Microaggressions: Fact vs. Myth | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Microaggressions: Fact vs. Myth | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Several months ago, yours truly, the Factual Feminist was
the victim of a microaggression. Body-acceptance activist Lindy West tweeted:
“Why does Christina Hoff Sommers constantly look like she’s being drained of her gelfing
essence?” For those who are not up on Muppet fandom,
here is what happens when a gelf loses her essence: Now, you might find this funny. It made my
own mother laugh. But it’s a textbook microaggression. According to Columbia Teacher’s College
professor Derald Wing Sue microaggressions are those everyday comments or quips used
by the privileged to keep others in their place. Lindy’s tweet was a lookist, ageist,
and gelfist reminder of my devalued status as an age-enhanced woman.
Here are some other microaggressions: asking someone who appears to be Asian or Hispanic
where they were born. Using words such as “crazy,” or “lame.” Calling the United
States a melting pot, or referring to a group of women as “you guys.” Experts say these
comments are “otherizing” and hurtful. Microaggressions may seem trivial. But Sue
and his colleagues argue that they are dangerous because of their triviality.
Over time, the theory goes, microaggressions accumulate to form an invisible, relentless,
and degrading system of control. Professor Sue summarized the damage they inflict in
his influential treatise Microaggressions in Everyday Life.
“They deplete psychic energy…produce physical health problems, shorten life expectancy—and
deny equal access to education…” Colleges have acted swiftly to protect their
students. . At Berkeley, North Carolina and University of Minnesota, microaggression training
is a key part of diversity education. At the University of Santa Cruz, a psychology professor
even developed a microaggression mobile app. Mostly, students seem to be reporting lame
jokes: “I told a male identified friend that I
am taking a class called “Women’s Lives”. He jokingly said, “So are you going to learn
how to make a sandwich?” Here’s another:: “My friend asked if I
was drinking for ‘Cinco de Drinko.’ It offended me to think that a significant battle
in Mexican history has come to be a joke.” Dear offended person: It wasn’t a significant
battle. They were fighting the FRENCH. Almost no one in Mexico cares about this holiday.
It’s largely the invention of Tequila and Corona Beer distributors in the U.S. Calm
down. Have a drink. I’ll even make you a sandwich.
Over 200 colleges have established Bias Response Teams that spring into action in response
campus microevents. The Bias Team at Wisconsin-Platteville received an anonymous tip that 3 students
had posted a potentially ablest photo of themselves on Facebook. Here they are dressed up as the
Three Blind Mice. The photo has been removed. The Factual Feminist is concerned. This new
microaggression regime appears to be empowering spies, busybodies, and scolds. And it turn
out, there’s no real research to back it up.
In a recent paper, Emory University psychologist Scott Lilienfeld exposes at least three fatal
flaws in microaggression scholarship: ONE: Lilienfeld could not find a coherent
definition of the term “microaggression.” It appears to be anything Dr. Sue and his
followers say it is. TWO: The researchers never bothered to find
out if African-American, Hispanics, Asians, Women, are actually OFFENDED by the items
on their lists. Members of marginalized groups don’t all think or react alike.
THREE: Sue and company claim that microaggressions exact a devastating toll over time. He even
mentioned a shortened lifespan. But Lilienfeld couldn’t find a single well-designed study
linking microaggressions to such outcomes. Derald Wing Sue replied to Lilienfeld’s
critique. He concedes all of Lilienfeld’s major points. But he faults Lilienfeld’s
for his fixation on elitist research methods favored by the “dominant society”. By
demanding things like valid measurements and evidence of causality, Sue says Lilienfeld
is dismissing the “the lived experiences of marginalized groups.” In sum: Sue finds
Lilienfeld critique of microaggression theory to be—microaggressive!
But, wait a minute. I am a woman, and I find microaggression theory to be macro-annoying.
I’m not bothered when someone addresses my friends and me as “You Guys.” Or when
they tell lame jokes, pardon the expression. Who cares? Not me—and I suspect—not most
women. So I’m calling out Sue for mansplaining
my lived experience as a female identified person. Am I calling Sue and his colleagues
is microaggressors? Yes, and that’s exactly the problem. The
theory is so amorphous that it’s meaningless—it can be used by anyone, anywhere, for anything.
It’s a game we all can play, but none can win. So why play it?
Look, I sympathize with school officials want students to be respectful of one another.
I want that too. But as the American Civil Liberties Union says, “Verbal purity is
not social change.” Bias response teams, anonymous informants, mobile apps—these
threaten free expression and suppress normal human interaction. Friendship is the best
way to overcome bigotry, real or imagined. Maybe the only way.
A word to university administrators: There’s no evidence that microaggressions are hurting
your students. But your attempts to eradicate them are hurting freedom and friendship.
What do you guys think of the microaggression movement? Let me know in the comments’ section.
And please subscribe to the series and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for
watching the Factual Feminist.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. This whole thing sounds like Stalinist Russia with the informants and police watching everything you say and do! These leftists dont even realise they are getting used and sucked into the same ideology that killed millions last century.

