McConnell: Trump derangement has morphed into impeachment fever

McConnell: Trump derangement has morphed into impeachment fever

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  1. Mr.McConnell. please put America first. The whole world is watching and don't let anyone influence what you know is fairness..Sometimes we have to take a step back and admit when everything seems unsatisfactory out of control one should be above the law.

  2. LOL – "Trump Derangement" makes it sound like Trump is deranged.
    Dummy CONservatives can't even come up with a proper satirical disease name.
    It's just like that dumb propaganda web site – "snowflakevictory" – that teaches the cult members what to regurgitate to their liberal enemies. If it's called "snowflakevictory" that makes it sound like the Trump people are the snowflakes – ie. "Victory for Snowflakes!"

  3. Well said ! Adam said it would take too long to get a motion to compel the whitehouse to produce um that's a MAJOR part of alleging contempt. In fact it isnt contempt until such an order is given by the court (Intelligence committee cant compel on it's own) INCOMPLETE PROCESS 100% DISCOVERY CLOSED THEY HAVE THEIR WITNESSES!! NO JUDGE WOULD HAVE COMPELLED THOSE SUBPOENAS THATS WHY DID SKIPPED THAT PART!!

  4. Moscow mitch doesn't have the moral character to say what needs to be said, instead he does nothing more than speak a mouth full of fluff so cheetos friends swallow it like they have been for 3 miserable years. Nothing but failure has followed chump his entire life, what made you fools believe it would change??

  5. You could claim derangement if there wasn’t such a mountain of evidence of crimes, and a multitude of Trumpers already imprisoned. Oh well. RIP America.

  6. Suggestion to Senate: Instill a law, that impeachment articles on Presidents must be submitted in less than 24 hours after House Hearing, and if they are not, the Impeachment is void and null.

  7. Ya know I'm not sure which is worse, the 2 year Mueller fantasy/coup or the "instant impeachment" recipe the House Dems have thrown together on absolutely no evidence. My God we need to vote them out of the House as fast as we can. They are out of control.

  8. More of our young people will die or be maimed just so Trump can divert attention from his impeachment and attempt to get reelected. Any fool can see what's happening. This is just as bad as when we invaded Iraq to stop the use of weapons of mass destruction that never existed.

  9. We sent a demon back to hell a murdering SCUM that his ONLY goal was to do HARM to ANYONE that does not agree IRAN

  10. Btw. We aren't just Trump supporters. The election is over! We stand by the President of the United States. Just as we stood by that sorry excuse of a President obama . Because as Americans, that's what we do!! For our country not our party. Democrats have become antiAmerican.

  11. mitch, donald "the john" trump is an unAmerican traitor. the sooner you understand that the majority of Americans KNOW this, the sooner you can run for your political life.

  12. Great distraction from Impeachmen for Republicans, that is unless your military going into battle with Iran, just to keep Trump in office in the next election. Let's go kick some ARSE……ye just like in Vietnam when we left running to helicopters from a military who fought with just sidearms and bunji sticks, when will we as a country ever learn life is not a movie. We are not always the good guys we think we are, and the snow ball we throw may run down the hill getting bigger until it's out of control. The world is scratching it's head at the crazy country with the crazy leader, and wondering what next. We can't expect allies to help us when we constantly talk them down, and undermind them like Trump does, we are isolating ourselves to the reset of the world…..the greatest country in the world…..not any more.

  13. NEDAs revenge! Hey Iranian leadership! Neda says take that bitches! RIP NEDA,6/20/2009! Just another reason to hate Obama!

  14. Trumps got balls and brains what a guy only reason your trying to get him out is because your a bunch of do Gooding Obama blowing botched. Trump all the way people don't be scared little girls you have the most advanced military in the World stop being non heads

  15. Senator McConnell the Democrats have shown the AMERICAN PEOPLE they on SELF-SERVING. WE NEED BETTER LEADERS 2020 AMERICANS GO RED FOR AMERICA!

  16. You ought to listen to this guy. He’s like 9 hundred years old so he knows everything. Also, we should pay him to keep knowing everything until the moment he passes on. That seems like a good idea.

  17. This man will do and say anything to stay in office. The Founding Fathers risked everything to create a republic, and we are willing to let it all just disappear while a few people rule this country and make a mockery of their work. What has Trump promised those leaders that are drinking the koolaid? I hope something for selling their souls.

  18. Moscow Mitch and Lady Lindsey have forever sullied their reputations and honor, abandoning all morality, ethics, and the American basic right of a free and fair public trial, where the accused and prosecution are unrestricted to have access to all witnesses and evidence and challenge each in defense or prosecution. Then the accused to be judged by an impartial jury aware of all those facts. Instead Moscow Mitch, Lady Lindsey, and Republicans have become Trump prejudicial sycophants, attempting to hide or restrict witnesses, evidence, and public scrutiny absent of all honorable values of a public free and fair trial and decision. Why because Trump is guilty as charged?

  19. People need to stop calling this partisan. There are MANY ppl on both sides that are genuinely very concerned with what the president has and continues to do that are unpresidential and disturbing. The polls prove this time and time again.

  20. Hey McDonald… you had a farm now you have a fool…shame on you for pretending to work for the USA people.. your in it for yourself… your a failure and liar…shame on you!

  21. Iran leadership! Neda says remember her! We do! RIP NEDA,6/20/2009! Iranian people expected America's help! Obama sent the Iranian leaders that killed Neda billions of dollars instead! Another reason to hate Obama!

