Meri Aawaz Suno Full Movie | Jeetendra Hindi Action Movie | Hema Malini | Bollywood Action Movie

Meri Aawaz Suno Full Movie | Jeetendra Hindi Action Movie | Hema Malini | Bollywood Action Movie

Millions of years ago our
world was a ball of fire. Ages passed, rains
poured from the clouds.. ..cooling this ball of fire. Living beings were born. One of them was humans. Humans divided this
planet into pieces.. ..and distributed them. Declared their reign. Different countries were formed. Different kingdoms were born. The ruling kings, emperors
and noblemen grew arrogant.. ..and mauled the
poor under their feet. The world was divided
into two kinds of people. One who ruled.. ..and the other who were ruled. That means king and his subjects. This is an imaginary kingdom
of that imaginary country.. ..and it’s name is Bagalpur. This is Bagalpur’s capital,
Rickshawpur. This state has completed
100 months of independence.. ..and on this occasion.. ..the entire state has
been lit up with lamps. To hide the darkness
through the lamps. Governments were
formed to rule over public. And every government
had some ministers. When the era of kings and
emperors came to an end.. ..the era of self-rule emerged. Meaning, the current
era in which we live. The self-government is
the people’s government.. ..that has been selected by
the people and for the people. Our story is about
an imaginary country. About a fake country which doesn’t
exist in any part of the world. We’ve named this
country as Mundustaan. This is an imaginary country. There’s self-rule here as well. This is the imaginary hero
of our imaginary story.. ..Sushil Kumar. Brave, a patriot,
honest police officer. And he’s CBl officer,
Mr. Sangram Singh. This is Mr. Papayya Lal,
the minister of this state. This is secretary of
the state, Mr. Madan. And this is lnspector
General of police Shankar Kumar. She is inspector
Sushil Kumar’s wife, Sunita. And she’s Sushil
Kumar’s Mother, Kamini Devi. Congratulations. The country is proud of
your bravery and honesty. And we expect that
you’ll serve your duty.. ..with the same honesty and
carve a niche for yourself. And make the country proud. Sir, l promise that l
would rather lay down my life.. ..than tarnish the
honour of this uniform. Very good. Bravo. Thank you, sir. Sushil,
congratulations.Thank you, sir. You aren’t even looking at me.. ..after receiving the bravery award. Sunita, l’m really happy today. l haven’t been given this award. lt’s been given to
the son of this mother. Kulwant.Yes, sir. Come quickly, l need to
discuss something important. l’ll be right there.Yes, sir. Come, Kulwant. Do you know him?Yes, sir. Everyone knows about him. He’s the famous criminal Kanwarlal.. ..who posed a real problem
for the police for many years. Now, he’s in jail.Yes. Now, just imagine for a while.. ..that Kanwarlal doesn’t
have a beard or these features. Then who will he resemble? He looks like my friend,
sub-inspector Sushil Kumar. Exactly like Sushil Kumar.Right. You’re absolutely right. Kulwant, l want to meet
Sushil Kumar tomorrow. Here.How long will you
keep venerating these idols? You want a child, don’t you? Then tell me. Why do you waste your time here? Don’t mock God.Fine,
l won’t mock God. But l can at least love my wife. Someone might see us.So what? You’re my lawfully wedded wife. l didn’t elope with you.No. Fine, not here. Sit on the motorcycle,
l’ll take you home. We’ll talk there. Come on, let’s go. Listen. That’s why l don’t go out. You send me to the temple
and start working yourself. Mother, you aren’t fine. The doctor has
asked you to take rest. Giving rest to the body is futile. Fulfil my desire,
then l swear on you.. ..l won’t work again. l will never work again.Really. Tell me what you want? Give me a grandson. l will play with him all day. And l won’t do any work even
if you ask me to.Really. God has answered your prayers. You’ll soon get
what you want.What? Really? Really?. l’m going to be grandma?Yes. l’m going to be grandma?Yes. You’ll give birth to my grandson. You’ve fulfilled the
desires of my life. You’ve fulfilled the
desires of my life. Here, open your mouth. Open your mouth. You gave a
successor to this family.. ..before l breathed my last. Listen. Does Sushil know that
he’s going to be a father? No. Wait. l l’ll tell him.Mother. l will tell him. Listen. Sushil. Sushil. Sushil. What’s wrong, Mother?. Open your mouth. Open my mouth? Why?.
– Open your mouth. Mother, why are you
building up the suspense? Here, l opened my mouth. Sweets.Yes. But why?.God has
answered my prayers. Have you received a telegram?
Yes, l have. Where is it? Sunita has it. l l’m going to be grandma. Grandma. So, why are you distributing sweets
if you’re going to be grandma? Who made you a police officer? You fool, you’re
going to be a father. So what if l’m.. l’ll be right back. Sunita. Sunita. Sunita. Sunita. Sunita, open the door. l want to give you good news. You know l’m going to be grandma. l mean, l’m going to be father. Sunita. What are you thinking? l’m thinking about something. What are you thinking? l’m thinking about something. l was thinking that
it would be a boy. l was thinking that
it would be a boy. l will call him Sanju. l was thinking that
it would be a girl. l will call her Manju. lt will be a boy.
lt will be a girl. lt will be a boy.No, no,
it will be a girl. l was thinking that
it would be a girl. l will call her Manju. l was thinking that
it would be a boy. l will call him Sanju. No, no, lt will be a girl.
lt will be a boy. No, no, lt will be a girl.
lt will be a boy. Girls cry a lot. Girls cry a lot. She doesn’t sleep and
keeps everyone awake. l’ll stay awake with her
and you can sleep peacefully. l’ll go crazy if l
sleep alone everyday. lt will be a boy.No,
it will be a girl. No, it will be a boy.No,
no, it will be a girl. Boys are very strange. They trouble the
neighbours with their mischief. Boys are very strange. They trouble the
neighbours with their mischief. l’ll be his father
and you his mother. But who will call him brother? So, lt will be a girl.
No, it will be a boy. No, it will be a girl.
