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  1. All the stories on the exploitation of women always includes the friends and employers saying "we didn't know" I have worked in small, medium and large organisations, and everyone knew everything. Work place gossip is always very up to date with who is doing who. When things explode in a company whatever people say publicly the private truth is that people knew. Over the years the "acceptable" has changed and I can feel sorry for people who missed the changes, but when a boss says 'i didn't know,' he is either a liar, or a really really really out of touch or incompetent employer.

  2. I don’t know ? if I can depend on Fox News if they invite her back.
    I don’t care what she’s selling.
    I’m not watching..

  3. AKA Nicole Brown Simpson had to get another face job cuz she was starting to look more like herself AKA OJ Simpson's wife which is AKA Megyn Kelly notice the facial structure folks is still the same but she's had some facial reconstruction because people were starting to notice it was Nicole Brown Simpson and not Megyn Kelly

  4. Megyn Kelly just keeps slipping up now I see why she keeps getting fired AKA Nicole Brown Simpson yeah folks they all lie and they all lie about investigating especially investigating themselves who does that

  5. They stumbled on an eleven. Sounds like NBC brainwashed her. The only idiots that can make a claim against that transcript are the ones who want to because it absolutely impossible to read that transcript and come up with something wrong without inferring or interjecting words into certain places. And I'll keep asking this until it catches on, if it was ok for Biden to supposedly be following the policies of the United States routing out corruption from the Ukraine, then why isn't ok for Trump if he feels Biden and the Ukraine were corrupt together? And Biden bragged about the quid pro quo, you have to infer that's what Trump meant in his conversation. Why don't these idiots think maybe it's just another witch Hunt? Who has a better track record so far, Trump or Schumer?

  6. Can't believe NBC chickened out ( for fear of being called sexist) and paid Kelly her full three year contract of 80 million when she only worked 1 year. Pathetic.

  7. Wow this is not the impartial Megyn Kelly who left Fox. Could she be more different? She obviously has a tight contract.

  8. So wait a minute. This piece of work was employed by the fox rapist channel and she is critical of everybody else on one of their shows. Bonkers!

  9. Megyn Kelly suddenly rose very high. She began to feel dizzy from her success. Not all people stand it. She could not stand it either. From the top of the mountain, all roads lead down. So she rolled down.

    If FOX takes her back, I don’t think that she will change her character and start asking questions and not talking theatrical monologues

  10. She was an arrogant idiot who threw it all away!  She had something SO MANY journalists would give anything for … a primetime show of their own!  Again, she threw it all away for liberalism, and those sickos took her out.  She is a traitor, and it has come back to bite her!

  11. These crybaby feminists Sound ridiculous. They get all bent out of shape if someone is friendly with them. Megyn, most people don't care if someone touched your butt or whatever. Normal people have lives to live…..not everybody is trying to wrangle million dollar payouts from companies just because they were slighted.

  12. Solution: maybe men and women should not work together Megyn… make it sound like working women are sexually maligned all the time.

  13. I would never watch fox news cause of meagan kelly and that other duesch Bill O'Reilly, once they both left I started watching, watch everyday now, but I'm hoping Sheppard Smith would leave " just found out the other day he did " AWSOME ! And Brett bear needs to go and Tucker is a duesch also, if fox gets rid of them and gets off the political stuff so much and gets back to reporting world news, they could become the only half way credible news station.

  14. Everyone was sleeping with everyone at NBC if you've done your homework. Just listen to the discription of the parties.

  15. In full view of the world, Megan has demonstrated that she is state-owned and possesses no integrity whatsoever. Thanks for giving her one more opportunity to propagandize the American public

  16. This feckless twat doesn't know what's up, she had it made but threw it all away, impetuous little Kunt that she is, what a moron.

  17. Tucker should've asked her about that interview with the "PIZZA GATE ", Infantes( or whatever his name is) and does she still think it's only a "CONSPIRACY TALE )!!!!

  18. Megyn Kelly is a traitor lefty pigtard. She should stay with the rest of the garbage humans Marxists she now loves so much. She's trying to get back on the best network, because she now realizes how stupid she really is.

