Meera Selva, Director of the Journalist Fellowship Programme, Reuters Institute

Meera Selva, Director of the Journalist Fellowship Programme, Reuters Institute

Hi, I’m Meera Selva, Director of
the Journalism Fellowship Programme, here at the Reuters Institute for the Study
of Journalism. We are accepting applications now for our Journalism
Fellowship Programme. We are looking for experienced journalists, with a minimum
of five years experience, who want to come here to carry out research, take
part in the Fellowship but crucially go back into journalism with what they’ve
learned and with the contacts they make here, to really take their newsrooms and
their careers to another level. We accept journalists from all around the
world from Latin America, Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Europe and across a massive range of ages. We look for people who are enthusiastic and engaged,
to think about the industry and are willing to talk with other people and
make the best of their time here. Have a look at our website, and you will see the
range of topics our fellows have written about in the past,
they have looked at storytelling on mobile phones, they’ve looked at issues
of censorship, and human rights abuses in the Middle East. There is no specific
range of topics we look at, but we do want things that are contemporary and
have a global perspective on the media. We want journalists who are currently
working in newsrooms and who have every intention of going back into newsrooms
once they finish the Fellowship. Journalists, when they come here, form
part of a Fellowship. They are part of a group of like-minded journalists from
all around the world. The Reuters Institute focuses on creating global
conversations and generating comparative research and the Fellowship
is absolutely at the heart of what we do here. While you are here you will be given advice
on your research project you will also be given seminars and talks and
discussion groups and you’ll be encouraged to present your own work and
to work with your other fellows, to create symposiums, panels and papers. It’s a
very active, very engaged fellowship. Look at our website – we will have an
application form open soon which will list all the things you need to submit:
we will need a research proposal as well as a personal statement, samples of
your work, and references from editors or people you’ve worked with in the past.
The Fellowships we are advertising are fully funded which means that we cover
the cost of the fees, and you will also get a monthly stipend, which will cover
accommodation and living costs while in Oxford. It’s a very competitive
application – we get several applications for every place. We select on experience,
on the strength of the research proposal, but also in the sense of what people
will contribute to the Fellowship, because, as I said, we make a group so we
want a group of international scholars. We make sure that no one country or
one region dominates the group at any given time. Oxford is one of the best
universities in the world and while you’re here you will have access to all
the lectures all the seminars and all the amazing libraries that are here, and
you’ll be able to meet with some of the leading professors in the field and also
meet the students who are incredibly cosmopolitan, engaged and who will go on to
do brilliant things

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