Mehgan James, Mahisha and Tanya’s Heated Exchange | Mind Your Business with Mahisha | OWN

Mehgan James, Mahisha and Tanya’s Heated Exchange | Mind Your Business with Mahisha | OWN

Thank you for joining us. I’ve been talking
to Mehgan and I’m getting conflicting stories. I really want to know,
number one, what is owed to the vendors, how much? Like a total of 11. $11,000. OK, I don’t have
any receipts, Tanya– It’s here.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] Look, this one was our
first order, right? – This one was paid off, right?
– Right. This is way in August.
So this is paid. OK, so let me finish. I don’t know if you
remember, but when you first issued a check for
$723 on 5/1, that’s when it was actually due. And it bounced. Do you remember? Instead of you giving
me the full amount, again, you gave me, on
10/18, you gave me $487. So you had a balance. This was not paid. Then 9/7, here’s another PO. This is the not paid. Mehgan has checked out
of this conversation. It’s obvious.
But you know what? If she doesn’t care,
what’s going to happen is the vendors are going to
get lawyers and sue her behind. And then 800 West
is going to be gone. Mehgan, you know, I’ve been
asking you to pay for awhile. And my credit is so [BLEEP]
you don’t understand. I understand, Tanya. No you don’t. They want to take me to court. Just listen to her. And it’s not under
your– it’s under my– I can’t even get fabric. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] What I’m trying to
tell you is, look, I left my job, everything,
to start with you. The 18 years of work I did,
that credit, I used it on you. And you literally
just [BLEEP] it. The only reason
they’re not suing me is because they’ve
known me so long. – Do you feel bad?
– How do you feel right now? Just tell me, her
crying, how you feel. I was going to
take a loan on, just pay it, and be done with you.
I just– – How do you feel?
– I need to go on with my life. I understand where
she’s coming from. Do I feel bad? I do not feel bad because– Oh my god, Mehgan, are
you [BLEEP] kidding me? What is wrong with you? Well, she was
like, she’s crying, like, you don’t feel bad? You don’t have any remorse? Like, do you know how
many times a day I cry? Like, I cry every
day in the shower. It was us who took 70/30 profit. It is her credit. These are her people as well. Like, you act like it’s all me. It is your business
that you’re profiting from and this girl is working
her behind off for you. Do you understand that? At least appreciate people
that are good for you. OK. People that really
have your back that want to put their credit
on the line, she’s an asset. You should really realize that. And you don’t care because
it’s not your credit. That’s not true. Well, I mean, I
don’t think you’d be this nonchalant about it. No, it’s just– it’s not that. Well, what is it? What is it? Like, I’m always the
bad guy, no matter what.

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  1. Meghan: I don't feel bad
    Me: Do you not know this girls back history? She was on the Bad Girls Club….Get a Grip

  2. Yooooo, the minute Mehgan reacted like that, “I thought” please don’t let her Be an Aquarius 😭😭😭
    She’s an Aquarius, Yo We Really Don’t be giving AF

    Like don’t force My emotions 😒

  3. Meghan has been a liar for years and I am sorry that Tanya did not know this prior. Vendors beware, do not support people like Meghan you will not get paid.

  4. I felt bad for Tonya especially now that I understand credit scores. I'm so happy she that girl put the contract down and put her foot down

  5. Somebody seriously hurt this girl mentally, emotionally &/or physically, abandoned/neglected her as a child, or spoiled her rotten. She is the type of person that gets pleasure from hurting other people & she’s incapable of feeling remorse when someone else is hurt… very sad.

  6. Mehgan is horrible. I noticed some persons commented saying she is a narcissist and I agree!!!! This sort of behaviour takes responsibility 4 nothing and it is best 2 leave them alone. You will literally feel as though you are always wrong because they will constantly deflect I have been there it is a loosing battle!!!

  7. That's why you don't put other people's stuff in your name because they will screw you over. If they can't do it in their own name there's a reason why!!!

  8. You know what Megan let's be honest and let's be real you know you are that much money but you're acting like you are lost you don't know what she's talking about you know exactly what she's talking about but you're acting like I'm lost I don't know what you talking about this and darling that's why they called receipt if you don't have your receipt you don't have proof I without your receipt there's nothing ok and your full well know that that's how much money you owe and they want their money the girl come with her receipt she come with proof you don't have that so you're acting like you're not interested you don't know what she's talking about you know what she's talking about you or is 11000 and you should pay what you are you have no receipt

  9. That's why you know exactly what you done Megan yeah everything is in her name yeah and if you're a business person and you are like a friend that means you basically f*** her over if I was she and I f**** take you to court and I would assume you you know exactly what you done your feel like or because it's not in my name and this this this is not me it's on you because it said because it's in her name she's got her receipt and if I was there I don't go and take out my lawyer you're not going to get away with this pay her money back to her do the right thing. Like because it's not in your name is nothing to do with you it is to do with you you and her going business and you basically f*** her over what type of person that does that to a friend I would f**** show you if I was she you acting like all because it's not in my name is nothing to do with me it is to do with you she's got her prove you don't have any proof

  10. I'm so sorry, she put her neck on the line for her and she's like,… so!!! That partner will never trust anybody anymore.

