Meet Shanice, a radiology support worker

Meet Shanice, a radiology support worker

I’m Shanice and I’m a radiology support
worker. A radiology support worker helps within the
role of radiology, between x-ray, CT, ultrasound and all parts of imaging. In x-rays we would call the patient in with
the changing room suitable for the x-rays so that no metal was exposed, ready for the
radiographer to position the patient in the right position, ready for the x-ray. To be a good support worker you’ll need
good communication and a caring nature. Obviously with patients going through difficult times,
you have to be understanding, knowing about their illnesses and knowing the best care
for them. I got the job as a radiology support worker
by first doing A levels at college and then I done an apprenticeship in the hospital to
gain some experience before applying for the job. The opportunities that can occur in a radiology
support worker, you could become system practitioner where you would be involved in x-raying, and
if you wanted to then expand to be a radiographer you’d have to do a gap year at university
to then be a qualified radiographer. What I love about my job is the range of different
areas that we cover within radiology and the different patients we get the pleasure of
dealing with, from a shoulder that’s sore and they need their ligaments scanning, to
overcoming cancer. There’s a great team of support workers
and there’s always someone around to help you if you ever need a hand. There’s a great
team work within the department.

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