Meet the 2018 Obama Foundation Fellows

Meet the 2018 Obama Foundation Fellows

Hi everybody, this is Nav Kang from Cincinnati,
Ohio. My name is Celina De Sola and I’m from El
Salvador. I’m Sandor Lederer and I’m from Hungary. My name is Clarissa Delgado, I’m from Manila
Philippines. My name is Harry Grammer and I live in Los
Angeles. My name is Preethi Herman and I’m from India. My name is Nedgine Paul Deroly and I am proud
daughter of Haiti. I’m Melissa Malzhuhn and I live in Washington,
D.C. I’m Koketso Moeti from South Africa. My name is Sasha Fisher and I live between
East Africa and New York City. My name is Veronica Palmer and I’m the Co-Founder
and CEO of Rise Colorado. I am Dominique Jordan Turner, I have the privilege
of being the President and CEO of Chicago Scholars. I am Alex, I’m from the Cares Family, which
is a group of community networks of young professionals and older people hanging out
and helping one another in rapidly changing cities. My name is Zarlasht Halaimzai, I am the Director
and Co-Founder of Refugee Trauma Initiative. My name is Moussa Kondo and I’m the Director
of Accountability Lab Mali. My name is Ashley Hanson. I am a community engagement and theater artist
organizing and advocate for art in rural places. I’m Keith Wattley, the Founder and Executive
Director of UnCommon Law which is a nonprofit organization in Oakland, California. I’m Tiana Epps-Johnson and I’m the Founder
and Executive Director of the Center for Technology and Civic Life. My name is Kalani Leifer and I am the Founder
and incredibly fortunate Executive Director of COOP. I’m Erin Barnes and I’m one of the Co-Founders
and Executive Director of ioby. I am an Obama Fellow. I’m an Obama Fellow. I am an Obama Fellow. I am an Obama Fellow.

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