No, it will be a boy. Don’t trouble me, let me go. Don’t twist my arm. Close your pink eyes. Don’t trouble me, let me go. Don’t twist my arm. Close your pink eyes. Let’s end this battle,
and declare truce. The night is passing away. Fine, then lets have two,
two..Two together? Manju and Sanju together. First, it’ll be a
girl and then the boy. First it’ll be a
boy and then the girl. Girl first.Boy first. Girl first.Boy first. Boy.Boy. Boy.Boy. Boy.Girl. Boy.Girl. Sushil Kumar, we
want to entrust you.. ..with a very responsible duty. lf you achieve victory then
you’ll save this department.. ..the country and it’s
populace from a great danger. l’m ready, sir. Give me the orders. Sushil, there’s a very
dangerous gang in this country. They’ve a racket. Printing counterfeit currency. Smuggling diamonds,
silver, pearls and gold. And selling young
girls to foreign country. This gang and their crimes.. ..are spreading in our
country like cancer. Actually, it’s a
disgrace for our department.. ..that we can’t do
anything though we have evidence. Why aren’t they arrested.. ..when you’ve evidence against them? Sushil, shadows cannot be harmed. These people whom we
have evidence against.. ..are merely puppets. We want to catch the
puppeteers controlling them. And they’re
influential people.l see. Sushil, l’ve hatched a plan. lf we succeed in this plan,
then l’m sure.. ..we can arrest
those influential people. Give me the orders. l’ll do my best to
make that plan successful. Sushil, a dangerous
criminal called Kanwarlal.. serving sentence in prison. He’s a very stern person. He isn’t just stern
but a dreadful beast. The uncrowned king
of the underworld. l’ve a hunch that this man has
some connection with that gang. The police tried their
best for Kanwarlal to admit. We punished him severely. But Kanwarlal never said anything. l’ve seen one ray of hope
in this darkness of despair. And that is you look
exactly like Kanwarlal.What? Yes. lf you dress up like
him then no one will know.. ..who’s Kanwarlal and
who is Sushil Kumar. Terrific idea. That means l’ve to
dress up like him.. ..imitate his habits,
lifestyle and flee from jail.. ..and join hands with that gang. And bring you all the
evidence that l find there. Exactly. Will you be able to do it? My mother’s desire was that
l become a police officer. l’ve fulfilled my mother’s desire.. ..but l’ve one more mother. My motherland. Her desire is that l eradicate.. ..the sins and crimes
occurring on her land. So, how can this son refuse? Wow. This department,
the country is proud.. ..of the mother that gave
birth to a son like you. Sushil, Operation
Ant begins from today.. ..which means Antim
Karavahi’ (Final Measures). He’s your look-alike, Kanwarlal. He’s Harkatlal. He runs a club. Before he was sent to jail
Kanwarlal would often meet him. His name is Dawood. Kanwarlal would
visit him frequently. He’s Ronnie. The
owner of hotel Tiptop. Any questions?Sir,
before l start operation Ant.. ..l mean Antim Karavahi’,
l want to go see Kanwarlal. Okay. Kulwant.Yes, sir. Take Sushil to Central Jail.. ..and l will call up
jailor Khanna.Okay, sir. Okay, sir.All the best. Think about it once more. You’ve invited your own
death by accepting this mission. God forbid if
anything happens to you.. ..have you thought what
will happen to your mother?. What about sister-in-law?.
What will happen? l’ve such a dear friend Kulwant. He’ll look after mother. He’ll take care of
his sister-in-law. Look, don’t be obstinate.
l’m not being obstinate, Kulwant. l’ve a dream. And l’m trying to fulfil it. The dream of my
sister’s tragedy.Sister? Yes, Kulwant. l’ve a sister. A sister whose sight would
make me forget all my worries. Brother. Brother. Brother.’ Look, l brought Kumar
along to introduce to you.’ Kumar, this is my brother Sushil.’ Shobha.And Kumar,
this is my mother.’ Hello, Aunt.Hello.’ Bless you. Take a seat.
Sit down, Brother.’ So, Brother, was
l right about him?’ How do you like my choice?’ But Shobha, we’ll have
to find out everything.’ What do his parents do?’ About his family.’ He belongs to a big family.’ His father is a big gold merchant.’ l’ve found out everything,
Brother.’ After all, l’m your sister.’ Mr. Kumar.Yes.’ l would like to
meet your parents..’ ..before we fix this alliance.’ Sushil, it’s been so many days..’ ..but we haven’t
heard from Shobha.’ Don’t worry, Mother.’ l’m going to see her.’ l’ve already bought
so many firecrackers.’ l’ll bring her here and we’ll
celebrate Diwali (festival) grandly.’ Yes, son. Since she has left,
this house seems so lonely.’ Mother, l’ll come
back soon with her.’ Who is it?’ Who do you want?’ Mr. Kumar would stay here.’ Can you tell me where is he? Don’t you know?. That fraud had fled
from the country.’ l’ve heard that he would
entice innocent girls..’ ..and sell them in
foreign countries.’ Three girls from the
neighbourhood are missing.’ The police are searching for them.’ Let’s see what happens.’ Later l found out that
marriage was a fraud. That boy, his parents.. ..sold my sister to a
gang that uses these girls.. ..for the enjoyment of
the rich and the powerful. That day, l decided that
l’ll join the police.. ..and save my sister from that gang. l’ve finally got that opportunity,
Kulwant. l was refusing you at first, Sushil. But l’m saying this myself,
don’t lose this opportunity. Find those criminals. And exact revenge for our sister.. ..and many others like her. Exact revenge,
Sushil. Don’t spare them. Yes, sir. Bahadur, this is
inspector Sushil Kumar. Hello.Hello. Take him to Kanwarlal. Kanwarlal. Could you
find only me for this job? Sir, l start shivering
even if l pass by his cell.. ..and you’re asking me
to go inside his cell. Bahadur.What Bahadur, sir. My parents mistakenly
named me Bahadur’ (Brave).. ..and this is the consequence. Stop your nonsense and take them. What is this problem? Come, sir. What can l do if anyone.. ..deliberately wants to
enter inside the jaws of death? Go ahead. He won’t spare you. Bye, see you.
– He won’t spare you. Sir, l want to ask
you a question.What? Sir, pass me a cigarette.
Quiet, you fool! Sir, who do you have in your family?. Mother, wife. Why?. Just asking. Have you saved some
money in their name?Why? Once you go inside you
won’t come out alive. Take a look. l just stood outside his
door and said to him decently.. ..with a smile, Good morning,
Mr. Kanwar. That idiot Kanwar
beat me black and blue. You’re laughing. Laugh. Laugh, you
should laugh before dying. That way the soul feels content. Come, this way. Come. Sir, one minute, one minute. Do you have any last wish?
Quiet, open it. l’ll open it, but at least tell me. After you die, should l take
your corpse to your home.. ..or directly to the crematorium?
