Meet… The Consort Counsellors!

Meet… The Consort Counsellors!

This is Maria… and this is Hester!
And we are… THE CONSORT COUNSELLORS! Hester teaches the recorder in Amsterdam and also
at the Junior Department of the Amsterdam Conservatoire… …and Maria is one of the recorder professors
in the Royal College of Music in London. We have worked together for 17 years and counting! We are 2/5 of Seldom Sene Recorder Quintet. We are 2/3 of the artistic direction
of The Royal Wind Music. We even teach together at the Amsterdam Conservatoire in the Royal Wind Music Academy! We are addicted to CONSORT PLAYING! And on this channel we would like to share our
experience, tips, exercises, information, techniques… All about ensemble playing,
every week on your screen!

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  1. ‘One of the recorder professors at the RCM in London’!!! I know there was ONE when I was there in the seventies, because she was tasked with teaching all the graduate course students for a few weeks during their second year so we were all ready to become school teachers if we wanted to. How things have changed! I had already learned recorder as a child at school but I was really angry that serious music students were being given instruction on a toy instrument for school kids. All respect to our teacher, though, because after a few weeks I was hooked and before long had bought an Aulos set (but I couldn't afford the bass). I did teach in school but my recorder group were taking ABRSM exams (and so was I, to keep ahead of them)! Now in my 60s, I am still teaching at school and learning so much about this wonderful instrument. Thank you both, ladies!

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