  2. My inner dialogue as a progressive that also does not like 3rd wave feminism: agree with what she’s saying, but she’s from the American Enterprise Institute…(and repeat over and over)

  3. I agree. I think micro aggressions are a load of crap. Taking offense at some if these minor things keeps you in victimhood.

  4. Fact, if a person of color tells you something you said was hurtful, it was hurtful. If you talk to people of color, really talk to them, become their friends, get to know them, let them tell you about their life experience you will hear story after story of insulting things that have been said or done to them. For example, the story of the gym teacher who gave a friend of mine a pair of soccer cleats despite the fact that he didn't play soccer because he was "like Mexican, right?" Or to take examples from my own life as a white woman, the time I said "I guess there are cultural differences here" when I started working at a predominantly black staffed store, or when I said "you're not from China" to a co-worker who was absolutely FROM CHINA but had attended an English immersion school and so didn't have an accent. These things were unintentionally hurtful but they were still hurtful and I was told so because I was trusted to take the criticism and change my behavior. There's a truth to the cult of Microaggressions and the truth of it is after hundreds of years of ignoring these minor slights people of color are effing done. They're not taking our white BS anymore and they shouldn't have to. We need to change, our society needs to change, and disparaging, dismissive and frankly unfunny nonsense like this video won't make it go away and won't change anything.

  5. Cinco de Drinko comes from the tequila industry hyping up a holiday, huh?
    A thought occurs:
    Tequila and Coke combine to form: Cinco de Santa Clause, a multicultural capitalist collaboration!

  6. Microaggressions : https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/1745691616659391
    The microaggression concept has recently galvanized public discussion and spread to numerous college campuses
    and businesses. I argue that the microaggression research program (MRP) rests on five core premises, namely, that
    microaggressions (1) are operationalized with sufficient clarity and consensus to afford rigorous scientific investigation;
    (2) are interpreted negatively by most or all minority group members; (3) reflect implicitly prejudicial and implicitly
    aggressive motives; (4) can be validly assessed using only respondents’ subjective reports; and (5) exert an adverse
    impact on recipients’ mental health. A review of the literature reveals negligible support for all five suppositions.
    More broadly, the MRP has been marked by an absence of connectivity to key domains of psychological science,
    including psychometrics, social cognition, cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavior genetics, and personality, health,
    and industrial-organizational psychology. Although the MRP has been fruitful in drawing the field’s attention to subtle
    forms of prejudice, it is far too underdeveloped on the conceptual and methodological fronts to warrant real-world
    application. I conclude with 18 suggestions for advancing the scientific status of the MRP, recommend abandonment of
    the term “microaggression,” and call for a moratorium on microaggression training programs and publicly distributed
    microaggression lists pending research to address the MRP’s scientific limitations.

