Meet the Fleet – Contractor Body – Episode 1

Meet the Fleet – Contractor Body – Episode 1

hi Bill McLean are here with Way Scarff Ford with another edition of meet the fleet today my guest is James Morton
from PMI truck bodies he’s going to show us all about the new contractor body
hi I’m James with PMI truck bodies as bill said here and I’m just so happy to
be here and sharing this great weather and being able to show off these trucks
to you or show you what we can do PMI truck bodies is the premier updater
here in the Pacific Northwest we do all kinds of bodies obviously the
contractor body which we’ll see here in a minute
but we work with general contractors concrete guys electrical mechanical all
municipalities and government agencies and our our job is to make your job of
building things easy so today we’re going to talk about Ford f-550 this is
cab configuration is a crew cab 2-wheel drive you can hit this body on any cab
configuration that you want regular cab super cab or
crew cab like this the big advantages to Ford is the 6.7
liter Powerstroke diesel engine this is the second generation diesel engine it
is faster quieter more powerful than ever before and it is absolutely a
wonderful wonderful moment people that have it raving about
so James would you like to tell us about the body I sure would the name of this
body is a contractor body but it’s really for any type of a construction
type of a company we sound to concrete guys as well as your general builders
anyone who wants to haul anything with lumber with rebar pipe all those kind of
things our ladder racks are second to none you can see it’s a 2 by 3 tube
steel heavy-duty ladder rack designed for over 1,800 pounds of weight that
this rack can come we can actually add a center leg and even get the capacity in
that rack even higher our boxes the Celtic toolboxes are a very top of the
line box these boxes have a t-handle system they have a rivet list system so
there’s no water intrusion that gets into your box the t-handle open top box
on these boxes you have a lot of storage capacity on the top so a better
utilization of space and as a gasketed seal almost an airtight seal to the to
the box it does latch down very nice separate handle on the outside of the
box you don’t have to open a box to get to the inside to release a handle your
all our box is here the doors are very
heavy-duty you can almost stand on these boxes a
lot of guys do even though we don’t recommend it they do it you know and we
know that they do it but they walk walk on these boxes they have a double seal
system so it really cinches down or walk locks really tight it’s also a
three-point latching system very difficult to break into the box guys
that have had these boxes you try to put a crowbar in here to steal your tool you
can’t do it guys are still in putting their um their saws in here all of their
work equipment again it’s support almost any type of a general contractor type
field underbody boxes a full 60 inches long the Box on the deck is 96 inches
long we have a aluminum full down sides on the rear with a stainless steel
upright the plastic caps on it our bezels even on our fuel filler necks
yeah we test all of that to make sure the fuel and everything will flow
properly on it on the truck the full downsides
very nice feature gate hardware on the backyard nice pull down sides has the rubber
bumpers to protect your truck again very very easy to you would be able to climb up inside
your box always really a benefit to climb up these uh ladder racks have a
removable rear bars and Center bars there’s storage pockets in the front
from a maintenance standpoint when you take it to the dealership there’s some
maintenance I might have to get done without to remove the ladder rack in
order to get underneath the cab so again it’s all a bolt on system again very
heavy-duty forklift loadable so you can load your heavy-duty loads
with the fourth truck the boxes here on the outside and a lot of our competitors
you can’t do this but if you stand up here and can jump on these boxes and and
this box is designed to walk on and jump on and that way you get a pair of tire
loads down put some ratchet straps on it or that kind of thing but the decking is
another big feature if you could take a look at this heavy-duty aluminum deck
that will be for the life of the truck this body is is a body that you can use
for multiple trucks in other ones when you’re ready to you put your 300
thousand miles on this book on this bad boy you can then move this body on your
next chassis and get a second life out of it that’s so good our bodies are and
also like to point out the our trucks typically on F 450 and 550 size trucks
we come standard off with a class 5 hitch that’s designed for 18,000 pounds
of towing capacity and 1800 pounds of in two and a half inch receiver and then
you can always leave it down to a 2 inch receiver if necessary James if I wanted
to put a welder on this truck can I put it anywhere I want or as there specific
areas that it would need to go typically you guys are doing a lot of
welding work they’ll set the welders here on the back we’ll install that for
them they can bolt it down to the deck you see them also up against the cab
guard so we can move out in the cargo area of the truck and depending on the
size of the welder you can also do a basket underneath that we ran here and
you can probably put it on there as well or I’m going on a slide-out tray it’s a
small small welder and how about a concrete guy whatever you put a stakes
you know that’s a great question because concrete guys are probably one of our
prime users of this body we do a slide in a basket on the rear and we put 36
inch stakes on one side 24 inch stakes on the other side so that’s a you know
the two main sizes that they do for concrete guys we also add some sonotubes
up here on the on the ladder rack so they can slide in like big long levels
and those kind of things so again will can up fit it any way they
want to and we’ve even put them special hook systems for additional ladders are
for their floats for concrete floats and we build special racks and payers for
those kind of pieces of equipment okay problem it’s been a pleasure to
talk to you today I’m James again with PMI truck bodies
again we’re here to service any need that you possibly have to meet your
commercial needs and I am just so pleased that bill invited me here today
and Bill Buckley you know back to you buddy thanks James
Phil McLean over here waist car Ford with another edition of meet the fleet

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