Microsoft AI Business School

Microsoft AI Business School

>>AI Business School empowers business leaders to lead with
confidence in the age of AI.>>I really encourage you to
be open and curious about AI. About its impacts, about
its possibilities.>>AI Business School is
a series designed to help organizations address
the opportunities and challenges when adopting AI. Featuring perspectives from industry leaders
successfully embracing AI.>>Start small, so thinking the use cases that are most
important for your organization.>>Talks on AI business value and practical guides to help
you define your strategy.>>AI can and will
substantially improve our collective efficiencies on
both supply and demand planning.>>Learnings and Insights from leaders who are driving and
fostering an AI ready culture.>>Defining the clinical and business and technical
success criteria upfront is really paramount.>>An inside look at
Microsoft’s AI evolution.>>We needed to build
confidence in our leadership, in our people that the adoption of these tools was going to actually
make them better at their job.>>AI governance models.>>How do we build and
use AI systems that create a positive impact on
individuals and society? These are the issues that are
fundamental for organizations.>>Designed to move at
the speed of business, AI Business School is on-demand, easy to consume and available now. In the age of AI, how you lead?>>[MUSIC].

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  1. I know this may be the wrong video but since I'm here I might as well ask I've seen that Xbox is getting halo reach on master chief collection but why not add it to Xbox game pass plz let this comment be featured on the next inside Xbox stream

  2. So that was their plan all along, Make a OS that was unusable so you could charge people to teach them how.

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