    Scott O. Lilienfeld
    Department of Psychology
    Emory University

  7. MA is simply another weapon of political correctness. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and expression? Its now clear to me that "offense" has become a choice, prompted by the opportunity to control and damage another person who one does not like for whatever reason,.

  8. On the one hand I fear for our young generations future resilience to servive out side of their campus bubble. In what can be a very tough and, at times, unfair world! I began to get agitated by the constant media attention to these and many other social issues that plague or young people today including the latest one surrounding gender. But then I took a step back and made the decision to stop listening to the news etc.. as they simply blow live to sensationalise everything and sell copy!!! As a result I calmed down? In the real world these issues mean very little and represent the smallest fraction of a percent of our populations. However, In the spirit of freedom of expression and freedom of speech I support their right to say and think what they like but will no longer allow their fanciful and frankly misguided norotisisums to affect my happyness, as a well adjusted male of a mature age, with a wonderful family. Regards to you Paul ?

  9. I bet that Mr. Sue knowing he's ugly, microaggresses Westerners because he doesn't like himself. He lacks peace in his soul so he creates chaos in the outer world. It's the shadow.

  10. I studied this in school… it's called "meta-communication" or the "meta language of an authority/power dynamic" ,,, highly subjective and interpretive. It also relies, ironically, in some cases on a pretty narrow definition of gender, race or station. My memory of this puts this dynamic more squarely in or originating from functional definitions of "authority" and functional legitimization of established consensus based authority structures. Despite showing numerous and nuanced seemingly complex examples, conclusions were usually single factor explanations that always confirmed hypotheses to some extent(This is also very true of the social sciences, hypothesis are very rarely completely disproven) . Very hard to accurately sample or measure causality and often does not query the subjects of the microaggression. (Data is often re-used from other multi-factorial economic and class based studies.) Also relies unconsciously on 19th century concepts of power relationships, re-termed definitions of "bourgeois", some bias or reliance on an highly discredited Newtonian type paradigm being applied to social theory, to ideologically tick all the boxes in peer review for the ultimate goal of being published. There is lots of "meta" communication going on in academic echo chambers that no one seems to study at all. You will rarely if ever see a study designed to "disprove" popular, bread and butter assumptions in sociology. (Professional suicide) It is not a "non" subject but highly susceptible to bias, professional conflicts of interest (publish or perish) , could be more peer consensus than data driven.

  11. I had a friend who was blind. Earlier in the friendship he was making some point in our conversation and I responded, " I see!" I was instantly mortified that I had been so careless and couldn't apologize enough. He laughed and stopped me. "That was NOT offensive. I don't expect anyone to change the way they talk. I use the term all the time and I clearly do NOT see."
    Seems everyone ( or is that the left?) has become so thin-skinned ( oops?), touchy, and easily offended.

  12. Oh crap, I use "you guys" and "dude" to refer to females all the time. But I guess saying "females" is also offensive since it excludes all the women with penises ?. Here I am, offending everyone all the time. "Bias response teams" sound like SWAT teams lol. How melodramatic! Seriously, why can't we just be friends? And laugh about our funny, mostly silly differences? It's fun to learn about other people and how we see the world. It shouldn't be so scary and serious.

  13. I hate when one person speaks on behalf of all of the "marginalized" community. I'm an Asian, and I never felt "hurt" by microaggressions. Btw Thank you so much for this video and for mentioning the sources, they're gonna be helpful in my school project.

  14. It is possible that, now as the majority of right minded individuals (both male and female) agree that men and women have equal, even if dissimilar, input into society. As a man brought up by a mother whom instilled this into me as a child, I feel that I can honestly say that I have never thought differently. I have always been even minded.

    People that do not have right minds may well have been brought up badly.

    Micro aggressions are mostly a construct of a movement that seeks, very proactively, to find things to whinge about, and excuses to self victimise.

