Meet the EHF Fellows: Kaye Maree Dunn

Meet the EHF Fellows: Kaye Maree Dunn

(audience claps and cheers) – I spent 15 years working in Government and supporting a range of organizations. This is my very first
time I’ve given myself permission to work on my own venture which is my own business,
“Making Everything Achievable” which is an intentional
social design company. So, in essence, we work
in partnership with anyone who needs support
to help make their vision a reality and one of the
key questions that I’ve had since I started on this
journey with EHF is, How do we maximize all of this
amazing talent in the room, to amplify your impact here in Aotearoa to positively impact our people? And in particular, our Māori, who, I know, they don’t have access to
this type of opportunity and also help the EHF Fellows lend with our people here in Aotearoa as well. So what’s the problem? The problem is that we’re
disconnected to ourselves, people, community and the planet. And as I said before with
all this global talent, how can we use it to
benefit our Māori and also New Zealand citizens and
the rest of the world? A question that I’m posing
to myself constantly is, despite the technical skill that I may be privileged enough to share with others, is my work helping to develop
kinder, more loving, humans? And also, How will we measure an
incentivize positive progress? So, my core kaupapa is I’m a connector and as an organization our purpose is to help connect the dots. We specialize in Indigenous
Facilitation Practice. I’m really grateful to
Piggy because talked to me about how we as a people
have a great skill in holding space. Holding space, cultivating space. But how do we utilize that
opportunity to build relationship with self or with others so
we’re going to develop tools, training and wrap around support to market this methodology locally and nationally and that will take place in the first year of my journey here in EHF. Also in partnership, and considering we had
a great conversation about the blog chain, I’m putting my hand up to
help develop conversations and movements on the development of an indigenous cryptocurrency. The aim here is for a multiplier effect. So we’re looking at a
value that isn’t just about the value exchange between me and you, but the metrics might be,
“Are you kinder as a result?” “Are you kinder as a result?” “Are we planting more trees as a result?” “Is bird life starting to come back?” “Is life on the planet
starting to increase?” So how do we create a balance sheet that will incorporate that? And how can we also increase capital flows amongst indigenous people
and also each other? And one of the other
solutions is Kainga Ora, An Urban eco intelligent
communal housing project in Wellington where individuals
can live, learn, play and be. And then finally in my
third year here the aim is to develop an Indigenous
Platform called MEA Capital to enable investors to
increase their contribution and impact on the world
through supporting Indigenous and worthwhile projects that
are making a real difference on people and the planet. So I spoke earlier about
realtime value will be logged on the blog chain so that
investors can get multiple levels of return through various
metric points that are both tangible and intangible. For example, Will our investment help to increase trees or increase life as well as
the life force of the planet? So how we start to measure those things? So I ask as I’m seeking
an interest free loan of a million dollars. (audience laughs) That we can leverage with
Central Government Funding to help build our housing
project and it will be a place that the EHF Fellows can live and use. We also want support with the development of our Indigicoin Whitepaper. We’d like to connect to
those who wish to combine our collective super
powers to help make this work a reality. And finally I’m seeking
investors who are very interested in supporting Indigenous and
kaupapa Māori enterprises. Kia Ora. (audience claps and cheers) (soft music)

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