MCW Cardiovascular Center Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cardiovascular Sciences

MCW Cardiovascular Center Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cardiovascular Sciences

The Medical College of Wisconsin
Cardiovascular Center Postdoctoral Fellowship in cardiovascular sciences is
drawing top talent and helping to prepare the next generation of
innovative cardiovascular researchers in science. The T32 training program in cardiovascular sciences here at the Cardiovascular Center at the Medical College
of Wisconsin is intended to provide trainees a spectacular opportunity for
research training and career development. This program is funded from five-year
grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institutes and it is supplemented
by an outstanding philanthropic gift from the A.O. Smith Foundation. That really
provides a start and need to attract the best and brightest students in which
support is really not the issue. Just their talents and the opportunity for
career success and advancement. It’s one of the advantages of the approach that
we’ve taken with the training program is that we are able to embed the trainees
into one of four signature programs, really focused areas where they can
concentrate their research efforts. These programs include Atherosclerosis,
Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, Cardiac Biology and Heart Failure, Hypertension,
and Precision Cardiovascular Medicine. So the trainee gets the benefit of multiple
faculty, in addition to their mentor who are involved in these highly
collaborative programs. -Well one of the great things about this fellowship is
that it really emphasizes a co-mentorship or a group of mentor, rather than
just a primary mentor, so I get to interact with other professors who have
had different experiences from what my primary mentor has had and that’s
really helpful to guide me on my career and it’s great to be able to interact
with the other trainees on the fellowship who I may not have met
otherwise. -But one of the most interesting components is that is we
offer a three-year program whereas most between programs are two years, which
really gives the trainee time to get more involved, be more productive, and
really identify where they want to go with their training. There is a lot of,
kind of, progress planning that they have in terms of setting different goals for
different years along the fellowship. You know, so we are very, very strongly
encouraged to apply for transitional funding by our second year here, and
beyond that having that bonus third year really helps in terms of fully
developing a project and having the time to go through the application process. -We also provide a stipend support, tuition and a training allowance which really
facilitates that training process and kind of speaks to that. We offer this for
people with MD, PhD, DO or PharmD degrees, can take advantage of this program.
-It’s so important as a scientist to have funding, that’s really the most important thing,
and so having the scholarship has not only provided me with the base funding
for my post-doc salary but there’s actually a little extra perk above the NIH guidelines.
-So the IDP or Individual Development Plan, is really an
opportunity for us to really provide a roadmap for career training. Look, you
are no longer a graduate student, and you’re now in a position to
really chart and craft your own destiny. And what we’re really trying to do is to
enable you to be with your mentors and to be in a very rich and encouraging
environment that will just allow you to flourish. We believe here at the
Cardiovascular Center, we give you all the tools so the only limitations is how
diligent and how committed you are to hard work and obviously there’s a lot of
fun that you can also have right here in Milwaukee. -There’s a lot of festivals that
go on in the summer, I just went to a beer garden for the first time last week. Cost of living here is really low. -The lakefront in the summer there’s no place
better to be. We get a lot of Broadway shows coming to Milwaukee.
-The bike routes hidden around Milwaukee are absolutely

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