    In a lot of cases when I was a kid, it was most common for mums to stay home or work part-time around the kids' activities. Fathers took a less proactive role in child rearing. Mine was quite distant. I therefore believe that men of my generation were mostly influenced in their thinking, by their mothers. Why would women bring up their sons to be mydsogonists?

  15. This is the SWEETEST LADY on the internet! Can I make you my Internet Mommy? I hate that Vijaya Gadde of twitter who's going around censoring free thinkers and calling herself the Internet's Mommy. You're so much better!

  16. Hi Christina, thank you for your video. I do agree that there are micro aggressions that are difficult to quantify, as a Male POC living in Europe, I experience racism almost daily. It is something very subtle and hard to put my finger on, but I can feel it and it is very debilitation. I also understand how you, as a white person, are not bothered by people's comments, but imagine that you have to struggle and answer weird questions every single day and every hour of the day. I mean this in the most respectful of ways. Have a good day 🙂

  17. Women have been doing this forever! It's an inability to keep up! You're so stupid! Too much to take seriously! Go somewhere else!

  18. My comment to a woman: "You've got really big eyes!", a common compliment to a pretty face, was considered a micro aggression because it meant to her that, due to a differentially based logic, her head was small. And, in fact, I then noticed that her head was, indeed, small. It reminded me of a study statistic I recently read that determined the average sized head (consequently the size of the brain) of a woman is about 10% smaller than that of an average men's brain. I also remember reading that it was the actual average brain size of different races and human at different period (neanderthal) that was the biggest determining factor of assessing that brace's average intelligence. I also read that the average sized brain of a neanderthal is about 10% smaller that the average size of the human brain today. I then reconsidered this woman's claim of a microaggression that scientifically accorded the fact that women, on average, are considerably less intelligent than the average male and that big eyes may very well be the best indication of that.

  19. I'm an immigrant from Central Europe and it was beaten into my head in junior high and high school that America is a melting pot. I kept my Polish accent which is a blessing cause when I speak people assume that I'm Russian and I'm treated differently; so if haters see me they assume that I'm a white American but when they hear me speak it's a different story. I have so many micro and macro aggressions against black people it's crazy. They say " you white outside but black inside" or they stripp me from my white/Slavic race and assign me a new race by saying "you not like them white American folks, you not white, you Polish". You white Americans must speak up, you don't have representation in the white community cause there is NO white community, all you can do is write to your congressman, black people have representation and they have a black community. I did some research on the black community when I was in Poland and as a whole, the black community does not see white & black America possible; they want you dead, period. White liberals will have a very scary wake up call and run to other whites for help; America is changing towards racial & ethic identity which will lead to conflict. Black people identify as black, not as Americans, race is very important to them. First come safe spaces, then come black spaces and eventually a serious bloody conflict. They wanted to live among whites and go to school with whites but now they want you dead. You can thank the "synagogue of satan" for that and the white useful liberal idiots. America was just fine when I came in 1994 and now all of a sudden America is racist again? Have any laws or amendments been repealed??? Of course not, it's a war against Christians and all people who have Christian values. The Liberal movement is nothing new, it's just a repackaged version of Christian heresy with the idea that we are no longer sinners, don't need God and that we can achieve heaven on Earth without Christ's authority. It's satanic!!!

  20. Its all hearsay and out of context. If anyone is going to complain that is there benefit and it needs to be done in context to create respect via various subtleties. Humans smile like animals growl. Its in our DNA we cant delegate soul professor. Maybe you dont have one. See a quantum shift is urban tensions www.tramwaypods.ca