  11. Meghan hair is a NO for me
    Her widows peak all showing
    And the closure don’t even look like a closure…shawty hair just look like a full wig 🤦🏾‍♀️

  12. Tanya, you will be fine on your own I felt her pain. I’m shocked Meghan has no sympathy then again we have seen your true colors before.

  13. Hahahah when Meghan thought she got away with things and Tanya was like in her mind “I knew she was gonna say that” and she brought proof and I was like “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

  14. Meghan….says "….I'm literally always the bad guy…."
    Um, yeah Meghan-you often are the bad guy and the problem and this situation is no exception.

  15. Megan is completely delusional and baby your playing around in the real world with real business women…she is clearly still is a lil girl that needs to grow up frfr, go back to what u know best and that's fighting on the Bad Girls Club what a joke she is!

  16. Weaponized tears. Make smarter business choices. Crying like a child. Pathetic. They know those weaponized tears works every time.

  17. Remember she claimed she was Obama's daughter and later denied it and said "…but I should get Presidential treatment anyway" ?…Hmmm she's a narcissist and it completely shows here as well.

  18. Something’s wrong with Meghan, either her face is drier, she’s ageing badly or I don’t know what it is but she looks different, In a bad way.

  19. That comment about her not caring would have been it for me. I would have went to court, threw her ALL the way under the bus & would have been ended whatever relationship I had with her. You don't need heartless ppl in your life like that.

  20. What I'm tryna figure out is how the one person that helped you you do wrong
    And how you believe in karma and didn't intentionally do her wrong when she
    saying she told you you owed her and you didnt pay. You dont do ppl wrong
    thats helping you you only hurt yourself being greedy. Sounds to me that
    she felt she could do her like that bc she had a following and that her
    platform was payment but no ma'am when someone does business w you you pay
    them period and you keep getting business.

  21. Fallen's probably home now like who's broke now? Really it's messed up Mehgan is making it about her & not the issue at hand. She beat two girls up on tv for being fake & stealing from her allegedly.

  22. Meghan is such a disgusting person omg. Her having that attitude is just so awful. She’s never going to grow up and take responsibility for anything.

  23. This episode was somewhat disappointing. I feel that Mahisha really didn’t help Meghan address the basic simple foundation of running a business in order to make sure that she becomes successful which is integrity and accountability. To open a door to put Meghan in the position to get into more debt after she has already shown lack of character and accountability for paying what she owes seems like just setting her up for more failure. No business classes were offered other than the one investor who offered mentor ship which was probably the best offer Meghan could have received but I don’t think that Mahisha was very helpful in this situation. Before presenting her to investors, I would have had her meet with a financial/business management advisor to help her understand the keys to running a business and the importance of supporting and maintaining vendor relationships which is the soul of any business. Mahisha put her name on the line with investors in front of the nation for someone who showed no care for botching up someone else’s credit…….not good…..just like writing a good reference letter for someone who was fired from their job for stealing before they even showed remorse and accountability for what they have stolen. Just not smart!!

  24. Mehgan seems to be a smart woman from what I’ve seen in the past but one thing I have noticed is that she doesn’t really seem to care about anyone else but herself, not a good quality

  25. I like Meghan, but I have always known she is a narcissist. I thought she had redeemed herself throughout the years. Megan, who stole your heart, did you give it away? Remember the Tin man? Go find your heat and take it back. Grow up Megan. This piece is troubling and sad on all levels. Oh dear.,,,,,,,xxxxx.

  26. I have to say first and foremost Meghan IS NOT equipped to be an entrepreneur. People like Meghan play lip service and DOES NOT back it up with character. What I am saying is that you cannot expect to be “taken seriously” if you haven’t taken yourself seriously enough to build your ethics and integrity. THIS IS THE FOUNDATION in any respectable human being and entrepreneur. YOU ARE emotionally undeveloped and misinformed about the idea of being an entrepreneur. People glamorize being an entrepreneur and get starry eyes over the “idea” however the reality of your very poor character is sitting across from you showing outstanding bills and say, “I don’t feel bad”. You are YOUNG, IMMATURE and want to make money to appear important. Sorry Meghan but WORK is required and you get what you give. I have no respect or sympathy for anyone who nickels and dimes the diligence and impeccable intention to RESPECT the talent, platform and opportunity to pursue a brand on your own terms. It is a powerful opportunity that is NOT fully respected or appreciated by most ego centered, pocket filling people. Master your personality, build your character from the inside first. Waxing poetic, lip service, flim flam talk, will never offer what your preoccupation with careless, reckless reaction to PAYING YOUR SUPPLIERS. If you cannot pay your bills or invoices on time then why the hell are you deluding yourself about people taking you more seriously? Your talk is so cheap that it is has no shame about paying what is owed. Your ethics are NOT solid gold…it’s not even electroplated. It’s just the cheapest of cheap!

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