  22. Instead of helping the Iranian people overthrow the tyrants insalving them! Obama sends the tyrants billions of dollars to help them keep the people in chains!

  23. general Soleimani and staff engineered the attack on usa embassy in baghdad !!!! president cremated them at the air port !!!!!! fantastic !~!!!!!! all Iranian generals !!! muhallas!!! oil refineries are next !!!!!! promises made promises kept !!!!!!

  24. Only one Republican vote for Congressional Articles of Impeachment does not indict the Democratic Party. It is a tragic indictment of President Donald Trump and his Republican Party.

  25. Why can’t liberals just understand that it’s about doing the white thing not the right thing. Grow up libs. Or they can go back to their country.

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  27. If the Government does this to the President… YOU THINK ANYONE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY GETS A FAIR SHAKE AT JUSTICE.

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  29. Yeah, we need Congress to pass another amendment. The Express Impeachment Amendment is needed to remove a maniac like the idiot Trump from assassinating other World leaders. This could lead to another war. Shenanigans like this caused World War 1.

  30. He's not wrong! There is a direct and distinct connection between the clinically defined symptoms of mild to moderate acute and now sometimes chronic mass hysteria AND the delusion that corrupt politicians, who don't want to get busted, can save themselves by engaging in further acts of corruption such as making endless false accusations against the people who are fighting that corruption, something that has become well known.
    This is all somehow obsfurcating the real reason behind what the Senator is referring to, because there has been no discussion of the real reason for all this nonsense at all! Some Americans, on the Political Left, have proven that they are not responsible adults, because responsible adults do not have any political belief that a gender, such as female, is the one and only qualification to be the leader of a nation, and then become completely irrational when they fail at imposing such a fake political belief on everyone, becoming even more irrational in their childish recalcitrance towards accepting the reality that the world has not degenerated and declined into the fulfillment of their immature delusions.

  31. And the Red Flag raises in Iran because of lack of diplomacy. Chaotic fools! World leaders think 45 started WW3. Is that winning?

  32. One can't really blame a quick start on impeachment given that Trump went directly to confessing his guilt. As to why only one party has seen that for what it is, while the other just lies about it and trashes the most basic ideas upon which the constitution is written, that can only be sheer stupidity or certified idiocy.

  33. Since when is the judicial standard that the defendant has to prove they’re innocence rather than the prosecution prove they’re guilt?

  34. How Kentucky rates versus other states.
    #44 Health Care

    #38 Education

    #39 Economy

    #26 Infrastructure

    #45 Fiscal Stability

  35. t won't be long before he accuses the 'Do Nothing Democrats' of sabotaging his statesmanship on Iran by pursuing Impeachment.

    But this reckless terrorism by Trump s a further justification for Impeachment. The man is unfit for Office, and unfit to breathe the world's oxygen.

  36. Trump and derangement ! I have to say there is two words that belong together.
    the act of deranging.


    disarrangement; disorder.
    Yup, works for me

  37. Old geezer Moscow Mitch, foul mouthed Lindsay Graham and wretched Trump needs to stop their 3-way screwing! So far, it's FUBAR those claptraps have done!

  38. DEM's "Say" that they Hate Trump and that he is a National Security Risk / a Disgrace to the Office / Country ..

    But in "Reality" .. it is All a "Smoke Screen" / Diversion / Lie because President Trump is Exposing the USA & World to All the Corrupt / Sell Out USA Actions that have taken place under the Dem / Obama Admin

    The More President Trump / Barr / Durham and his Team "Smoke Out" / UnCover the Dem's Coup Attempt and Illegal Actions i.e. $$ to Son Kerry / Son Biden / Daughter Clinton / Son Pelosi . the Louder their Screams will be .. as they are Cast to HEL_ !

  39. I think of Graham trying to remove Pelosi as equal with her trying to remove him, simply a fruitless gesture to gain attention. I can't say how the election will turn out, but this is us at our worst.

  40. All you Cowardly GOP Assholes might want to think twice before congregating in one place at the same time. Iran may not be kidding around this time. And let's not make believe the nutcases out there won't act-out in relation to Iran's threats. This is not good.

  41. ——————-







    1000 ACTS OF
    20,000 years in PRISON



  42. McConnell is having a hard time making us believe Trump cared about american lives when he’s about to throw many away…

  43. Moscow Mitch has got to go.
    Republicans have got to stop blindly goose-stepping with Trump in his support. They are acting like a political party in 1931 Berlin their support is so blind.

  44. On the night of President Obama's 2009 inauguration, the most powerful Republicans in Washington gathered to plot a strategy to ensure that the president and the Democratic Party accomplish nothing, that Obama be a one term president.
    Now, how do you accomplish that? You do it by purposely, intentionally, sabotaging the citizens of the United States of America, to make sure Obama has no legislative victories that help the people of the U.S. And if you purposely and intentionally sabotage the people of the U.S., you are guilty of treason and deserve to be executed.
    In 90 years, the filibuster was used 272 times, yet during Obama's 8-year tenure, Mitch McConnell used it 432 times to block Obama from nominating judges and all of his legislation.
    In 2016 Mitch McConnell threatened Obama, warning him that McConnell would see it as partisan politics if the President were to protect the United States against an attack from a hostile foreign power. McConnell refused to join the President in a show of solidarity against the Russian attack. This is on McConnell. The Russian attack on our election and the current, ongoing destruction of our democracy are Mitch McConnell’s legacy. This traitorous pig does not deserve to retire and live happily ever after.

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