  21. There certainly are a lot of harmful effects of microaggressions. Especially since they aren't real anyway. It's so strange to me that because there isn't enough actually racism in the US now that they literally had to invent this Idea. Their narrative of still rampant racism inflicted on the minorities is their most important weapon. People have gotten tired of this because they know it's not truthful when it's implied that racism is as bad as it's ever been. It doesn't carry over to reality and so it has been taken less seriously as it should be which is a shame because it takes away insight from incidents where real racism was a component. Just like metoo is doing for real rape victims. I can't imagine the anger those people feel. They're maybe the victim of a brutal rape and assault and someone wants to say they're in the same category because someone made a comment to them. It's completely invalid and immoral and selfish. And same with this micro aggression. Finding fault where there is none. Making things up. Crying Wolf. It's really shameful and especially because they are teaching young people that they are victims when they are not. They target impressionable people and influence them to see white people as oppressors. They are even if they are trying to help you. I heard it's a microaggression to donate to a charity for minorities. Hmm. That seems counter intuitive. Racism is real and it exists in this country. And it's definitely not how the majority of people think. They are marginal. And they don't hide it. Racists will tell you they are a racist. The guys with swastikas tattooed on their arms will usually tell you how they feel about race. But to assert that people are unconsciously being biased. And are racist unknown even to themselves is just the biggest bunch of crap I've ever heard. They literally had to invent this because their oppressor vs. oppressor storyline doesn't work when nobody can see any oppressors. Now everyone is looking for shadows. Insane the thinking of people of this era. I have been watching this political correctness SJW nonsense go from bad to worse for 20 years. I am glad I was left to make my own determinations about life by my family. I could have maybe fallen for a lie like this when I was young if I hadn't thought these things through.

  22. I'm astounded that a University professor publishes a "scientific" paper intended to point out everyone's wrongdoings, yet when it is called out, he states that you can't use "science" to demonstrate these things. How did this guy ever get a PhD?

  23. The irony is that generalizing about minority groups and maybe even identifying them as minority groups is itself a form of microaggression. Thus the "Women's Movement" name itself is a form of microaggression since few women associate with it. "Feminism" is a form of microaggression, since the name refers to the Latin or Romance morpheme, femme or fem meaning woman. Thus it assumes that all women are feminist. In speaking for all women, one deprives women of their voice and their identity. That is surely microaggression.

  24. Apart even from the term microaggression, the term sexism has never achieved an empirical or coherent definition in feminism. It means whatever offends women. If it doesn't offend women, it's not sexist. And since those in power follow feminists, however absurd they are, it follows that if feminists do not bring up an issue, such as the way women dress or paint their faces, then it's not considered an issue of sexism.

    Hominism, however, does have an empirically adequate definition of sexism, based on the principle that all gender binaries are sexist.

    Thus there's nothing wrong with painted lips on a woman. If men also painted their lips, or were allowed to. But since they are not, painted lips on a woman is sexist.

    Same with cleavage. If men were allowed to show part of their chests in the workplace, then cleavage in women would not be sexist. But since that's not the case, then women must cover up too.

    But the reverse is also true. If men are allowed to expose their chests on the beach, then women should be allowed to too.

    That is what hominism means by both coherence and empirical adequation, that is adequate to testable practices or methods or observation.

    This principle of gender binaries can be applied to all issues. There would be nothing sexist in addressing women by their marital status as Miss or Mrs, if we also addressed men by their marital status as Master or Mr. But we don't. Hence it's sexist.

    There would be nothing wrong with beauty contests if men were included or there were beauty contests for men too. But there aren't. Hence beauty contests are sexist.

    The beauty pages that focus on women would not be sexist if men also had beauty pages. But since men do not also have beauty pages, and, moreover, since society would not condone treating men as objects of beauty, beauty pages are sexist and must be abolished in a hominist equal rights society.

    If men wore high heels, they would not be sexist, as was the case in the French Court of Louis XIV. But since today only women are allowed to wear high heels (or dresses or nylons, etc.) high heels are sexist and must be prohibited in a hominist equal right society.

    If men could also sell their bodies to women, and at comparable prices, then the sex trades would not be sexist. But that's not the case. Even when a few men become sugar hunks to elderly women they don't make anywhere near the money from their sugar mommies that sugar babes make from their sugar daddies. Some male sugar hunks don't make any money at all. They simply fall in love with the much older woman, ask her out, and wine and dine a woman 20 years older than he. Thus the sex trades, and dating itself, is sexist, at least if the man pays.

