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— I’m a truck driver for Price Chopper
right now, it’s a local company. I’m gonna have my breakfast coffee,
and then I’m gonna go. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed. I don’t think you’re going to be
going to bed before Mommy leaves. Make sure you help Jeff
clean up and put everything away. I’ll miss you. Bye, honey! Love you. I leave the house at 9, I clock-in at 10. Drivers can work 14 hours on-duty, 11 hours driving. They can send me a really long dispatch,
or I could do a bunch of short ones. I became a truck driver because
I was a 19-year-old single mom. Trucking has provided me with financial stability. It has made me a financial provider for my son. I would say being local is almost harder
on the driver than over-the-road, because when you’re over-the-road, all there is to do is sleep when you’re not working, so it’s real easy to get your rest. When you’re local, your family’s expecting you. But you have an obligation to get your rest
before you drive this massive vehicle. And then there are the people who think, because I’m a female, I have it easy, which is not true. When I was in a sleeper cab for a different company, I was outside the produce market and
the manager of the receiver was saying, “You must get so lonely in that truck,
how about you come out to dinner with me,” “and you can use my house to shower if you want.” I declined, and I had to keep going back there. Because I declined, he wouldn’t unload my trailer. He’d make me sit there and wait,
and make me the last truck. We’re heading to the warehouse. We’re going to drop it in a door so that
the warehouse workers can unload it. They’re going to clean up the trailer, it’s gonna go back in the line to be
filled again for another dispatch. There’s really no one to call at 3 in the morning. All you have is a radio. That’s one bad thing about working nights, but everyone knows that driving
the truck is easier at night. It’s open roads. I don’t know about the future. Drones are never going to be
delivering the palates of food. That’s not happening. It’s not gonna apply in my lifetime. I know our lifestyle, and we’re not going
to be able to advance if I lose this, so… My license is my resume. I treat it seriously, I take the job seriously. It’s a good feeling, having a career. No one’s gonna stop me from
giving my son the life he deserves. I’ll find a way.

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