Microsoft Teams user tutorial and updates + what’s coming in 2020

Microsoft Teams user tutorial and updates + what’s coming in 2020

Hello and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics
Live. Coming up we’ll take a look at the new capabilities in Microsoft Teams that
can help you in your day-to-day and you can use those to transform your
workplace collaboration and streamline your business processes. Now we’re going
to show you some new capabilities for chat, collaboration, meetings and file
sharing as well as new private conversations for scoped conversations
with specific team members in a team, plus improved integration with Microsoft
365 apps like OneDrive, Outlook and much more. So here to join us and show us how
I’m joined by Aya Tange from Teams. It’s great to be back on the show Jeremy. Thank you. So we’ve seen huge momentum with Microsoft Teams over the last year
but for those who are new to Teams why don’t we recap the core experiences? Sure.
So the uptake has been amazing; we now have over 500,000 organizations using
Teams and 13 million daily active users. But the real appeal here is as you work
with your teams you have everything that you need in a single and secure location. So you have your chat so you can communicate quickly with your teams, you
have meetings so you can connect seamlessly with video and screen sharing,
you have calling so you can unify everything into one place and of course
we give you those integrated app experiences, not just with the familiar
Office apps but with your line of business apps, third-party apps and
services as well. And of course with all this comes your enterprise-grade
security and compliance that you’d expect with the Microsoft 365 suite. And of course if you want a deeper primer on all of this using Microsoft Teams you’re
gonna want to check out Aya’s previous show at Also before we show all the newest updates, just to bring everyone up to
speed, in the past few weeks we’ve introduced some really cool stuff like
chat translation so you can actually chat into multiple languages and
translate those chats for multiple languages. Customized backgrounds: this is
one of the things I recorded earlier this week during video calls I can
pretend I’m in different places also industry-specific features we’ve
got things like shifts for first-line workers that we can use for scheduling
and and getting all of that work done also priority notification this is great
for things like health care where you don’t have kind of these priority
notifications land on your mobile device and these are just a couple of my
favorite things those are actually great ones to call out because they truly
reflect your feedback so thank you so much to everyone who’s been on this
journey with us it’s been quite an exciting time all right but I think
now’s the time to walk through the brand-new stuff it’s been pretty
consistent on the left rail for example on Microsoft teams but I can see you’ve
got a couple of new items here that no one else probably here including myself
house yes so let’s start from the top so we’ve got activity chat teams calendar
calls files and now Yammer and even a powerup pinned to the left rail which
I’ll talk about in a little bit but let’s start with chatez this is one
of our core experiences the first capability speaks to the work that we’re
doing to make it easier for you to communicate with others so I know you’re
probably all talking to a lot of different people and you have many chats
coming in and in the past you have to go into each chat and engage one-to-one but
now with our new multi window functionality I can pop out the chats
and work across multiple at the same time that’s an exciting one all right so
that’s the future I know a lot of people have been waiting to see cuz they can
hear it from the applause alone there’s a lot more though right yes let me show
you a couple other so soon you’ll actually be able to notify specific
subsets of people right within a team or channel so let me go into my launch
event channel and I’m gonna add mention the logistics team and those who have
the logistics tag will get the notification of course anyone can see
that post in my team but only those with the tag will get that op mention so let
me show you where you can see all these tags I can click on the ellipses hit
manage teams and owners can create the tags while members can actually use them
and all the tags are on the right-hand side it’s a great way in terms of
scoping those communications especially in larger team c enough to tag everybody
individually like you would have had to do last week exactly it’s a lot more
efficient but another time-saver we’re introducing is the ability to actually
share the sin host in multiple teams and channels and
this is what we call cross channel posting so I can click on this button
here and select the channels I want to this to go into so I want to include
general and now when I send us off it’ll go to both locations but I also want to
make sure that these posts stand out more than the rest without having a
resort to font treatment or using all caps and nobody likes all caps
absolutely don’t like those so let’s use the new announcement capability so now I
have a headline so I’ll say event time change so I have this headline I’ve got
the colored background I even can put an image behind it as well but this is all
to catch people’s eyes awesome so this is going to save the shift keys the
control C and the ctrl V Keys as well really great seeing all that integration
but I know that we’ve also got some Yammer integration that we’ve built in
for broader cross or communications so in addition to the all caps or some of
the formatting we saw there letting you announce things from the rooftops using
the Amer yes we do we have a complete Yammer experience right within teams so
now I can share an idea ask a question like things common things just like I
would do in Yammer but what I love about this is I can now keep a pulse on what’s
happening in the organization without toggling between apps these are really
great ways to kind of keep everyone up to date but while we switch gears though
and talk about the other side of the spectrum or maybe you don’t want
everybody to be up to date with all the things that you’re talking about and not
communicate quite as broadly I’m sure we have a much requested capability that
I’m excited to announce is generally available this week and that is private
channels so private channels are actually indicated by a lock that you
see right here but they’re really easy to create so I can add a channel here
and now I have a privacy to privacy settings I’ve got standards so
accessible to everyone on the team or private accessible to a specific group
let’s say your leadership team this is great you have to create additional
teams and also when you go to a team with a lot of people in it you can have
these parallel conversations like you mentioned on a leadership team maybe a
project team to where not everyone needs to be privy to it exactly and to keep
you organized just like you do in chat you can
pin channels to the top of your teams so I work out of this launch event channel
frequently so I’m gonna click on the ellipses and hit pin and now it’ll be
easily accessible right at the top awesome so we got files here is there
anything new on the file side yes so Yammer isn’t the only integrated
experience that we have I know a lot of you are coming from the SharePoint world
and so we’ve improved that integration so you have that rich familiar
SharePoint Files experience right within teams we also have the sync button here
up at the top where you can sync your files back to your desktop we also want
