Metaldetecting #4: The beginning | English and Dutch subtitles.

Metaldetecting #4: The beginning | English and Dutch subtitles.

Happily I found a permission today. And if you take a look at the field .. theres a lower and more to the city a higher part. And because it is a huge field and the farmer told me they put grass seeds in it. And it is only possible to search for one day, I will search in the higher part of the field. Hopefully we will find some nice relics. If you look next to the first hole, you see the first signs of old city waste. It is a stipe of a clay pipe. This is going to be a nice day. An iron buckle. Some people dont dig on iron signals, but the Tesoro Mojave is a analog system. So I have to dig on some signals. But you dig up things like this. Nice artifact, the iron buckle. It is unbelievable, I found a coin. It is a big one. I think it is unreadable. It is always nice to have some results, oooh there are some very light letters on it. Maybe if I clean it at home I can make it visible under that thick layer of dirt. It is really nice, they tell me very often that there have been many persons on the field. And as a starting searcher you dont know the right fields but it is such an excitement to find some nice artifacts. Amazing!! A view centimeters further I dug up a lead seal with a nice print. And the next coin. It looks unreadable. Oh no! You still can see something. Some letters, not very clear. Mumbel mumbel… . Nice. Musketball, always nice. I almost hit it with the shovel. there a coin on the ground and it is still a little readable. Mumbling…it is hard to read. A small button. The ring is broken. I dont have a single clue what this is. Oh my…. now I see. It is a part of a key. Oi, drink enough! Part of a shell. This is as uch a beauty. Very beautiful buckle. Someone must have worn it on his shoe? Amazing!! Thats a big one. A huge musketball. And a mini-musketball. Little venomous ball. An very old nail. Look at this how beautiful it is hidden in the soil. After many years it is seeing the daylight again. Very light contours on the backside. I think it was a Duit (Dutch coin). A very soft peep for a very nice button. Always nice these buttons. Specially when they are complete. I found many buttons these last sessions

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  1. Hi there , more nice finds coming up my friend , the buckle is a lovely find , and the item at 8.42 is an 18th century purse bar , enjoyed the video ATB GL & HH Rob .

  2. Another very entertaining and interesting upload from the Frisian historian. I really like the Frisian connection with other Germanic tribes like the English for instance. Here's another fine and remarkable example:
    English: Cheese
    Dutch: Kaas
    Frisian: Tsiis (the ii's to be pronounced like ee huh?)

    Keep up the good work laddy ✌

  3. Language has its universal influence and crosses borders regardless. Both the English empire and the mighty nation of Frisia have had clashes in the past though. In 1666 the English armada landed and completely annihalated the western part of the Frisian island of Terschelling. On their way to the eastern part of the island , to do them in as well, they met an old Frisian Terschelling lady, who warned the English forces about the 1000's Frisian berserkers in the distance, hiding behind dunes and in the forest, who actually weren't there at all. The English weighed her words and decided to quickly turn around and flee the island.

    For this story Google-search "Stryper Wyfke"… Wyfke means little woman, yet another perfect Eng-Frl synonymous: wyf = wife.

    Just a small unknown piece of history for who ever's interested. 🙂

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