tourist. Any the context of this video, Fifth is correct to be "expensive".

  27. If when you think of Midtown Manhattan you think of traffic congestion and tourist traps, then it might be time to confirm the truth. Sure, This part of New York has seen a boom in new extravagant overrated restaurants and bars only for the very wealhty 1% of the population, especially from Brooklyn. Welcome to Midtown, where old New York and FILTHY OVERRATED REALITY is being joined

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