Microsoft Unboxed: Female Founders (Ep. 36)

Microsoft Unboxed: Female Founders (Ep. 36)

>>Hello world and welcome
to Microsoft Unboxed. [MUSIC]>>My name is Colleen O’Brien, and I’m joined by my friend
and co-host, Sonia Dara, and every week, we’re
sharing stories of Microsoft technology as well as
the people behind that technology. This week’s show theme
is Female Founders. It is very much an era
of female founders. Who are some of your
favorite female founders?>>One that comes to mind
would be Emily Weiss. She’s the founder of
Glossier, a makeup company.>>Oh yeah, I know, I’m
wearing Boy Brow right now.>>I think they had a
really ingenious way of getting their marketing out. So solely social media and
reliant on word of mouth, they would highlight
along their user stories and they had pop-ups, and I know the Seattle pop-up had a line like going all the
way around the block.>>Yeah, every time I
tried to go to that popup, the line was around the corner. One of my favorite female
founders is Jen Rubio, a co-founder of Away luggage.>>That’s good.>>I have a little luggage
tag that has my initials.>>She fancy. It’s Francis. Her middle name is Francis.>>Likewise, they did a really
great job of brand-building. So we’re going to be talking
about some female founders today, and some of Microsoft’s efforts
to better engage women in tech.>>Yeah. Let’s do it.>>I’m going to be talking
to you today about the Female Founders Competition. This is an M12 campaign that we have developed through very
strong partnership with Mayfield which is a 50-year-old
venture capital fund and pivotal Ventures which
is a Melinda Gates company, and we are distributing
six million dollars to four women entrepreneurs
in enterprise SaaS or Software as a
Service and deep tech.>>Cool.>>Very cool.>>Way to go Colleen.>>I’m going to lay
this out. I’m going to explain to you why this is important. Venture capital funding is critical especially for
a seed-stage companies.>>Yeah.>>But as we both know and
probably many of you out there, women still get
disproportionately less access to venture capital funding.>>Way disproportionate.>>Last year only 2.3 percent of all venture capital dollars went to companies founded solely by Women.>>2.3 percent.>>2.3 percent.>>That is ridiculous.>>Despite these disadvantages, women founded businesses deliver on average twice as much
revenue per dollar invested than their male only
lead counterpart businesses.>>Twice the turn on investment.>>Twice as much revenue. Now I’m
going to hit you with headline. If businesses founded by women
and men were equally funded, it’s estimated that the
global economy can see upwards of five
trillion dollars booze.>>What?>>So you may be wondering, how does this competition work?>>Yeah.>>How do I get access to
some of those dollars? From now through
December 15th of 2019, submissions are going to be accepted from various regions
around the world. You can find all of
the eligible countries at
that URL, and of course the
companies that apply in order to be eligible must
have at least one founder who identifies as
female and have raised no more than five million
dollars in equity or debt upon the time of application. Lastly, you’ve got to have a product, a product or service
that’s addressing a critical business issue
for a global market. There’ll be a final
competition in March of 2020, where two enterprise start-ups will receive two million
dollars investments, and two deep tech startups will eat receive a million dollar investment.>>That’s sizable.>>Of course these numbers while a significant dollar
amount are not necessarily going to dramatically
change these trends.>>It’s a start.>>Correct. Yeah,
but our hope is with this competition that we
raise more awareness about the inequitable distribution of venture capital dollars and encourage more people to take part in this
conversation to get women paid.>>Apply now.>>Consider applying, tell the female founders in
your life to apply, and let’s spread the word. Sonia, what’s your story for today?>>It might be something
you’re pretty familiar with on this theme of women in tech. I’m going to be talking
about our podcast, called Women in Business
and Technology, and guess what it’s about, Women
in Business and Technology.>>It goes CEO juicers
working for us.>>Yeah. So if you haven’t
subscribed already to our podcast, you can do it now or
after this episode, it’s fun, I allow it, but in each episode, we showcased interviews with prominent women in business
and technology with male allies sometimes in the episodes and it’s fall about promoting
inclusion in the workplace. We do it every two weeks and you
can find it on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify.>>Yeah, please use your
pod catcher of choice.>>Yeah, the format of our show is usually there’s a
little introduction, Colleen and I will talk about what’s latest and
greatest and our lives, we’ll have an interview, and then we’ll share a little bit
of what’s latest in the news. So we’ll do a little deep dive there, and so when you go to our Women in Business and Technology
website which is, we actually have all
the episodes listed. Today I’m going to
give a few highlights of our favorite episodes