Quiet. Open it. l will. l will. Goddess Bhavani. l’m opening it. One minute. Last one minute. Keep this.What is this? Bandages. Last gift from me. Keep it, you’ll need it inside. ldiot.By God. He’s gone. Good morning, Kanwar.ldiot. Call me Kanwarlal! Fine. Good morning, Kanwarlal. l’m a journalist, l
write for many newspapers. l want to ask you.. ..whether the police treats
the prisoners humanely or not? And if not then we should.. ..let the entire
country know about it. Lower your voice, idiot. l’ve seen many such
charades of the police. You can fool others with
your charade but not Kanwarlal. Kanwarlal can recognise
the police from their stink. There’s peculiar stink that
comes from police officer.. ..and that’s coming from you. Don’t try to put
up an act and leave. Otherwise, l won’t spare you. Very good, Kanwarlal. l accept you aren’t just
brave but also intelligent. l truly am a police inspector. My name is Sushil Kumar. Cigarette. Okay. Bahadur. Bahadur.Yes. Come inside.No, no. l said come inside. Open his handcuffs. l said open his handcuffs. What are you saying, sir? He did this to me
with his handcuffs on. lf l open his handcuffs he
will break these solid walls.. ..and flee from here. Will you open his
handcuffs or not?l will. l’m shivering. Current. Current. Oh God. He’s dead. Do you recognise
this man, Kanwarlal? You want me to confess for
this piece of cigarette. No, Kanwarlal. l’m only asking. You do know, Dawood, don’t you? You’re still a child. Many strict inspectors before you.. ..tried to make Kanwarlal confess. They tortured me as
much as they could. They kept torturing me. But lost hope. But Kanwarlal didn’t reveal a word. lnstead, he laughed at every wound. He gave only one
answer to every question. l don’t know anything. And you’re trying to ask
me using sympathy and love. No, Kanwarlal. l’m not here
to ask, but to inform you. l’ve heard that you and
Dawood were very close. You must be very hard for
you to know that he’s dead. What? Dawood.. Uncle Dawood is dead. No, no, you’re lying. You’re lying, you idiot!No,
Kanwarlal, it’s the truth. That Dawood died by my hands. You killed my uncle, my father. You killed my father,
l won’t spare you. Get up. Get up, you idiot! You idiot, l will kill you. That’s a miracle. He’s beating him. Kanwarlal is getting thrashed. Get up. Get up, Kanwarlal. Get up. Thank you very much, Kanwarlal. l kept my mouth shut. But your heart made
you reveal everything. l only wanted to know.. ..whether you share a good
rapport with Dawood or not? You told it to me by yourself. By the way, your
uncle Dawood isn’t dead.. ..he is still alive. You fool, idiot. Sushil, here’s your
ticket for London.London? Yes, you’re going to London.
What for? For the world. Everyone will think that
you’ve gone to London. Even our department
shouldn’t know about it. Understand?Yes, l understand. l’m going to London. No, no. l won’t let you go. Listen.There’s nothing to listen. This is a strange job. l hardly get to see you
when you’re doing your duty. lf you go to London l won’t
get to see you for months. l won’t let you go.Oh, no. lt’s just a matter of few days. And then you should be happy. You know, your
husband was selected.. .. from the entire department
for such a big responsibility. lsn’t that good news? What is this? Strange. l’m going so far away. lt’s said that you should
see-off your husband with a smile. And you’ve made such a
sullen face and shedding tears. Smile. Smile. That’s like a good girl. Take me along.
Where should l take you? l’ll be running after criminals
will you be running after me? One more thing. The other day we
were being obstinate. l was saying it’ll be a boy and
you were saying it’ll be a girl. Fine, l lose and you win. lt’ll be a girl,
but on one condition. She should be like you. The beautiful face, fair complexion. Doe-like eyes. Yes. Like this. lf we put you in a
machine and shrink you.. ..then you’ll look just like this. And l want my child to
be just like Sorry. Just like this. Bless you. My blessings are with you, son. l’ll pray for you to
return successful. Friend, my mother and wife
are your responsibility now. Look after them.You
don’t have to say that. Good luck.l’m leaving. What is this, Sunita? You’re crying again.Sushil,
l can’t live without you. Enough, Sunita. Forget Sushil for a few days.. ..and look after my
child that you’re carrying. l’ll ask for him
as soon as l return. Smile. Come on smile. l’ll leave. Take these letters. Keep sending them to
my house via London. Okay.Bye. ldiot, you can’t become a
tiger by donning its skin. lnspector, if you really are brave.. ..if your mother is
truly a virtuous lady.. ..and if you’re her legitimate son.. ..then go to Halkatlal’s club and
scream at the top of your voice. Halkatlal, l’m Kanwar.’ ldiot, call me Kanwarlal! Kanwarlal! Kanwar, you’ve
said a very big thing. You’ve asked me to prove
my mother’s virtuousness.. ..and my legitimacy. So, l swear on my
mother’s virtuousness.. ..that if l don’t succeed in
eradicating those criminals.. ..and handing them over to the law.. ..then l’m not the son
of a virtuous mother. Take him away.Yes, sir. Come. Sir, pray that l destroy
that world of crimes.. ..and bring them down on
their knees before you. l will eagerly wait
for that day, Sushil. All the best.Thank you, sir. Okay, good luck,
Sushil.Thank you. Bahadur.Yes, sir. Go lock him up in his cell. No, Sir, you take him. You take him. You take him. Oh, ho. What can l do? l’m a government servant. l’m on duty. l would’ve let you
go but its my duty.. Don’t beat me again. The earlier wounds
haven’t healed yet. Go inside. He’s so strong. l didn’t do anything. Forgive me. Sir, Kanwarlal has fled.What? Kanwarlal has fled.
– Catch him, hurry up. Kanwarlal has fled.
Kanwarlal has fled. You were asking for one cigarette,
weren’t you? Keep the entire pack. Where is Halkatlal?Halkatlal. l don’t know where he is. Hey, get out of here. Halkatlal.Kanwar. ldiot, call me Kanwarlal. Yes, Kanwarlal. But you still had ten
years of imprisonment left. How did you get released so soon? Kanwarlal can even
evade death.Yes. Jail is not a big deal. And l had to settle
an old score with you. That’s why l came here? Tell me, where is
uncle Dawood these days? l don’t know. l had to pay that poor man Rs.20000. l searched in many places
for him for that Rs.20000.. ..but l couldn’t find him anywhere. Maybe his son has regained health.. ..and and he has left the
world of crimes and turned good. You fool, whenever anyone
enters the criminal world.. ..there are just two places
he goes to after that.Yes. Either the jail or the crematorium. Tell me where is uncle. Otherwise, l’ll send
you to the other world. Tell me.
