McConnell says GOP lacks votes to block impeachment witnesses: report

McConnell says GOP lacks votes to block impeachment witnesses: report

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  1. This isn't just the dems doing this, it is a coordinated , multifaceted attack by the entrenched globalists that infest our government and media, seeking to dispose of a president they do not control. Their posture presumes guilt rather then innocence. In this country, guilt must be proven, not innocence.

    The facade of legitimacy of their three year effort to bring down Trump was never more than paper thin and now appears to be nothing more than an attempt at a coup d'etat.

  2. 🎵Can I get a Witness Yeah Can I get a Witness 🎷🎸 The only way we are going to get through this is with a sense of humor!!

  3. What is she talking about that we are tuning out? We are watching and we want all the evidence to draw our own conclusions!

  4. I NEVER thought I would view John Bolton as an American traitor but it sure looks like he sold his soul for a multi million dollar book deal. Make sure you release that book ahead of the re-election and make sure the manuscript gets leaked by having it reviewed by the national security committee..what a joke. Shame on you sir, you have lost my were better than this. You were entrusted by our President and you stabbed him in the back for personal gain. Having said that we need to take a page from the Democrats rule books and dress some of OUR conservative politicians as Democrats and have them infiltrate THEIR party and get them elected to Democrat congressional/senate seats to reap havoc. People like Mitt Romney, Lisa Murcowski and others aren't Republicans they are Democrat sleeper agents. Wake up idiots and stop electing and re-electing these people to office! This impeachment doesn't even meet the requirements to be called an impeachment..the elements of the crime have not been established because you know, they never indicted him ON any actual high crimes and /or felonies and that's the basis for impeaching a president. You don't have to be a legal scholar to know this. The judge, US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts should have just thrown this garbage out on it's face. I hope this never happens in regular old criminal trials. We'll all be going to prison because someone doesn't like the way we vote mow our lawn or for simply stating our opinion at a PTA meeting.

  5. Blatant douchebaggery afoot – "if the evidence is so compelling, why do we (and the American public) need to see it??" When did the GOP raid kindergarten for its rank and file? What a bunch of whiny children…

  6. It’s amazes the rest of the world how Trumpers believe that Trump never lies. Would you people change your mind if so much of the news you all call fake was proven to be true? Or would you do like the confederates did and fly your own flag as traitors and come up some more propaganda Trump Is a man with no morals and dignity. Which we all know is true. Kind of like the people who support him. No morals or values. Just hate.

  7. It's about time people wake the h*ll up and go against this ruthless regime, Because they were getting ready too turn our Judicial system upside down and all a round, So it wouldn't ever be the same! 🙏🏼

  8. No matter how this adds up, Trump will remain POTUS and Democrats will throw Bidens under the bus to try and prove something hence this will be bad for Democrats and out the true corruption by the Bidens.

  9. Call ALL witnesses .. Call Hunter Biden. Since WHEN is there a tic for tat ? The goal should be to find the TRUTH.

  10. The irrational and bold declarations about " compelling and irrefutable evidence of a crime" and so on, that Schiff and Nadler are prone to make, and parroted by other dems, are aimed at the sound bite public who don't, and never will, do any more than scratch the surface. They figurre that if people don't care much for Trump anyway, they will get on board to run him off. This is as much of a public manipulation game as it is formal proceeding.


  12. Republicans can call relevant witnesses who have first hand knowledge about Trump crimes! Mulvaney, Bolton, pompeo, Duffy have first hand knowledge they would be the witnesses to call! Biden was not on the call, nor was he in the loop! This is all about Donald Trump asking a foreign government to interfere with our 2020 election to help Donald Trump get reelected!Oh, don't forget Trump illegally withheld congressional aid to Ukraine whom are fighting for their lives against Russian aggression! And Trump is guilty!

  13. Mitch won’t have a public vote because he isn’t a real leader. He will protect Republicans who vote for witnesses.

  14. The left has lost and they know it. Nothing to lose by having witnesses and dragging this out. AND THEY WILL. As long as they can.

    Calling for witnesses is a game made for Trump, to win.

  16. Anchor lady, (sorry I didn't catch your name) is there a reason you had to ask the Congressman the same question twice about Bolton? He finished answering you then the next thing I hear, is the same question he just answered? Just curious if you were trying to make a point.

  17. Lol the leftards out of their dark holes thinking this is some victory. Trump have committed no crimes that are impeachable, the articles are unconstitutional. Unlike the one sided hearing in the house, now shiffhead and his cohorts can be called to the stands and questioned on the information on the whistleblower and the bidens ties to Ukraine.

  18. Trump betrayed America over and over again and America is about to find out about it. Trump is nothing but a cheater, a liar, and a traitor. Anybody supporting him at this point is anti-America.