and most recent ones of some great women we’ve
had a chance to speak with and specifically a lot
of female founders. One of our more recent episodes, Colleen have the
opportunity to speak with Vidya Srinivasan who’s the chair
of the Grace Hopper Celebration, and this lucky duck also
got to go to Grace Hopper.>>It’s correct.>>So just casual. They had a really rich
discussion as usual. In the episode, we also discussed four diversity and
how important it is.>>Yes. So Vidya and I actually talked not only about the
Grace Hopper Celebration, but also about her
experience as a mom in tech, and transitioning back to the
workplace after her parental leave, what pumping is like
in the workplace, and some of the advocacy
that she’s done on behalf of other parents
and technology.>>Like Colleen mentioned earlier, we do really like to focus on amplifying a lot of initiatives
people are working on. There’s Female Founders
alliance ready set rays. We just spoke about
Future For Us which is all about women of
color in the workplace. We also dip their toes into
some live event podcasts. At The Riveter, we hosted Kat Holmes who was all talking about
designing for inclusion, and most recently Minda Harts. Who’s the author of.>>The Memo.>>The Memo.>>What women of color need to know
to secure a seat at the table, Minda is amazing to have on campus.>>She was also. We’ve also featured a lot of female founders on our show. One is Ambika Singh who’s
the founder of Armoire where we’re literally wearing
clothes that we rent from Armoire. They all have these
really rich stories to tell and if we’re talking
about female founders and our podcasts was
really starting I guess, we’re kind of female founders.>>Yeah.>>Starting from scratch.>>A little bit of an
entrepreneurial spirit.>>Entrepreneurial.>>Of course, we’ve had
the support of a lot of great leaders at Microsoft
to produce the show, but in terms of tracking down the
guests we’re going to feature or figuring out the news stories we want to talk about, that’s all us.>>Yeah, and it’s
awesome. It’s really fun.>>Actually, in terms of
the crossover here as I was thinking about M12s
Female Founders Competition. I built this foundation on top of
a lot of the news stories that we had covered in
conversation for the podcast.>>Yeah.>>So the numbers of women who are getting
access to venture capital, what it would mean to fund
women on an equal basis, all of those stats that
informed our campaign had come out of the research that
we had done for the podcast. A lot of great synergy
going on there.>>So whether it’s the Women
in Business and Technology podcast or the Female
Founders competition, initiatives like this around
the workplace and around inclusion are really near and
dear to both Colleen and me. So I hope you guys check out and also check out all the details around the Female Founders Competition
at>>That’s correct.>>Shall we [inaudible] to the box?>>All right Sonia.
Did you a ducks quack does an echo anywhere on
earth and no one knows why? What’s your favorite useless
fact story? I have a couple of.>>What’s yours?>>So my gym teacher
in elementary school, whenever she would do a roll
call like taking attendance, instead of saying here, she would have a say
a fact so that we would memorize facts because we
hear them over and over again. One of them was the bones in your
fingers are called phalanges which obviously isn’t useless but
I’ve never needed to know that.>>Okay. I remembered
what my useless fact is. The ABCs don’t need
to be in that order.>>What do you mean?>>The ABCs don’t necessarily
need to be in that order. The alphabet does not
need to be in one order. Is that making your brain explode?>>Okay.>>You seem incredulous.>>Well, we got to get
everyone aligned on the order of letters wiser. Why can’t we learned
the orderly C F J Q, and you just remember them. Twenty-six and the English alphabet.>>It’s hard to remember 26 things.>>It doesn’t need
to be in that order. Use the fact. It’s something
we’ve all agreed on.>>Give me the box.>>Oh yeah.>>You’re doing a
great job in question. When aliens come to Earth, are you hoping they’ll
be organic or robotic?>>Never thought about this before.>>That’s a good one.>>I would say robotic
seems less scary to me. Organic just seems slimy.>>We’re organic.>>Don’t you just see it
being slimy and like gunky?>>What do you know? Everybody [inaudible].
Organic section.>>Okay, it’s not going to
be like a bag of avocados, it’s going to be like a.>>What if there were
in clothes like us? They could have to
fill up with clothes.>>I don’t know. That’s too real.>>I think I’m thinking
more of like if they were friendly or not,
I’ll go with robotic.>>Me too.>>Face off [inaudible].>>If you have any other
questions for the box, please feel free to leave
them in the comments below.>>While they’re down
there, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, smash that button, and then
hit the notification bell. So you’ll always be notified of our new episodes every
Thursday at 09:00 AM Pacific.>>That’s going to
wrap it up for today. Thanks for stopping by.>>Slime away.>>Support female founders. [MUSIC]

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