  19. megan needs to take a hike. ill forgive, but never forget that she asked those bias questions to Trump in the 2016 primaries. “Only Rosie ODonnell!”. lol, so good. She’s a kunt

  20. Megyn don't know if you will read this but I have a response to some of what you said. These mainstream media corporations are in an alternate reality. Some of us who have lived their lives in "flyover" country grok the meta message of these corporations which appears to be, "Shut up and give us your money. We will tell you whatever we want to. We will provide the narrative. Watch passively as we push a narrative thinly veiled as objective reporting interspersed with advertisements for big pharma." Some of us are just a little too smart to fall for it but we're surrounded by others who are intellectually disarmed and easily manipulated by feelings.

  21. Dear @foxnews please remove that huge title tags there right in front of lovely Megyn’s chest. Sponsorship must end ?

  22. She makes me sick . She is the first example of what happens to people who come against trump ! Quit looking at the camera Megan you don’t work for Fox ThankGod! You don’t work anywhere you Got fired !

  23. Even Hollywood is demonstrating their double standards with Bombshell. They refuse to acknowledge the corruption and misconduct of NBC.

  24. Megan, You say that people know whatever news media they watch and its political positions are, but I disagree. I hear a lot of things coming out of people’s mouths that says differently.

  25. Dont bring her back Fox. Stay home with the 3 children you brought into the world. Megyn showed her true colors at the 2016 Presidential debates. Fox made her a big news anchor and she turned on them like a pit viper.

  26. Her talking about sexual misconduct at NBC, while on Fox, where 100's of millions have been payed out over the years for the exact same thing, made my head hurt.

  27. NBC Universal can’t release anything b/c it would prove their biases. NBC and CNN have a vendetta against President Trump (who is suing CNN as of 10/18/2019) and can’t stop covering HIM to cover anything else; especially anything negative about themselves.

  28. Kelly asks if ”black face” is wrong if you are dressing up as someone you admire. She gets taken off her show. Joy Baher ”uses” black face (she bragged about it and showed pictures of her wearing black face on her show) and she is still on her show. Double Standards!!!!

  29. I was very surprised by the mostly negative comments below. In truth I enjoyed the interview which I thought was civil……for the most part void of the interruptions that exist in most interviews these days, informative about the "True NBC" and intelligently done. I find myself in the minority as usual though differences of opinions/perspectives are one of the MANY things that make America great.

  30. You're correct. National news and the impeachniks are as predictable and tedious as a one trick pony. News is gone. Advocacy is the media's product. "Local news" is all that is worth my time.

  31. All Megyn Kelly did was talk about blackface. Joy behar actually did it and got to keep her job. Left are bs artists with their fake outrage

  32. ? Honey, I'm nowhere near "fly-over country", I have never warn a cowboy hat in my life, and I have a demonstrable and certifiably higher IQ than you do (at nearly 20 years your junior)… I did not vote at the Presidential level at all in 2016, but will will absolutely be voting for Trump this time around, and I'm certainly not alone – even amongst my friends that voted for Hillary! My business partner voted for Clinton and was a staunch "never-Trumper" initially (but is not typically as politically aware as I am). It did not take him long ( marinading in leftist lunacy in the news), however, to flip his view 180 degrees – and he has said that he's never been so happy to be wrong! Both he and I, based on our backgrounds and historical pattern, should probably be happy Democrats (at least in the historic sense, but I simply cannot lie to myself and actively work to deny the reality around me….

  33. Traitor is going to cost FOX millions. You better make sure you don't even say, 'my, you're looking pretty today' because she's going to be sue happy. She has no allegiance and has shown she's hostile towards Trump in the debates and thinks her crap doesn't stink. She's a legend in her own mind and as I said, is going to hurt FOX more than help!

  34. Megan; did you learn not to apologize for being innocent or to stop kissing the butt of P.C. idiots, or to stand up and fight for yourself and not kowtow to alt-left fanaticism?

  35. Megyn Kelly said she is now enjoying her kids and family; I think if/when a news network offers her a good deal (salary) she will take it in a heartbeat.

  36. They didn't even talk about NBC coming out with the excuse of firing her over her opinion on blackface. Tucker should have asked her about this blanket excuse

  37. Oh please, do not let her back on fox!! She burnt the bridge. Let her live with her choice!!!and honestly it's irritating to listen to her at this point. Please fox,,, do not let her back!!!

  38. Foxnews had similar issues: Roger Ailes, Bill O'Rielly, Eric Bolling, etc. The problem is these accusations NEVER go to trial so we never know if there was sexual harrassment or if it was a lie.

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