Meet Business Analysts at Google

Meet Business Analysts at Google

My name is Rachel Poulsen and I am a
Senior Product Analyst. Hi my name is Wei Yang. I’m a Product Analyst. My name is Dan Blum. I’m a Business Analyst. Business analysts analyze data to find
different insights that will drive a business impact, and we analyze products and we drive decisions around those products, and figure out how how to make
a product better—what users like. We really want to understand our users and your main role is to make sure we have a really strong culture around data and
using data to inform and drive our decisions. We’re all very passionate
about data, we get very excited about looking at a new data source. There are
just a million questions that you have to ask before you launch and after you
launch. What are we trying to make happen? How can we prove that quantitatively? And are we confident in that? Right now I’m in the YouTube data science team. We
guide all of YouTube on things like product direction through experimentation and
analysis. We want to make developers successful, so we look at what developers think success looks like and try to help them achieve that. Being a product
analyst at Google is unpredictable but it’s always exciting. Google has a unique
scale which is very global, which you’re not gonna get anywhere else. So even if
you make a small improvement, when you multiply that by a billion that can
definitely be worth your time. To have a say in the direction that data science
is going is something that really sets apart that experience at Google over
other companies. Google encourages you to be
open with your manager and have your managers support you in looking for
something that is going to be fulfilling for you professionally and personally.
Google is set up as a company to allow people to take risks. In some cases
you’re taking a chance at looking at that data when the business or the rest
of the world thinks it’s geeky or ridiculous. If we never try we’ll never

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