to make sure that sharing is easy as well so I want to share this word
document right here I’m gonna go ahead and copy that link now when I go into
chat I want to paste it when I paste it you’ll see that I have a sharing
dialogue inline now I can share with people currently in this chat and decide
if they get editing or viewing access this is great this is something I
personally was asking the SharePoint team and the team’s engineering teams
for great to see in the process you got it and now coming soon we will also have
tasks in teams so now I have my personal tasks here you can see things that I
need to get done and this is for my eyes only I can see those that are assigned
to me as well as team’s tasks which are created at a channel level and I’ve got
a couple other views too so I’ve got my board so I can see what’s coming up what
I need to get done I have my charts so I can see my progress and my status as
well as a schedule so I can see everything in a calendar view and this
is all powered by to do and planner great to see that integration I know a
ton of people are big fans of planner and to do great to see that new
integration yes and I let me show you one more thing so I know this one will
will be exciting so a lot of you are probably toggling between outlook and
teams on a regular basis and we want to make sure that you can easily flow
conversations between the two so let me go to my outlook here and I want to
share this email into teams now in the top right hand corner you have a share
to team’s button I can click on that and I want to share this to my design team
and I can hit share so let’s let’s see what this looks like into
seems now my manager has actually sent in a couple emails already that we’ve
been working on it could even includes attachment so I could hit that with just
one touch but you can see we’re already collaborating on those action items that
we need to get done very cool full fidelity with attachments and the team’s
file experience there but can I also send it the other way around from teams
back in Outlook yes you can so now let’s say I want to share this post here I’m
gonna click on the ellipses share to Outlook and now I can send that to a
broader audience nice it’s great to see the bridging of the two worlds of
Outlook in this case in teams but now we’ve covered quite a few things we’ve
covered chat teams channels apps files also the integration we saw there
without look what about meetings I think we’ve done a bit there as well right yes
I know we all spend a lot of time in meetings so let’s start with creating a
new meeting so I need to meet with my colleague Alan here for a one-to-one now
at the top I have a scheduling assistant probably something you’re familiar with
Outlook but we’re bringing it into team so that now you can easily find time
with your colleagues so now I can send this off but your Outlook calendar and
your team’s calendar are identical so any changes you make in teams will show
up in Outlook and vice versa but why don’t we go ahead and join this meeting
here ok I’ve done that just a second ago there we go and so now we want to make
sure that meetings are inclusive for everyone and so we’ve already added
closed captions and transcription services in our recorded meetings in
stream but now while you’re in the meeting you can turn on live captions
very cool and due to the kind of the ambient noise that we’ve got here it’s a
little bit difficult to show that so I’m going to go back to my my machine I’ll
show you what that looks like actually running so here we can see a transcribed
meeting yes and we’ve actually built this feature for those who are hard of
hearing or have different levels of language proficiency but I’ve actually
found myself turning this on by default so that I can stay more engaged in the
conversation so it’s really useful but beyond voice-to-text capabilities in
meetings for visual communications we’ve also added the whiteboard as well yes so
now when I open my share tray here I now have access to my Microsoft whiteboard
and so we’ve added this so that regardless of where you
you have a virtual whiteboard to collaborate on with your team and this
is now generally available this is great I’m gonna use this I think in all my
remote meeting especially when we’re drawing out architectures and things yes
but it gets even better you can now actually share your analog meeting room
whiteboards right within teams so in this video that you’re about to see the
room has a dedicated whiteboard camera we’re using AI it finds a physical
whiteboard brings the image into focus and even makes the ink more legible for
the people online but also detects people and make some transparent so when
someone walks in front of it the people online can see right through them
awesome so you can collaborate then even using analog whiteboards in this case
it’s gonna really make the meeting experience really cool but going back to
that can you you popped out chat earlier yes and I bet people want to be able to
pop out there meeting Windows as well can we do that too
yes you can so now here I have this button that I can pop out the meeting
and now it’ll open up into another window and I still have access to the
rest of my team’s platform awesome that’s the one I know that’s one that
people are gonna be using so a lot of updates in the core experiences but last
time you’re on mechanics you show us something really cool I can build out
these automated custom experiences for teams like building approval workflows
or apps so now if you missed that you can actually check that out at akms
slash teams power on the Microsoft Mechanics channel is there anything new
in this space sure any power app users in the room power-ups oh yeah I see a
couple that’s awesome we need more of those we need more we
need more so that for those who are new to power apps the low code development
tool that helps you create apps to do things such as track and update budgets
estimate cost and even manage employee time off so here I’m in my power app
that I’ve recently created that looks at process returns but I’ve actually used
our new AI builder capabilities where I can now take a picture of something and
it’ll automatically detect it and populate all the information that I need
that’s amazing is I would have guessed that was a mark 6 or maybe a 7 I know
but it’s a mark 8 yes but I didn’t need to know any coding or any machine
learning models so we also want to make sure that you have easy access to your
power apps so you can pin apps to the left rail now so that
regardless of where you are you always know where to find them
so I know this all sounds really advanced but you can work up to it we
have some great power app templates that I recommend to you check out so lots of
great updates to the core experiences I think four low code customization but
for everything that we saw here with Microsoft teams where can people go to
learn more sure so we already have some great team shows on Microsoft Mechanics
so you can visit aka OMS slash team’s mechanics but you can also go to our one
stop shop at AMS les success with teams and this is our place where you can find
both technical and end-user documentation all right so hopefully
everyone here as inspired as I am to use Microsoft teams in your daily work and
of course keep watching Microsoft Mechanics for the latest tech updates
across teams and much more thanks for watching we’ll see you next time

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  1. The new Tasks look much better. The Planner was slightly lacking but this adds so many needed features for my team.

    Overall looks very impressive. Keep up the good work!

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