MedStar Health Administrative Fellowship

(gentle music) The MedStar Health System Administrative
Fellowship program is ideal for a candidate that is looking for a very broad range of experiences. For somebody who’s looking for access to all levels of leadership. Maybe someone who isn’t
sure if they want to be at the hospital or at an
ambulatory surgery center or at a medical group practice. It’s perfect for somebody who is really looking to taste
every piece of health care that there is to experience. The beauty of the fellowship is that it is self-guided, and that means that the
fellow has a lot of input into the types of things
that they want to learn and be directly involved with. Yet, you’re not on an island, you’re in a structured environment. MedStar Health System fellows are able to go to parent board meetings, hospital-level board meetings, leadership team meetings
at the system level, as well as at the
individual hospital level. They get to see and
experience really anything that they want. Some people sort of perceive that to mean that there’s not a lot of direction and there’s not a lot
of support or guidance. And it’s the total opposite, you know, this program is really just built and packed with supportive
leaders and mentors that are committed to helping
you grow as an individual and as a leader, but also allow
you to have the experience that you want to have. (gentle music) I always had a passion
for hospital operations, so to be able to tie it
back to the patient level, and the frontline associate
level, and the nurses and physicians at the local level, and how that tied back
to corporate strategy was really a unique experience to be able to really put all
the puzzle pieces together in my mind for such a large enterprise. – One of the most important
things to me out of this program were the relationships that I built. I have, you know, a few solid mentors that I’ve gained from this program that will be lifelong mentors for me. The fellowship program
built an environment where those relationships
were easily fostered. When I look back on the person I was when I came into the program,
and look at the person that I am now going one or two years out, I’m a totally different person, and I have this confidence as a leader. As the Administrative Fellow, you have the opportunity
to meet with Ken Samet on a regular basis. And I was meeting with him one day, and we were talking about
the MedStar Health footprint, and he had in his
conference room at the time, he had a map of the area. There were points on the
map of all of our locations, and then there were points on the map with other hospitals and other
health systems’ locations. He said, “Where would you
put one of our locations?” And I had a very narrow view of the world. I pointed somewhere on the map, and he said, “Think again about it.” He really coached me through
how you make decisions, and he was really interested
in my perspective, and that was phenomenal. You kinda pinch yourself sometimes, and as you’re sitting around the boardroom with corporate executives
and board members and a variety of other folks, it truly is a unique experience that you’re just a sponge for that year. I’m always proud to see how each of the fellows flourishes over the course of the year. See how they come into the organization, be constantly partnered with them across the course of the year, and then seeing the type of leader, and the type of health care understanding that they have at the end of
the year is very powerful. (bouncy music)

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