Meet the 2016 Cultural Vistas Fellows

Meet the 2016 Cultural Vistas Fellows

But we also want to hear about the good experiences
you’re having because that really is what we’re all about: trying to be sure that you’re having that life-changing experience overseas. I’m going to India! I’m going to Buenos Aires!
Argentina. Buenos Aires! Argentina. I’m also going to Buenos Aires! [German] I’m so excited!
Come on! I’m going to Berlin! Buenos! Buenos Aires! I’m going to Berlin, Germany. I’m super terrified. The Cultural Vistas Fellowship is an initiative that was designed by Cultural Vistas to offer opportunities to underrepresented communities in international exchange such
as first-generation college students the opportunity to go abroad for the very first
time. These are students who often otherwise might not have the opportunity to participate
in a formal work abroad experience. In 2016 this program will be sending 12 different
Americans abroad for a summer to intern in three different countries: India, Germany,
and Argentina. We are particularly proud of this program here at Cultural Vistas because
it is funded entirely through our own funds as an organization and we have the opportunity
to see these students change over the summer to see them gain this international experience
and ultimately that’s what our work here is about. I’m really just excited to learn about
the different culture over there. I’ve wanted to go to India since I was a little kid. I want to learn a lot of things but first I want to learn how to tango. Me and my group
already have plans to do a group class. Also I want to learn about Afro-Argentinian culture. One thing that I’m looking forward to learning is also tango dancing and the social interactions
between the people in Argentina. One of the things I really wanted to learn about was
small businesses because I really want to start my own business at some
point. I want to see where it’s easiest to do that and then also how that works if you’re
a foreigner. how easy it is to come into a different country. Even just to work full-time there. I think I want to try to work full-time there maybe after I graduate. I’ll be working the
environmental public health field and so I’m excited to see how poverty affects people
in India and how their income levels change their public health. The relationship between
Argentines and their food and how they treat the land because there’s a big issue of GMOs
there. There one of the top countries that use that. I’m really excited to learn about
how people interact in Germany. Because I’m a very social person here. If I sit down at
a bus stop, you make three new friends. Can you do that in Germany? The Cultural Vistas Fellowship will be a really fantastic opportunity for these students This type of internship
has an impact on their professional careers long-term and it will definitely give them
a fresh new perspective on what they want to do in their lives after they graduate from college or university. We would love the opportunity to offer this program to as many students as possible. The world is so diverse and there are so many things to learn. We can really
make the world a better place through international exchange. Bye! Probably you should say bye. Bye! Bye New York! Wooo!

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