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  1. Rear lights not good 2018 rear lights were better. Also, the big border of Display screen looks way out fashioned!

  2. Only for summer…Use that in New Jersey when it’s winter see where that Gorgeous car going STUCK…That Car is good in Miami California that’s it…I Don’t Have That But I still Get Pussy’s Because money Talks Than Mercedez Hahahhaa

  3. Exterior design-looks really weird, interior not up to standard, even though I’m a big MB fan. Bought an A45 instead of this weird looking C class sedan. Fingers crossed the next model will be a much better looking car.

  4. With the introduction of the new infotainment system screen and digital dials, I think the C Class is finally better than the A4.

  5. No vengas 2019 porque desde este año 2018 se retrocede porque no quiero tener más ➕ años vete al diablo ? 2019

  6. Where are you located? MB really scaled down the engine in that car. USA models start at 255 hp w/ AMG models at 362 hp, 469 hp & 503 hp.

  7. thanks for video.i really dont like this product. it is the exact same as E-class sport AMG2016.nothing new just all of a copy cat.why mercedes?

  8. Mercedes-Benz's C-Class has only just undergone its mid-cycle update for 2019 but prototypes for the next-generation model are already out testing.

    Our latest spy shots show some of the prototypes for the new C-Class, which we expect on the market in late 2020 as a 2021 model.

    The testers are heavily camouflaged but the size and proportions appear similar to those of the current model. The front looks to sit lower, though, giving the new C-Class a sportier stance.

    The interior design will likely be a blend between the new A-Class and GLE's themes. You'll notice that the updated 2019 C-Class missed out on Mercedes' latest infotainment system known as MBUX, but it's a safe bet the system will appear on the new C-Class. It combines a digital instrument cluster with a large touchscreen display and allows the driver to use natural speech to control many vehicle functions.

    2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class spy shots – Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien
    Underpinning the new C-Class is an updated version of the current model's MRA rear-wheel-drive platform. The platform actually made its debut in the current C-Class so is relatively young.

    The updated version will bring significant weight savings primarily through the increased use of aluminum over steel. This has been made possible due to advanced joining technologies including aluminum to steel welding.

    In the powertrain department, look for the base model to stick with a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4. Above this is likely to be a plug-in hybrid system and then a C43 (or possibly C53) from AMG with the mild-hybrid system already found in the tuner's E53 and CLS53 models. At the top of the range will be AMG's C63 which we hear will receive the hybrid treatment as well.

  9. Mild face-lift on the already accomplished mid sized executive sedan…Im an avid BMW fan, I'm told that between the two Brands,Mercedes ratains more value than the BMW…..No wonder it's called the Class!!!!!!!!High tech interior endears itself to me!!!!!!!

  10. All these new Honda’s and Mazda’s that are coming out are embarrassing all the German car companies on luxury ? A new accord or Camry will last a lot longer and you will still get the luxury feel Mercedes is just a status symbol but so are any of these beautiful new cars coming out

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