MEGA Diamond Dig It Unboxing! I Open 10 Boxes of Diamond Surprise Boxes!

MEGA Diamond Dig It Unboxing! I Open 10 Boxes of Diamond Surprise Boxes!

(Triumphant music) Hello hello everyone! Welcome back this
is Sarah. Today is going to be a mega unboxing of these Diamond Dig It’s. In my past Diamond Dig It videos I still have not been able to find a real diamond. So hopefully this time we’ll be the
magical day and I will finally find a diamond. My chances are pretty good
because I have ten boxes. That’s right I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Ten total diamond diggit boxes. I traveled to two different targets and a Toys R Us to find all of these. I’m so excited I was able to find ten. so my odds are looking pretty good
this time that I will find a real diamond. If you have not seen my past videos of
these Diamond Dig It boxes you have a one in 24 chance to find a real diamond
but if you don’t there are some other different stones that you can collect.
And when you open up these boxes this is what comes inside. This is the little
sand piece that you’re going to dig and try to find your diamond. They give you three separate tools. Here is a chisel. This is a little brush and on the right
we have a wooden mallet. However in this video I won’t be using
any of those tools, I’ll be dipping our little sand pieces into water. Well I am super excited because I just
have a feeling this is going to be the best day ever and I’m totally gonna find
a diamond! I just don’t know which box is going to
be in so i’m going to open up this very first one and see if this is the special
one. Alright in goes the first one. I usually
have just like to give them a few seconds for the water to absorb into the
sand. All right here goes nothing. Oh this is
so exciting! Oh I found something right here in the
middle. Our first stone is definitely not a diamond. It looks closest to a
yellow Jade. I am definitely not worried because I still have nine more boxes to open up. In goes the second one. All right that’s enough time let’s see
what’s in the middle here. It’s starting to crack in the middle. Oh! I oh I feel it! Here it is! Hmm you know I think this is another
yellow Jade only a different shade of yellow. It doesn’t look like anything else on
the box so i guess i’m going with yellow jade. No worries! On to the third box. I’ve been collecting all these stones
that have been getting from these diamond dig it;s and i’m kinda tempted
to tumble them to see what they look like when they’re all polished and
smooth. All right let’s see what’s inside of
this one. Is it a diamond? I don’t see anything yet. Oh my gosh I found some thing. Hmm I think this one is a salt crystal cause I think the rock crystal is more clear. It’s definitely not a diamond so we’re
moving on to our next box box number four. I’m still feeling pretty hopeful. Into the water you go. All right is this one a diamond? Oh I hope so. Oh I don’t see anything. It’s
getting murky. We found something! This is definitely not a diamond but t’s really pretty. I love that cobalt
blue color. If it’s blue, it must be a sodalite. I’m totally not worried yet so let’s
move on to box number five. Number five here you go into the water. Give me a diamond number five, come on. All right here we go. What is it? It’s getting kind of crowded in this bowl. Oh I found something! Aw! Another stone that’s not a diamond. I think this is a new Jade. It takes on
more of a green tone than yellow tone. Let me grab the yellow one. Hard to tell on camera but the one on
the left is definitely more green. Just halfway through so that’s okay
there’s still plenty of chances left. This is box number six. All right diamond dig it number six give me a diamond. This one feels a little bit more hard. That’s weird. I don’t see anything yet. Oh I found it! Aw! It’s not a diamond boy it’s super pretty. I think this is another sodalite. No worries I still have four more
chances left. This is box number seven. All right here you go number seven and
I’m running at a room with the water. All right that’s good enough I guess. All right is this the magical one? Is it
lucky number seven? Here it is! I think I found it right here in the
middle. Aw! It’s not a diamond. It’s another yellow
Jade. I’m getting quite a jade collection. I’ve started to get a little bit nervous
but I still have three more boxes left to open up In you go number eight. Let’s see what’s inside number eight. Where is it? Where is it? I found it! Aw it’s not another diamond but i do
think since this is a really pretty cobalt blue color it’s another sodalite. Oh no! Maybe I won’t be getting a diamond in this video. I only have two more boxes left to open up. Here you go nice little sand diamond. Oh please give me a diamond. Let’s see. Let’s see. What’s in the middle? Oops almost lost it there for a second. Oh man this isn’t a diamond either. I think this is another yellow Jade. well now I’m super nervous because this
is the last box. Oh no! Maybe it I won’t find a diamond this time. You know maybe I should give us a little
kiss for good luck. Oh my gosh I’m so nervous! Is it gonna be in diamond inside? Oh no! This is having a hard time dissolving. I’m almost out of water. Oh No It’s not a diamond! It’s a new jade. Oh no! There were any diamonds in any of those boxes. Oh no what am I gonna do now? Oh you guys should i keep looking for
some more diamond big boxes or should I just give up? I feel like I can’t give up now I’ve
come so far. Oh maybe I’ll travel to another further
Toys R Us to see if I can find some more. Well thank you guys so much for watching this. I’m so sorry for disappointed. Well I guess I’ll just keep going and
find some more. Thank you guys so much for watching and as always I will see
you in the next video.

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