Metaldetecting #6: Seal Stamp| English and Dutch subtitles.

I think it is an old seal stamp. That would be nice. Yes it is an old seal stamp. Is it still readable? No, it looks unreadable. Well, with this they made seals in de past. So this one was from really deep. It is a really beautiful button. An unreadable one. Oh no … a W. A Willem coin. King Willem. This looks like a leadweight. A perfect shaped piece of lead. This one was making a lot of noise. But it is unreadable. Oh no, I still see some letters. This is a duit (Dutch coin), very light I see some letters. I can see some something but if I clean it … I think city of Utrecht, duitje Utrecht. … some letters. I went to another place in the field. The results were almost zero at the end of the field. I came a little back on a point were I had not been yet. And in this place the first finding. A coin, another Duit. It looks like a square coin. I dont recognize the symbol. Looks like a duit. Only 20 seconds later another signal. A small ornament. It looks beautiful. It looks like it it is somehow broken. I am entering the more filled grounds. Another … It must be a duit. Yes a duit, a readable one. This I will have to clean carefully. There is a floral pattern. With some gold patina. Almost at the end and I find a small buckle. Little wrapped.. but who cares.. It looks like a coin. It is strange shaped. Or a lead. I cant make something of it. Looks like a alarm key. This must be the final thing I dug up. I am at the end of the field. A bullet from a pistol, an old pisol. Haha..this must really be the finnal thing I dug up. A button. Hmm I dont know what this is. Is it a button? It looks like a breast. Well it is the end of the day. Despited that the farmer told me that there have been many searchers on the field. But thats every where in the surroundings. As starter you think like: Oh my God I started to late with the hobby. It is so nice to search. But if we take a look in the basket … It was an amazing day!! Found many artifacts. And I am on my way to home now. Walking and searching to the car, I found a nice buckle.

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