– l’ll tell you. l’ll tell you. 26 Subedar Nagar, ninth cross road. He lives in a painting shop there. Fool, cheat. You know where uncle lives.. ..but you don’t remember
that you owe him money. No, no, don’t beat me. Spare me. Forgive me. Leave me. No, no. You idiot. Take Rs.30000 instead of 20000. Keep it as interest. But please spare me. Spare me.l never spare idiots.. ..and never charge anyone interest. Keep your Rs.10000. You can use it for your last rites. l’m only taking uncle’s Rs.20000. And yes, if you inform
the police about me.. ..then l’ll strangle
you before they catch me. Understood?Yes,
you’ll strangle me to death. You understood it. Kanwarlal has fled from the jail,
the police are looking for him. Kanwar. Kanwar. Hello, Uncle.Hello. Uncle, how is your son?
He’s still the same. Tell me, Kanwar,
how did you escape.. ..the stronghold of the Wardha Jail? Everyone who tried
succumbed to their death. Uncle, the walls of
the jail are made up.. ..of limestone, stone and mud. Lock me up in a steel truck,
weld it shut. Put a big lock on it. lf l don’t get out of it
then my name isn’t Kanwarlal. Fine, son. Abdul.Yes, Uncle. Go get food from the hotel. Poor Kanwar must be
hungry for a long time. Here.Wait. Where will you get the food from? From the hotel at the crossroad. Who will eat food from that hotel? They use grease
instead of clarified butter.. ..and kerosene instead of oil. Go to the hotel close-by. Take my name and say
four plates meatballs.. ..three pilaffs, 12 bread
smeared with clarified butter. And get onions and lemon. Here’s the money,
get it.Right away. Bravo. Uncle, take this. Kanwar, where did you
get this money from? This is your money, Uncle.Mine. Yes, after fleeing from jail,
l went straight to Halkatlal. Thrashed him black and blue. Took your money and came here. Halkatlal is an idiot. He gets his work done
and doesn’t pay for it. That’s okay, Uncle. You won’t recognise him this time. l’ve beaten him so severely.. ..that he’ll
remember it all his life. Forget it, son. The police are after you. Don’t keep thrashing people now. Yes, Uncle, that’s right. The police are after me. lf l stay with you,
it’ll be a problem for you. Where can l take you? Yes, there’s one place
where l can take you. That man can help us. He’s right before me
but l can’t believe it. A man that barged into the
Central Bank in broad daylight.. ..and committed a
massacre with a Sten gun.. ..and fled after robbing the bank. Next day, he murdered four
officers within 24 hours.. ..and shook the entire government. The man that has the entire
country’s police looking for him.. ..that man escaped the police,
that really wonderful. Kanwar..ldiot, call me Kanwarlal. Kanwarlal’s first miracle
was being born in this world. Understand? But l want to see whether
Kanwarlal is still brave enough.. ..after spending
some time in the jail? Kanwarlal can never be a coward. lf you doubt my bravery
then l’ll leave right now. Wait, Kanwarlal. l’m happy that you
came to me to see me. To be a part of my gang. You’re a useful man.. ..and l will tell
you your job tomorrow. Give me the keys and leave. This is ClD inspector Sunder. He came here to find our secrets. Two more came before him.. ..but faced the same consequence. Now, you’ve to get rid of
his dead’ll be done. But it’ll cost you Rs.10000.
Agreed. No, shell out the money.
Okay, okay. Here. And listen, meet me at
hotel Tiptop after the job’s done. l’ll wait for you there.Okay. And look, take this card. After you show this, you’ll
be let inside respectfully. Okay?Okay.
– Good luck. Hello, police station. Famous criminal Kanwarlal.. ..who is wanted by the
entire country’s police.. crossing through G.B. road
in a blue coloured imported car. And inspector Sunder’s dead
body is in the trunk of that car. Don’t ask questions, follow him. The car’s number is TMW 7560. Yes? May l help you? Hey, Kanwar! ldiot, call me Kanwarlal. Speak with manners, Kanwarlal. Kanwarlal doesn’t speak with
manners with manner-less people. You idiot! Thank you.Okay. Kanwarlal, come on,
have a drink with me. Scotch whiskey? Oh, no! Kanwarlal drinks XXX rum. Jasin! He is talking a lot. Shatter his pride and
throw him at my feet.. that he begs
for his life from me. Beg for life? From you? You are a beggar. Who
will beg from a beggar?. My name is Topiwala. Do you know why?. l’ve beheaded many haughty
men and trampled their heads.. ..and l’ve treasured their
caps with me as a souvenir. But the game will be overturned.. ..if you challenge Kanwarlal,
Topiwala. Your head will be at my feet and
l’ll have your cap as a souvenir. Jasin! Well done, Jasin. Keep
it up!Okay, boss. Kanwarlal, Jasin has
thrown you at my feet. Go! Wonderful, Kanwarlal! Wonderful! You are braver than l had heard. lt was not enmity but
the test of your bravery. Because we were in search of
brave men like you since long. You are our friend
and partner from today. But please don’t call me a dog. l won’t call you a dog
till we are friends. But the day our friendship ends.. ..l’ll become a lion and make
your condition worse than a dog. Okay. Okay. He is my
partner Ronnie, and listen.. Yes, sir?. Take Kanwarlal and
transform his into a handsome.. and present him
before me in a suit and boots. Hi. Welcome, Mr. Mahesh Kumar. Welcome. Fantastic.The police too
can’t recognise you in this get-up. Think that Kanwarlal
has died from today.. ..and Mahesh Kumar is born. Mahesh Kumar Mahesh
Kumar is present before you.. ..but what will you
present before him? Rita. Kanwarlal, she is Rita. Whenever some man gets
angry with us in business.. ..Rita gives him a smiling glance.. ..and that stubborn man melts. Rita, Mahesh Kumar is
your special guest today. Don’t miss anything otherwise
Topiwala will be humiliated. Upon seeing you.. ..l feel my youth will pass. That my youth will pass now. This youth will pass now. Upon seeing you.. ..l feel my youth will pass. We have been able to
meet with great difficulty. The talks of
heart were incomplete. My nights were very lonely. My nights were very lonely. My life was very difficult. Now, my life will pass. Upon seeing you.. ..l feel my youth will pass now. This cold water is ablaze. Listen, give me some story. This cold water is ablaze. Listen, give me some story. A beautiful
souvenir of youthful love.. ..which left its memory behind. This pleasant night will pass. Upon seeing you.. ..l feel my youth will pass. Why are you
standing there? Come here. Let my arms embrace you. Drown in my eyes. Drown in my eyes. Otherwise, l will remain thirsty. This pleasant moment will pass. Upon seeing you.. ..l feel my youth will pass. That my youth will pass now. This youth will pass now. Upon seeing you.. Post. Dear, have you
received Sushil’s letter? Yes, Mother. But he
has deceived us again. He didn’t write his address. Now, which address
shall l send the reply to? Dear, a police officer never
tells his address to anyone.. ..whenever he goes
to perform his duty. Not even his wife? No. Not even his wife. A police officer
marries twice in his life. Two marriages?Yes, two. One with his wife and
other with his duty. He belongs to his wife
when he returns home. Kanwar, the government has
become our enemy of late. Whatever l and my
partners do in the underworld.. ..the government
gets its news anyhow. Some officer has also
made a file against us. l’ve come to know that the
prime minister himself.. going to investigate our case. lf this matter reaches to the
prime minister, we will be dead. So, before this file
reaches the prime minister.. is important for us to get it. l see. Where is that file?