    If women got down on one knee to propose to a man, asking him to marry her, offering him a ring as earnest of her ability to provide for and protect him, that practice would not be sexist. But since women never do that, it must be prohibited in a hominist society.

    Finally, until women ask men out on first dates 50% of the time, and pay for those dates, the dating ritual must be considered sexist. If women are concerned about a reputed 4% gender wage gap, why aren't they also concerned about a nearly 100% courtship gap where men almost always are the first to ask for a date for a heterosexual female partner who then consents?

    Similarly with what hominism calls hyperamory and elderamory. Clearly a culture where women always date older men, even if a half year older, is sexist, or where women only date men of higher social status, that is sexist too. It must be prohibited in a hominist society.

  25. There are several common sense statements here; I agree with “verbal purity is not social change.” In fact, it sounds dangerous. I believe love, bigotry, civility, racism, kindness, misogyny, politeness, and hatred are all good reasons to either make or sever friendships, acquaintances, or business interactions. I don’t need to “feel” hurt, then blame all of society for the actions of a few, and for sure I don’t want to ask government to condone limiting the speech of others simply because I find it particularly offensive to me.

  26. I have just discovered the Factual Feminist and her informed, gently mocking, and quite delightful presentations. How refreshing to come across someone in the "public square" who does not shout or hector, rather speaks calmly and amusingly on the issues of today. Well done!

  27. Nations are measured by gross net weight, cubed energy is it. Where cubic capacity (in psycho-dynamic and metabolic activity – measured in pounds per square something or other) is used to power state and market.

    For these ends, the stakes and corner posts that define this box (the boundary lines of legality and permissibilty) Are often wired up with living bait and lures, rigged with trip wires (bobby traps), set to go off at slightest touch.

    To net and snag targets who are yanked up into suspended nets, so that the load of struggling victims serve as counterweights to power society. Used as collateral and cantilevers to draw in cash, capital and technology.

    Before these human resources are released in some fashion, either transplanted or brought to seed. Triggers for such mechanism, would include all mental compulsions and preoccupations ascribed as misaligned to ideal forms of human conduct.

    That are hardly relevant by this stage, as such triggers, stakes pegged into the collective social body across time, like levers that affect trapdoors, are too attractive as an energy source. Designed to conflict with human mental and metabolic activity as it has been. So that humanity remains by default in the wrong – justifiably exploited and punished.

    Achieved with mental kinks and complexes planted into human personality structures, based on biological underpinnings, in development and socialization processes. Kinks as in energy potential, encompassed in some compressed geometric/ psycho-mechanical form, like a spring that can be tapped into to power nations forward or backwards.

    Creating leagues of competing hunting crews, with a diverse range of diabolical techniques to snag human loot and booty – wage slaves and debtors who require bondsmen to bail them out, that they pay back by moonlighting as these human lures and baits

    Instigators and catalysts who stand on the perimeter lines of society (that do not just outline society, but crisscross it like fault lines and fractures, little back lanes of treacherous activities that stretch into most respectable areas of society. So that which is which is obscured and concealed by a continuos barrage of false signals and mixed messages.

    Leaving humans in a permanent state of disorientation, for easier pickings and more fishing with dynamite. Or by this stage, what amounts to air gun spear fishes, remotely applied transmissions that surge and wobble brain and body function, To spur or coax deleterious activity social systems need to function. Leading to systemic adultery, pedophilia and worse.

    Acts bonded over and concealed, as part of historical biological social patterns, rooted in land and people, that are misaligned to modern accounting systems (thus deemed as deficits), but because is inextricably linked to social fabric, are forms of sunken capital that cannot easily be removed from social practices, without cave ins (of burrows) and collapses of social pillars.

