Metaldetecting #3: Prussia | English and Dutch subtitles.

Metaldetecting #3: Prussia | English and Dutch subtitles.

I’am at a new field and right away after a few meters of walking the first find. And it looks like a bottle stop. A piece of a big marble from the marble-game. One day Ihope to find a complete one. Thats nothing. Beautiful. The quality of goods they made in the past is so much better then the rubbish they make today. IKEA and shops like that. Look at this, so beautiful. I really have almost none signals on this field. But I enjoy this porcelain so much. A small oakleaf. I think it broke of something big. After a long period of silence and a rain shower. It looks like I found a button. Yes, a button. A musket bullet. A very small thing. My first thought was
aluminium foil. But it looks like a small silver button. Or an earring. Oooh… thats beautiful. An earring. Wauw, and silver today never suspected that. Really beautiful. Another wasted coin. It is not even a coin. It breaks in my hand. A piece of leather fittings. With the big sharp point. Circumstances are getting worse, but we keep digging. And I found some kind of fat coin. Its really a fat one. But it is not possible anymore to read it. It looks like silver. Its happening overhere! I have to look at it at home, but I think it is unreadable. I started digging but it is a finding by eyesight. A small button. A complete clay marble. It is a casing. I have a coin overhere that still is readable. I see some letters. Theres not much left of the coin. I have to be careful with it. It looks like a zinc World War Two coin. Nice, another musketball. Oooh an unreadable one. That’s a pity. No, I think it is still readable! Something readable, it is a lead seal. I think it is a…can you make something of it? No. Aaaaah unreadable. Nopes, nothing.

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  1. Great video again. Seeing this Frisian historian excavate the earth and finding all kind of treasure while fighting brutal Dutch weather conditions. And you’re absolutely right about hand painted porcelain from the early days, Indeed so much nicer than the heartless shite we produce and purchase nowadays.

    That goes for the coins as well, the old ones have so much more appeal than the modern time ones. I guess im a bit of a romantic hehehe..

    Anyway, i’m looking forward to your next treasure hunt.

  2. Hi, 👍 + Subscription, I'm hoping for a shared friendship channel, good luck💰👍

  3. Hello and greetings from England , a good video my friend with plenty of interesting finds coming up , a very enjoyable watch , keep up the good work , a well deserved sub from me and a thumbs up , ATB GL & HH Rob .

  4. Hello Sybe, just love your new findings since i'm also a big fan of old historical Facts and items of our past ancestors. Keep up your good work and maybe you can show your collected items in an exhibition. Greetings from Mumbai, India.

  5. Video 👍😉
    Habe natürlich ein Abo da gelassen 👍
    Hoffe auf selbiges 🤝👋👍
    Dank je Well 👋🤝👍
    GUT Fund 👍
    Der Sondelsven 👍

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