lt’s written about it in this. That file is the
certificate of our life. No one can do any harm
to us if we get it once. lf not, just think. l,
my partners and you too.. ..will be hanged
one after the other. l see. What price will l
get if you get that file? Rs.2 lakh. The price of you and the lives of
your partners is only Rs.2 lakh? Seth, you don’t even get a
lame horse of race for Rs.2 lakh. Well, what is your demand? Rs.5 lakh. Rs.2
lakh in advance. Cash. Okay. l agree. Come. Here. Check it. lt’s real, not fake. Topiwala, wear glasses and
verify the fake and real. l can tell you with closed eyes.. ..whether the it is
real or duplicate. Well, how many men do
you want along with you? No one.No one? Yes. A brave man never
goes hunting with cowards. Either the file or
Kanwarlal’s dead body.. ..will be before you in four days. All the best. Who is it, Brother.. Hello? Fire brigade? The Central Research
building has caught fire. Hurry up! Hello? Police station. You brought it, Kanwar! Well done! Terrific! Excellent! Beautiful! Kanwarlal, you are great. l don’t find words to praise you. Shall l write a poem in your honour?. l don’t know what
to say, what to do. You have saved us
from death, Kanwarlal. He has defeated you all. The work which they all
couldn’t do, you’ve done it alone. You are great. You are great. This file.. this.. That is fine. Where
is my pending amount? l’ll give you double the amount. One in the form of bundle of notes.. ..and the other in the
form of beautiful lips. My friend Azad has brought a
beautiful girl from the brothel. l’ll gift her to you. Take it and enjoy. Hi, partners.Hi, partner. l am back again. l think a meeting is going on. Who is he? l’ve
never seen him earlier. l’ll tell you. He is my friend,
my partner, Mr. Azad. And Azad, he is that brave
man who has brought this file.. ..and saved our lives. Hello.Azad, l’ve promised to
give him your damsel as a gift. Well okay. Have her. Romeo, raise her veil and
see the magic. Go, buddy. lt’s good that l met you. lt’s good that l met you. The memories have come alive. lt’s good that l met you. The memories have come alive. Otherwise my desire to meet
you had remained unfulfilled. Otherwise my desire to meet
you had remained unfulfilled. This heart had
always been desperate. The wounds of the
heart have healed. They have healed.
They have healed. lt’s good that l met you. The memories have come alive. l didn’t depart in a palanquin,
no music was played. l didn’t depart in a palanquin,
no music was played. A disaster occurred which
l was destined to undergo. Both the worlds collapsed. They collapsed. They collapsed. ”lts better l met you.” ”The memories have come alive.” l don’t have any
path or destination. Forgive me. lt’s
impossible to meet again. Forgive me. lt’s
impossible to meet again. We had to meet today,
so, we have met. We have met. We have met. lt’s good that l met you. The memories have come alive. l really missed my dear
ones among the strangers. l really missed my dear
ones among the strangers. Boils erupted on my
feet while dancing. The flowers bruised my feet. Bruised my feet. Bruised my feet. lt’s good that l met you. The memories have come alive. Sister Shobha, what have you done?’ l will definitely exact the
revenge of your sacrifice.’ l will exact the revenge of
every drop of your blood.’ Kulwant?Yes, Kulwant speaking. l am operation-N speaking.
The child is dead. Make preparations to
perform the funeral rites. Code is apple. Apple. Apple? Yes, you will get the apples. Okay?Okay. Buy red juicy apples! Buy Kabul apples. How much for these apples? How much? Rs.30 per dozen. How
much will you buy?. Apple vendor, come here.
Coming, sir. Keep it here.Here, sir. The apples are good. For how much? Sir, buy the entire basket.
l will charge Rs.50. Rs.50?Yes. Does this basket contain
whatever l had asked for? Everything is inside it.Okay. Sir, pay me.Take Rs.50. Thank you, sir. Where
should l keep these apples? You get the apples in the hotel too. Then why did you buy them? This is not for me, darling.
l’ve brought them for you. For me?Yes. You
are like an apple. So, l thought of
gifting apples to you. lf you have so much love
for me in your heart.. lf you have so much love
for me in your heart.. ..then why don’t you
let me come close? Why do always avoid me? lt is a secret. l’ll tell you later. Waiter.Yes, sir? Bring it inside. Shall we go? Shall l accompany you?
Not in privacy. Can’t we sit alone and talk
for a while? Actually l.. Hi, baby. No talks,
its time to work. The guests are coming. Come on. Come on! Hello. lf you wanted to eat apples.. could have
ordered it from the hotel. Why have you brought
them from outside? Azad, l’m fond of eating
Kabul apples since childhood. Here. You too have one. Who is it?Kanwarlal? Yes. Yes, it’s me speaking.
l am here. Tell me, Topiwala.
