Mendoza College of Business Brand Narrative

Mendoza College of Business Brand Narrative

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] This is not an
era for business as usual. Too much is at stake in our world, in our workplaces, in our communities. This is an era for virtuous individuals with diverse interests
and uncommon potential to lead human enterprises forward. This is an era for a business degree that gives those purpose-driven leaders the tools to connect their gifts to a better future for all. At Notre Dame’s Mendoza
College of Business, we seek and recognize what
is unique in every student, charting an individualized
professional development path grounded in the creation of shared value within teams, for companies,
across communities, for society as a whole. From product vision to execution at scale, from building teams to
managing workforces, from traditional operating models to new models fueled
by data and analytics, we teach future leaders to compete by growing towards the
best version of themselves and through helping others do the same: to cooperate with everyone around them with a special focus on
those with the greatest need, to powerfully contribute
to a better future for all humanity as leaders
who serve the greater good. Integral leadership development, experiential learning on the front lines, a community of mutual advancement. Grow the good in business and accelerate your career
at Notre Dame Mendoza. (relaxing music)

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