    Creating conditions, where economic demands, force particular deleterious behaviors, that is then concealed by social forces, or vice versa. But not without making subjects pay for it (in secret, under cupped hands, that no one can admit to, because they are guilty) One hand washing and covering for the other. As humans learn to live with the paradox, deception, schizophrenia, sociopathy, psychopathy

  28. I wonder if it's a micro-aggression of any sort to notice that this very ….mature….woman is very attractive. And smart!!

  29. Our college/university staffs should demand a minimum wage of $15.00/hr. to lead the way to equality and fairness.

  30. Lived experience vs scientific method….hmmmmm… I think I’ll stick with indigenous ways of knowing.

  31. If you truly get upset over stupid stuff like this, you have larger issues you need to concern yourself with… smh

  32. "Age enhanced woman". May I use a similar to describe myself, please? I'm an age enhanced, melanin enriched, heterosexually challenged male. Way better than saying old black gay dude, right? Love it!

  33. Pushing this microaggression agenda is really unhealthy for people. By sensitizing people to trivial statements and behaviors heightens anxiety. Trying to protect them from these trivial comments creates people with fragile psyches. Likewise, telling people that they are victims creates people who are angry and resentful. This is completely opposite to what psychotherapists have recommended for the last half century. Psychotherapists treat people to desensitize them to sources of anxiety to make them more durable. This makes them mentally healthier allowing them to live happier and more productive lives. I wonder if Dr Sue understands how much misery he is trying to propagate.

  34. Laughable. I went through grammar school, high school, and college through a constant barrage of MACRO aggressions and I turned out fine.

  35. I finally understand what a busy body is…As mentioned in the Bible, they would be among us and pre communism breads them like a swarm!

  36. Look, I’m getting tired of this SJW bullshit. Why are people crying about everything? This doesn’t matter!!! it just seems like people who have no control in their own lives, are trying to control other people and their lives. None of this shit matters, and if you were bleeding out, and about to die none of this would even be the first thing to cross your mind. Stop getting offended about everything!! I hate the new feminist movement, but I love you factual feminist.

  37. I expect the broader intent is to control the behavior and thoughts of people. Simply another weapon in the arsenal of SJWs.

  38. Any excuse to play the victim card; how some academics and university administrators make a living making life miserable for ordinary folk. Microaggression as portrayed by Prof Sue and fellow travelers is so, so very wrong. The lame excuse is elitist research methods by the elite! That is good academic methodology. Microaggression(sic) will make many PC nutter a well paid clog in the university. Great critique by the factual feminist.

  39. Microaggressions is a term used by assholes without humor who have control issues/looking to be offended.

  40. First time viewer… I must be the Most Micro Aggressive Sumbich on the Planet. Does anyone want to hear my joke about the Hunchback Bartender and the Hairlip?

  41. What do you all think the "backlash" against this current movement will look like? The "pendulum" always swings back sooner or later.

  42. As a Mexican, if I go to the US and get asked if I will drink on the Cinco de Drinko…. A HUEVO!! WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO?, WILL BRING A GOOD TEQUILA BOTTLE, NOT JOSE CUERVO SHIT!!

  43. so if you cant ask questions, how can you learn about another person. Where I live, it seems a majority moved into the town, as opposed to being born there. where are you from is the most asked question.

  44. How about this micro aggression: The local state college advertised for a new HR Director with this statement at the end of the ad: "Women and minorities strongly encourage to apply". Let me translate – "White Males Need not Inquire".

  45. What I think about this Micro Aggression movement? I think it is the most erratically stupid thing I´ve ever heard. I think is so god damn illogical that even children would clearly find it stupid. And unfortunatelly is one of those things that makes Americans look dumb to the rest of the world. Were I live, if you accuse someone of a micro aggression you get your ass kicked and publicly disgraced for being such a high caliber moron.

  46. If I was more web savvy I would try and write a program that would send you a different applause gif every day for the rest of your life. Well done on another video to debunk leftist pseudoscience.

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