Metaldetecting #2: Royal Orange | English and Dutch subtitles.

Metaldetecting #2: Royal Orange | English and Dutch subtitles.

So, a new day. A new day with new changes. I am at a place where already many searcher have been. But the farmer said it was possible for me to do some searching. He had no high expectations. He told me:”there have been that many people, the change is minimal youre going to find something” But I allready found three or four artifacts after 30 meters of walking, only not with any significant value. But as you noticed a field is never empty. As you can see I found a coin, or what it ever has been. A smooth coin, but I like it. Some sort of big ring. Not a single clue what it is. A cube. Hmmmm…dont know what this is. A piece of copper wire or something like that. I will take it with me and do some research on it. This is so beautiful, a readable coin. I think he is from the year… Hmm, I cannot read that. At home I will do some cleaning on it and we will see what is written on the coin. Less than twelve years after this coin was minted, the fourth English war broke out between the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands and Great Britain. This had both military and economic consequences for the Republic. In the city of Utrecht, the resistance grew by against the Stadtholder William the Fifth, who also called himself William of Orange. In addition, William was accused of consorting with the enemy, his cousin George the third from Great Britain. In Utrecht, the representative of William of Orange was eliminated and the establishment of a militia was allowed. The militia consisted of people with patriotic ideas, who stimulated democracy, absolutism and wanted to stop William of Orange. These patriots took an example to their patriotic predecessors who had fought in the American War of Independence and were therefore anti-English and pro-French. Over time, the patriots gained a better position in the city of Utrecht and William of Orange lost more and more control over the situation as Stadholder in the Dutch Republic. The Stadholder appointed Utrecht as a rebellious city and certainly did not intend to give up the city without a struggle and occupied the town of Vreeswijk just below Utrecht with his Orange troops This was out of line for the Patriots and near the village of Jutphaas it came to a conflict in which some shots were fired. The Patriots drew the longest straw and William of Orange yielded at first sight. On 28 June 1787 the wife of William of Orange, Wilhelmina of Prussia, was on her way to The Hague. In the city of The Hague she wanted
contend for the position of her husband. Patriots who knew about this had her stopped halfway through the journey. This arrest was the immediate cause for Wilhelmina’s brother to take action. With his army, William II of Prussia invaded the Republic. The Prussian appearance resulted in the end of the patriots. Nice an old hunting cartridge. No it looks like a cap. It looks like a cap. Somekind of copper tube. Must be from a tractor. Nothing visible. A musket ball. I never leave artifacts like this. A piece of a cup. Looks like a buckle. Furniture ornament 1900´s. And a lead seal. Till next hunt!

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  1. Yes, finally a new and interesting upload from my favorite youtube historian. You're a great story teller and of course a true metal detecting ace. Again, great findings (I really enjoy those old coins being excavated after 200+ years) and some nice history lessons. Please keep these video's coming for the world to see.

  2. Er ligt altijd …. heb de meest mooie dingen gevonden op landjes waar mega veel gezocht is .

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