Please come here. Yes. l’ll come right away. Azad, come quickly. Topiwala
has called you immediately. ldiot, what were
you doing in my room? l had a doubt, so, l
had come to check. The one who doubts
Kanwarlal is doomed. Listen to me carefully. lf you even pass by this room
again, l’ll chop you to pieces. Now, get out. You will chop me to pieces? Oh, Doll, tell me how
will my darling daughter be? Oh, Doll, tell me how
will my darling daughter be? l think she will be
exactly like you. ”O’ Doll, tell me how will
be my darling daughter?” ”l think she will be
exactly like you.” ”O’ Doll, tell me.” l wait impatiently
for you everyday. l spend the night
counting the stars. l wait impatiently
for you everyday. l spend the night
counting the stars. l can’t concentrate on anything. l think how she will be. Oh, Doll, tell me how
will my darling daughter be? l think she will be
exactly like you. Oh, Doll, tell me. There was a
celebration in the entire city. The lamps were lit in the heart. The world will remember
when she will come at home. The house will glow with radiance. Oh, Doll, tell me. l’ve pleasant dreams in my eyes. Games, amusement,
toys and rattles. She will not let us sleep. Tears will well up in
my eyes while laughing. Oh, Doll, tell me how
will my darling daughter be? l think she will be
exactly like you. Oh, Doll, tell me. l think she will be
exactly like you. She will be exactly like you. She will be exactly like you. Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? What happened? Tell me. Hello?Hello, Brother Kulwant. Yes, tell me, Sister-in-law. Mother has fallen
from the stairs.What? Yes. She has fainted. Get
some doctor immediately. Okay, l’ll be right there. Please come soon. Come, Doctor. Doctor, hurry up. Doctor, please check her quickly. What’s wrong, Doctor? Will we
have to take her to the hospital? No, Mr. Kulwant. lt’s too late. No! Don’t say such
inauspicious things. Doctor, please try. My
mother will recover. Please make an attempt. Please,
Doctor. Please. What attempt can l make, Sister? The attempts are made for the
alive, but your mother is no more. No. You are lying, Doctor. My mother can’t die. l was not feeling
sleepy some time back. My mother had stroked me to sleep. Has she gone to sleep forever
after making me go to sleep? No, Doctor. lt is impossible. No. Mother, don’t give
such a severe punishment.. your daughter-in-law. You were asking me
for your toy just now. You were dreaming about
playing with your grandson. Let your dream get
fulfilled once, Mother. Don’t make such hurry,
Mother. Don’t make such hurry. Stop it,
Sister-in-law. Calm down. Don’t cry. Brother, call him and tell him
to touch the feet of his mother.. ..which he used to touch daily
and go to work for the last time. She is going away
from this house forever. Please call him. Why are you silent? Why don’t you answer me? Sister-in-law, l am helpless. What sort of a job is this
which demands to shoulder the.. ..burden of the country and refuse
to lead a mother’s death procession? What sort of duty is it
which is restricting a son.. fulfil his duty
towards his mother? Brother, if you can’t call
him then give me his address. l will call him. Call my husband once. l beg to you. No, Sister-in-law.
Don’t do this. l’ll try. l’ll go and tell my officers to
call Sushil immediately.Yes. l will try my best,
Sister-in-law. Keep patience. Radha.Yes? You stay here. Take care of
sister-in-law.All right. Sir.Kulwant, why have
you come here at this hour? l’ve a bad news,
sir. Sushil’s mother.. What has happened to her?.
She is no more. Oh, my God!Sir,
sister-in-law is weeping non-stop. She wishes to call
Sushil home at any cost. We run the illegal
business very honestly. lt is not so easy to escape
from the clutches of Azad. Control yourself, dear. We will
try our best to inform Sushil. Sir, l think for the
sake of humanity.. ..Sushil should be informed
about his mother immediately. Kulwant, as you know, Sushil
is doing something so important. He is doing a huge favour on
this department and this country. Sushil is doing what no
officer has ever been able to do. Crime is making this
country hollow from within. Sushil is hard at
cleaning the world of crime. Under these circumstances.. ..if he comes to know
that his dear mother.. no more, perhaps he
will leave this task incomplete. Our entire plan will fall flat. Our efforts will go down the drain. And these criminals and crooks will
suck the life out of this country. Hello. Kulwant speaking.
Operation N. Kulwant, operation N speaking. Yes.Work done. Sir, Sushil has
informed that he has caught.. ..a very important
member of that gang. Very good.
– And he has called me right away. Then hurry up. But Kulwant, come
what may. Sushil should never.. ..come to know about his mother. But sir, if he..
– That’s my order. – Okay, sir. Kulwant, this is Azad. He is an important
pawn of this gang. He too has a hand in the
plans that are made and approved. Take him carefully. Come on. Take him way. Sushil.
– What happened? Don’t waste time. Take him.
Hurry up. – Come on. – Take him. Get off.
– Oh you. Come on. Get in. Mr. Azad, you’ve enjoyed life with
the illegal money you’ve earned. Now, you enjoy the
prison life as well. Don’t be under that impression,
Officer. You can put as many locks
as you want on this door But the people who l work
for have the key to every lock. You’ll be left watching.
And l’ll be out of here. Because l’m not used
to living behind bars. You shut up. May his soul rest his peace. May his soul rest his peace. May his soul rest his peace. May his soul rest his peace. May his soul rest his peace. May his soul rest his peace. Kanwarlal, have you
noticed something. Our countrymen mourn the
death of a fellow countryman. Now, look at this old woman. l don’t think she
would’ve been of any use. lt’s good that she died. She must have been a
burden to her family. But look at them. They look so sad. As if it’s their
mother who has died. Oh, come on. lt’s
such a long procession. Hurry up. Aunt, we’re getting late.
Sound the horn and let’s go. Mother, this son of
yours is so unfortunate. He couldn’t put even a
drop of water in your mouth.. ..when you were dying. He couldn’t perform
the final rites either. You gave me birth. You gave me life. And l couldn’t give
you anything, Mother. Nothing at all. Give me one last blessing. That l get success in
the task l’ve set out for. Where is Ronnie? Where on earth is Azad? Ronnie is making
arrangements for the guests. Azad has been arrested. l mean he must been
nailed by some beautiful girl. Yes. He is often
shackled by beautiful girls. Good evening. ‘What are these guys in
this gathering of criminals?’ Welcome, sir. Welcome. Welcome, sir.
– Thank you. Welcome.
– Thank you. – Come. Sir, this is Kanwarlal.. ..who got the file
from the CBl office.. ..which had evidence
against us in a night. Mr. Kanwarlal, very good. We are proud of your bravery. This gentleman is a
very dear friend of mine. He is the protector of my business. And he is the captain of our boat. These are the great
people who run the houses.. ..of poor people like us. l got to meet great people like you. lt feels as if l have met God. Topiwala.Yes, sir. There is no life in the party. No, sir. No party thrown
by Topiwala is ever drab. You can bathe in liquor today. And let beauty mesmerise you. ”l salute the guests.” ”l salute the guests.” ”l’m a little infamous.” ”Kanwarlal, that’s my name.” ”Kanwarlal.” ”Kanwarlal, that’s my name.” ”You’re in and out all the time.” ”You’re in and out all the time.” ”ln and out.”
