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  1. I don't understand why Gen flynns lawyer allowed any of this to happen to him ,knowing it was entrapment. It went so far that the man lost his home and life's savings. Sydney Powell should of won this case from the start.

  2. I hope they sue every jerk that did this to Flynn so that he can recover the money he's lost. His only crime was standing against Obama. He should be lauded as the hero he is!

  3. Didn’tComey do this to Trump? When he met with Trump saying he wasn’t under investigation when he actually was? Democrats way of TRANSPARENCY is so jerky it’s not funny.

  4. Obviously Page was following orders from her bosses, and is now singing like a Canary! This is the future script for a………….excuse me they already made dozens of variations on this kind of Government corruption. Absolute power corrupts and power corrupts absolutely! It's time to Clean house, we want our Republic back!

  5. LBJ had JFK killed…Another demented power hungry democrat, who when became President fail beyond belief! He was a terrible Commander-in-Chief! as well as a rotten SO-CALLED PRESIDENT OF AND FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZEN!"

  6. Bill Barr, Trump's Atty General is a corrupt Deep State operative who has been covering up the crimes of the Obama Administration and Trump's Director of the FBI is every bit as corrupt of rat faced Comey. Trump has chosen some real winners.

  7. When the clintons were in the white house,hildabeast most famous word was F___. She has NO grace or manners in how to deal w. People.
    Now she wants to be there again!! I DONT THINK SO

  8. Supernatural protection and favor be upon Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn.
    Full exposure of the dastardly plans to mislead and corrupt America. THE SWAMP IS BEING DRAINED.

  9. The individuals involved in this are profoundly un-American! Worse than any Russian agent. They were trusted by the American people but used the coercive power of the state for shallow politics! Jail is required! This was a coup attempt and should be treated as such!

  10. Sidney Powell needs to get a job in the White House.She is highly intelligent.And loyal as they get.I love her.And she will save Flynn and probably many others in the end.

  11. "Intelligence has six ways from Sunday…..In effect don't under any circumstances call out our corrupt Federal Bureaucracy

  12. Sydney Powell is a rare gem. Thank God she’s a white hat. Bless you, Ms. Powell, and our great General Flynn.

  13. Who at this point still doesn't think Flynn was set up? Of course he was, as were many others. There is much that is still being hidden.

  14. GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN , HAS Been F****D from the beginning !! the F*****G donkeycrapperz … have RUINED HIM, and is still Jailed !! the crapperez lie, cheat, steal, are Treasonous, and more !! YET, it's alright to strip someone like this General…….. i hope, and wish, that in the end ………… President Trump, release him, his Attorneys SUE for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, so he can go on with a
    semblance, of a LIFE ……. and the donkeys, pinocchio – noses need to be flown to THE HIDE-AWAY of THE MILITARY TRIBUNAL !!
    for there / their S E N T E N C ES' !! nuff said !!

  15. Sidney , you are awesome ! Flynn is an American Hero and a Icon for all that is good and I pray to the Lord give him his day in the son and he will be exonerated.

  16. The Dems really made a mess of things and have spent the last three years covering up but watch out justice is closing in on them. TRUMP 2020 and take back the House.

  17. So many of Trump's henchmen in jail or heading there…all tangled up in Russia.
    Greedy unpatriotic criminals. Trump's Traitors.

  18. Edit, is what a book publisher does. Alter, is what a criminal does to a classified document. Why not say it like it is?

  19. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and Stroyk ALL belong in federal prison for attempting to try and stage a coup of an elected President of the United States. I hope Barr can figure out a way to get these people prosecuted, we cannot have rouge FBI agents and CIA officials plotting to overturn US elections. These un-elected government officials abused thier power, there is an astronomical amount of circumstantial evidence of this. Time to start trying these people for insurrection.

  20. Making things up for Fox to elaborate on and disseminate as "facts." I do hope that this goes to court and we all see "exactly" what did happen. These are not "shocking developments." It is called "nitpicking" for things that you can twist to your own "advantage"

  21. Flynn needs to be exonerated. Then put back into his original position in the Trump administration to clean up the swamp.

