Metaldetecting #3.5: Smokey Day | English and Dutch subtitles.

Metaldetecting #3.5: Smokey Day | English and Dutch subtitles.

The second day on the same field. There still a piece of land where I can search. Yesterday I came half away. I found some nice artifacts. I just gave the farmer a six-pack Leffe Blonde beer. He really appreciated it. Lets gets started. The first thing I find today is a small musketball. So true, a coin. And readable! City? Over….Overijssel. This looks old. A old hook. It took some time before I found this artifact. A very small button. With still…. the ring attached. And a half musketball. A very thick placard of something…. I think a lead seal. Try to clean it and we will see. It looks like a placard of lead. A very small button, also here the ring is still attached. A whole one. Maybe I still can see the pipemark. No… yes a very small mark, I believe to see. A pipebowl. I always take them with me. Really nice finds. As an ex-smoker, but I allready quit smoking for 14 years. Really nice artifacts. And another coin but it is unreadable. A lead seal. Nice. And here we have a clay pipebowl. I mean a piece of it. And we still can see the mark. It was quiet for a very long period. I always start daydreaming. When I get an alarm, I am always a little shocked I dont know what this is. Looks like a clip, but it is broken. It is still a little bit readable. we are entering a area with some more coins. This one is not readable. I changed position on the field. On the other side werent that many signals. But the bleeps start again. Lead seal. And another coin. they keep coming. But this one is unreadable. Or? Yes… Unreadable. A pitty, a broken one. Thats a shame. Nopes, unreadable. Oooh it is a button. I was thinking about a big fat coin. Very nice, with the ring still attached. A curtain ring. A small piece of lead. Thats a huge ball. This is really a nice one. A lead seal. Number sixteen. Very nice. Haha..I missed it. Unreadable. Damn…another unreadable one. Thats a pitty. A very small button. Nice. And another musketball.

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  1. Nice to get a clear idea about what went on in these fields for the last couple of centuries. Do you also use and research old maps to pin point old roads and trails? Anyway, we now know the farmer liked to smoke while ploughing his acres, whilst at the same time he lost quite some money. He discarded or buried a few things he no longer felt use for, and last but not least, he decided to shoot tiny animals like hares and partridges to enrich and enlighten the quality of his daily patatoe diet. Or maybe, this is quite the hypothesis, he was chasing the neighbours son who's secretly serenading and visiting his daughter. Thank you for taking us along your interesting excavating sessions.

  2. Hello my friend , enjoyed the video some nice finds coming up as well , most of the coins Ifind are completely destroyed LOL , where I detect the soil is so acidic , but that's detecting for you ATB GL & HH Rob .

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