– ”Out and in.” ”Kanwarlal, that’s my name.” ”Kanwarlal, that’s my name.” ”You’re extraordinary.” ”You’re amazing.” ”Everyone’s bowled over by you.” ”You’re extraordinary.” ”You’re amazing.” ”Everyone’s bowled over by you.” ”Everyone knows who am l.” ”Everyone’s still oblivious.” ”l salute the strangers.
The strangers.” ”Kanwarlal, that’s my name.” ”The stories that people hear in
lanes are all tales about me.” ”But everyone in this gathering
on this night is crazy for me.” ”The stories that people hear in
lanes are all tales about me.” ”But everyone in this gathering
on this night is crazy for me.” ”l salute my admirers. My admirers.” ”Kanwarlal, that’s my name.” ”There is no admirer who
hasn’t lost his heart to me.” ”There is no lock l
don’t have the keys to.” ”l salute the ignorant.
The ignorant.” ”Kanwarlal, that’s my name.” ”Kanwarlal” ”Kanwarlal, that’s my name.” ”l salute the guests.” ”l’m a little infamous.” ”Kanwarlal, that’s my name.” ”Kanwarlal.” ”Kanwarlal, that’s my name.” How is it going,
lnspector Sushil Kumar? You thought Azad is done for. He is never going to return. Right? Officer, we criminals
have much longer arms than.. ..the long arms of the law. Come on. Hand the camera
and negatives over to me. Come on, get up. Be a sweet boy now. Who is it? Sister-in-law, it’s me, Kulwant. Come in. – Hello, Sister-in-law.
– Hello, Sister-in-law. Come in. Sit.Oh, my! How are you now?. l’m just about okay. Had the doctor come this morning? Yes. Brother, any news on him. We’ll find him,
Sister-in-law. For sure. Look. Look, Brother-in-law,
l have told you so often.. ..don’t think negatively. You
should be happy in this condition. You shouldn’t strain
your mind too much. You should be happy. How do l be happy? l had mother for company.
She is no more now. My husband is missing. And you’re asking me to be happy. No tells me where my husband is. At what place is he. ln what condition is he. Don’t look at me with
hatred in those eyes, Officer. l’ve returned from the prison. You’re surprised by this. You know how l got out of prison. The officer on whose orders
you got me put behind bars. That very officer
very respectfully.. ..unlocked the prison,
apologised to me and set me free. l’ve haven’t broken the jail. Now, tell me. Where are that
camera and those negatives? Tell me. Where are they?. No. l won’t tell you. Never. lnspector, this is not the
torture chamber of the police.. ..where you can’t even make a
criminal open his mouth properly. This is a place which is
thousand times terrible that that. This is Topiwala’s torture chamber. Even the dead start
screaming because of.. ..the torture given them here. lt must be the dead who must be
screaming because of your torture. Their souls must be dead. But l’m the son of the
mother who had said.. ..that your body might well die.. ..but don’t ever let your soul die. Topiwala, your torture
can never bring inspector.. ..Sushi to his knees. My torture will
break your knees first. Then l shall see how you
don’t tell me everything. Go ahead. Test me. Pull out the nails of this idiot. This is your last chance. Tell me quickly. Where have you
kept the camera and negatives? l’ll never tell you.
l won’t tell you. Now, what do you
have to say?.Speak up. Speak up. Speak up. This rogue is very tough cookie. This idiot is a true patriot. As they say, we’ll
happily sacrifice our lives. ..but we’ll never the compromise
on the honour of the country. He is among those people. That’s why don’t waste time on him. Kill him. Kill him. No, partner. No. Give me some time. l have a weapon that will very
easily make him open his mouth. Here you go. l want a bill for this. Taxi. Where would you like to go? Take me to Rickshawpur.
– Very well. l’ll take you to a
destination very soon. Sushil. Sushil. Sushil. Sushil. How did it come to this?
– Soni. No. l don’t believe my eyes. No, Sushil. You were in London, right? l had got your letter yesterday. lf you are here, then who
has written me those letters? Tell me, Sushil. Tell me. These cruel people brought
you to such a miserable state. Who are these guys? l’ll tell you, Mrs. Sushil Kumar. Your husband had put on an act. We went to London to fool the world. But he did not go in reality. He was here all the time. He joined us a
prisoner who had broken jail. And he started leaking
out our secret to the law. But cruel people,
you are not humans. You’re animals. You’re devils. How can you treat a
fellow human like this? You’ve beaten him to
an inch of his life. We’ve just started. We are going to chop
him into little pieces. No. No! You can’t touch my husband. Now, you’re talking. Look, this is your husband. Your life partner. Your God. You will be alive as
long as he is alive. You’ll be a widow if he dies. Your God has some
of our photographs.. ..and some tapes. Pray to him that he returns
the photos and tape as offering. We’ll return him to you. Then you might well go home. Sushil, don’t bear this cruelty. Don’t ruin my marriage. Tell them. Where have
you hidden those things? Tell them, Sushil. Sunita. Speak up, lnspector.
– No. Your wife is begging you
to save her married life. Come on, speak up. lnspector, have mercy on her. Talk. Sushil, tell them. Come on, talk.
– Talk. Talk.
– Sushil, speak up. – Talk. Tell them, Sushil. Sushil,
tell them. Tell them for God’s sake. in these criminals. Don’t to do this sunita. You talk of your
married life been ruined.. ..but these guys
have ruined our country. These guys are sowing the seeds of.. ..crime and sins and making crime.. ..and thuggery prosper
on our holy motherland. And l have all the
evidences of their crimes. These people are like a
cancer for this country.. ..this land and the society. They are the cancer. And l have the
treatment to that cancer. lt doesn’t matter even
if Sushil Kumar dies. The poor of this country, the
people of this country will be alive. lf Sushil cares about his life,
this country will die. Tell me, Sunita. Do you want your husband’s life..
– Sushil. Or the life of this country?. Do you want to see
your husband alive.. ..or the country?. Tell me, Sunita. Speak up.
– Tell me. A woman who has a husband like
you can never become a widow. People like you are born immortal. And the people who are
born immortal never die. And the wives of those who
never die can never become widows. Sushil, l’m proud of my luck.. ..that l’m the wife
of such a great man. Sushil, don’t ever tell them. Don’t ever return those evidences. These people should be
punished for what they’ve done. They must be punished. Well done, Sunita. Well done. These words have rid me
of the pain of my wounds. l will willingly get burnt if
they throw me into a fire now. l will not even let out a sigh. Not even a sigh, Sunita. Look, brave officer, we
have many ways of burning. We often burn people who don’t
get burnt by fire with flowers. Just like the little bud
your wife is carrying. Just one blow from us
will burn that bud to ashes. You’ll lose your heir forever. Your life will be
plunged into darkness. l’m only asking for that
cassette and photo from you.. ..for the sake of the unborn
child who would you be your heir. Never. l’ll sacrifice
my child for my husband. But l won’t let my husband
bow down to monsters like you. No, Sushil. Don’t ever give them
the evidence. Never. Azad.