  22. Total abuse of power. If Brennen said that and from what I know of him this is the type of language he uses then he needs to be held accountable. My God I have spent over 40 years serving this great country and I for one will not stand for this abuse of power. Who in the hell do they think they are. Well, I guess they answered that ☝️ one

  23. As of today the judge cancelled the hearing for next week in light of Syndney Powell’s motion. She is asking the judge to dismiss the prosecution of Flynn and hold the prosecutors in contempt for with holding evidence. This woman is awesome times two.

  24. DOJ is now run by Barr. To claim he is holding back info to hurt Flynn insanity. You can't be the insider and outsider simultaneously. This is just crazy horse manure of a defense.

  25. All charges against Gen Flynn should be dropped, AND someone should be forced to reimburse him and his family everything they lost due to need of obtaining very expensive legal councel involving the false accusations and charges against him..That family has lost everything..including being forced to sell their home!..Somebody NEEDS to be held accountable for the injustices he and his family were forced to endure!

  26. KEEP EXPOSING THE CORRUPTION so the American people wake up and vote with the goal of defeating corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

  27. General Flynn needs to be reinstated !
    Can't wait to see charges brought against those that sabotaged him ! That would be justice.

  28. Judge Sullivan at the next court appearance; “Gen. Michael Flynn….I have real problems with the case against you sir…..Case Dismissed….Your free to go sir.”

  29. I think FBI/DOJ & Federal Reserve are using the innocence of General Flynn to bring down our Constitution and order in American civilization. That’s how these communist foreign entities work against Godliness. The alphabet letter government entities work for WallStreet bankers & private Federal Reserve, not for the American Constitutional Republic. They are indeed both left and right Socialist entities.

  30. My dear Lady I wish you will be the first Madam President of USA and think about it you have 4 years and I am sure Trump will make every thing right for you to run. In my eyes you are the only women I an see as president.

  31. Most of the crooks in this fraud should be in Orange jumpsuits. Start with Comey, McCabe, Page, Struck, Ord, Brennan, Clapper and a few more should be locked up

  32. Now the American people can see how they will be treated if Democrats ever get back in power. I hope they realize it will only be worse.

  33. Hogwash !!!! He admitted to about 4 crimes that he committed. Why would this General admit to things that were untrue ?

  34. Ret. Lt. General Michael Flynn has been lynched by the PURE EVIL LYING SOULLESS CORRUPT SOCIALIST COMMUNIST RATTLESNAKE TRAITOR DEMON-RATS/DEEP STATE with these FALSE CHARGES !!!!!!! He needs to be PARDONED and sue for ALL the money he has had to spend to try and DEFEND himself !!!!!!!!! I believe Ms Powell will end up getting these PURE EVIL LYING CORRUPT charges dropped. One tough lady. A total shame what has happened to Ret. Lt. General Michael Flynn and his family !!!!!!! A TRUE PATRIOT !!!!!!!!!!! God bless him and his family.

  35. Mike Flynn:
    "Yes. Your Honor I plea guilty unless of course you sentence me to prison in which case I plead that the FBI, Mueller and anyone who provided evidence in my case is working for the Deep State of Trump's imaginations, whereby I reserve the right to rescind my guilty plea."
    "Pardon Me?"
    Mike Flynn:

  36. Under GOD eyes and HIM Law's General Flynn is totally and completely Inocente of any wrong doing in Trump's search for the Witch.

  37. I sincerely hope that all of the truth about the corrupt Democrats are finally held accountable and that General Flynn is able to sue each and everyone of them for what they have done to him , Also they must be jailed for these crimes.

  38. Ask yourself why it is when the FBI conducts an interview, it is not tape recorded, but only relies on the handwritten notes of the agents.

  39. She is dissembling and making unsubstantiated claims. He was an agent of Turkey. He has never been cleared of lobbying for Turkey as an unregistered agent. He also got paid by RT to be in Russia.

  40. The corruption from these New socialists party has gone off the rails time to call in the military this is crimnal they are now in an Open Coup and is taking place place in the house by these Socialists.

  41. OMG – is anyone else gobsmacked to see ex-congressman Jason Chaffetz hosting a show on Fox News. This must be where idiots go to die.

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