– l’ll deal with him. No! Sunita. Ask your dear husband where
he has kept all the evidence? Ask him!
– l will not. You will not ask. No.. Ask your beloved where
he has kept the evidence. l will not. Never. Ask him.
– No! – Sunita. So, you won’t speak up.
– No! No! Speak up.
– No! Sunita! No. No. No. No. No. No. Look, l’m telling
you for the last time. Ask your husband.
– Never. Officer, l’m asking
you for the last time. Otherwise, l assure you the
child your wife is carrying.. ..will be killed. No. You rogue! Oh, come on. lnspector.. – Sunita! – This is
your last chance. – You rogue! No!
– Get up. Sunita. No! No! No! Sunita! No! Sunita! No! Sunita! No! No! No! Sushil. Sushil. Sushil.
– Forgive me, Sunita. Forgive me. No, Sushil. No. Don’t cry, Sushil. Otherwise, people might say that
Sunita’s husband was a coward. He couldn’t bear his wife’s pain. And he burst out in tears
while sacrificing.. ..his child for the country. Sushil, brave people don’t cry. No, Sushil. A married woman’s graced herself
with her husband’s blessings. l’m fortunate that l’ve graced.. ..myself with his blood. That makes me a
married woman till eternity. Sushil, the doors to
heaven have opened for me. Our child is standing there. He is waiting for me there. He is calling me with
his arms spread, Sushil. l will go to him and tell him.. ..that his father was so great. Sushil, but don’t ever
forgive these people. Sushil, but don’t ever forgive them. They must be
punished for their crimes. They must be punished. No Sunita! Sushil, l.. Sunita! ”There are beautiful
dreams in my eyes.” ”These dramas, toys and games.” ”These things don’t let us sleep.” ”l’ve gone from laughing
to crying in no time.” ”Oh, darling.” ”Oh, my darling,
how will my darling be?” ‘What are you thinking, Rita?’ ‘lf you save Sushil today, you’ll be
able to give a new lease..’ ‘..of life not only to Sushil
but to your country as well.’ Wake up, Sushil. Run away. lf they finish you off, the law
will never be able to nab them. Go away. Sir, you’ve done
something very bad.. releasing Azad from the prison. You’ve opened up the
doors of death for my friend. Do you know what
will they do to him.. ..when they come to know that Sushil
is their enemy. And a police officer. Have you thought about it? l’m very sorry, Kulwant. Kulwant, l know that l have
committed a serious crime. But l couldn’t help it. l have to answer to
the higher authorities. The people whom the
people elect as leaders. Gives them the chair. They used the power of that
chair and forced me to release Azad. You were forced by
the power of the chair. And you became helpless. Because you realised that
your chair was in danger. Your job. Your position. Your life. You realised that the life
of your family was in danger. And you released Azad. Do you remember that day.. ..when you had called me to
your office for the first time. You had said standing
there that Sushil Kumar.. ..yourjob asks for
sacrifice from you. You had made me realize the
loyalty of this earth and country. You sent me to the dangerous
world where every breath you take.. accompanied by
the fear of death.. that l kill the criminals
who are eating this country hollow. Do you remember that day?. l went to honour my job. But you’re at a much
higher position than me. You’ve brought
disrepute to yourjob. You coloured your
uniform in the color of crime. You’ve betrayed your job
by bringing disrepute.. the medals on that uniform.
You’ve done that. You! Topiwala, Azad and his accomplice.. ..who turned by
dignified sister into a strumpet. My sister committed
suicide right before my eyes. And l kept mum. l was mum because of my
loyalty towards my duty. l kept crying from within
but l had a smile on my face. The dead body of my mother was
being carried away before me. Strangers were shouldering it. And l watched that from a distance. Because l had the burden
of my duty on my shoulders. That’s why l couldn’t
shoulder the dead body of my mother. l couldn’t. l’m not finished yet. My wife was humiliated
right before my eyes. She was beaten up. My unborn child
was brutally killed.. my wife’s womb itself. My entire family was destroyed. My world came crashing down. No one survived. No one. You’re responsible for this. You! You’re the killer of my mother,
sister and my child. You’ve murdered them. You’re the killer. You are
responsible for their deaths. lf you still respect and are
true and loyal to yourjob.. ..then l’m willing to
bear all my sacrifices. l’ll forget all my pain. Here. These are evidences of
the gory deeds of those people. Here. And arrest those devils. Take it. Please arrest them, sir. Sir, please arrest them. Please. Please arrest them. Hello.
– This is Minister Dayal. Listen, CBl officer Sangram Singh. Yes, sir. Arrest inspector
Sushil Kumar immediately. What?
– This is my personal order. Sir. Sir, what have you done! What have you done, sir! Sushil, you’re right. l’m a culprit of my duty.
l’ve betrayed my duty. l’ve no right of
being on that chair. Forgive. Forgive me. l just got the orders on
the phone to arrest you. No. l don’t have the courage to
arrest a true patriot like you.. hand you over to traitors. No. l.. l..
– Sir. l..
– Sir! Sushil. Sushil, l say stop. l say..
– Move! Who is it? Who is it? You. Why have you come here? l’ve come to rid this
country of injustice.. setting an immoral
man like you free for good. You’ll be hanged if you kill me. How will many times will l be
hanged? Just once, isn’t it? l’m okay with it
even lf l’m hanged.. ..when l kill such
terrible monsters. This is a cheap bargain. Hello.
– Hello. Police station. Come on, hurry up. Move. Come on, hurry up. Move. What is this? Pull back. Put the car in reverse. l thought he was dead. Pull back. Faster. No! No! No! No! Oh, no! What is this! Oh, God! ‘The law is helpless.’ ‘Now, who’s going to
listen to his appeal?’ ‘You make the decision now.’ ‘You make the decision now.’ ‘You make the decision now.’

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  1. very nice hd movie its remind me my past 30 year ago i watched this film when i was 12 year old thanks for upload this film i watched my internet tv

  2. did u guys notice the climax??? In the original climax, Jitendra takes the villians to court, then Supreme Court and finally even to the Prime Minister or President even. But fails everywhere. This climax was banned for showing the justice in bad light. Hence the movie ends in the first court itlself….

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