  19. God bless President Trump and forgive your enemies your representives are so good and care about people and the Country safety and security,they did the good work

  20. these rhino better shape up thet need to stand united and do what they were sent to washington to do we have rge best president ever and our country is in so much better place sincetrump came into offce utah should rein romney in

  21. Take a dump on the constitution. Having a foreign power interfere with our elections is more then enough for a serious country to remove a president

  22. poor mitch has never trumper rinos like mutt romney and vodka collins who would sell out the republic to make themselves look better to the demonikkkrats who despise them as much as they do donald trump and america.

  23. Enough is Enough Close the hearings and get to the business of America the People are Sick of this Witch Hunt first time the Democrats got caught lying and brought forth FRAUD should have shut this whole Circus Down.

  24. Fact: If this was a Dem President impeached with this evidence it would be the end of the world, no doubt, get a firing squad, open and shut case! However, this time it's just too politically inconvenient for them. Remember these guys launched a multi-million dollar investigation into a blowjob and then impeached over lying. Now those standards are just gone! No longer applicable. You can now invite interference into our elections on national TV!!! Anything goes!


  26. I’m independent and I would like to see all witnesses and it’s not right for the dems to allow some witnesses but not others and vise versa

  27. Who cares we saw them in the lower house and Americans will have the opportunity to see Bolton mess himself at the upper house.

  28. The GOP realizes they lack the votes to deny witnesses, so they're going to try for an emergency dismissal instead. Watch.

  29. he says the people have read the transcript, what they showed was some writing on paper with most of it blacked out, why do theses idiots lie every time they open their mouths. sick bunch

  30. I dont see why they need the witnesses. Bring them on yes. But this alleged President said months ago OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH that he did it & Mulvaney said it again WITH an attitude! Liars.

  31. It's coming out just as I predicted. The Republicans can not be trusted! I said that the Republicans will betray Trump. They will try to save face saying they did everything they could to clear trump, but the truth is, they want Trump remove also and once Trump is remove, the Democrats and Republicans will go for an all out gun grab creating civil unrest and then the United Nations would be called in.

  32. Bolton is a Liar,a dishonest man whose only agenda is to sell his book and have heaps of money for himself alone and some for his family,just follow the money trail and watch his face hihi

  33. I see the point being made, but I think this really just needs to be dismissed as soon as possible. There’s nothing to this and it’s not healthy for the country to let the Dems take us any further down this road paved with desperate partisan nonsense. What’s “Creepy Uncle Joe China” going to say if he takes the stand? He’s just going to say “I have no recollection of that” then he’s going to tell us all a story about cheese balls on a ferris wheel in the Spring time.

  34. I can see college has failed many of you! but if you ever get to pay off those student loans you'll have a great credit score! Hope you all make it out of your parents basement! Trump 2020! ….Snowflakes!

  35. Noooo!
    Please dont throw me in that nasty ol' briarpatch!!!
    These people are stupid

  36. What difference does it make if they call witnesses. Trump will stand on presidential privilege and hunter and his father will plead the fifth. No one will answer any questions.

  37. Instead of addressing the problems of America house Democrats making a minimum of $170,000 a year are spending our money manufacturing charges against a duly elected president in an attempt to remove him from office because they don't like the results of the election people have to wake up and start voting the scumbags out of office! Can you imagine how prosperous and blessed our country would be if the petulance stopped

  38. Bolton is clearly disgruntled and wants to CASH IN with a publisher who hates Trump. No truth that is impeachable, unquestionably. Bolton wants WAR, 100% and Trump was having none of it.

  39. Yes, call all the witnesses in case the Managers wants Bolton.
    Schiff also has to bring his whistleblower friend.

  40. 01:08… You need the witnesses for 2 reasons. 1) Not everyone weighs written documents the same as witness testimony. And many on both sides of the isle definitely fall into that category. Nothing wrong with that. However, if it takes witness testimony to give life to those documents for those folks then of course it should be provided. And republican leaders know this. Which is why they are spending more time trying to avoid those witnesses testifying than it would have taken to just have them testify.

    2) It is the only way Trump gets a fair judgement. Don't get me wrong, it is HIGHLY unlikely that republican leaders will actually weigh any of the evidence. They will almost certainly shirk their duty and just vote in favor of Trump regardless of the evidence. However, what happens if they decide to go against him? What if the vote doesn't go in Trump's favor? Now you have Trump with a legit grievance that he didn't get a fair "trial"… even if he spent most of his effort trying to ensure those witnesses don't testify.

  41. Bring it on!!! Call all witnesses. The American people want to know the truth. Bring it on! Let’s leave everything, i mean everything in this senate trial. Clean up who is who that did hurt our country. Dems think it is trump? Where in reality it has been the dems with this dishonesty about the elections

  42. The Dems simply want to lengthen the trial. The House did a Lousy job & now want to cry about fairness, witnesses, etc.; they wonder why the Senate refuses to hear witnesses. The house changed their own rules for impeachment & then didn't even follow them. How fair was that to POTUS & the American People? Schiff & Nadler Scumbags! FREE

  43. Faux entertainment is beyond spin. They doing back flips 👯👯‍♀️👯‍♂️🤸‍♀️🤸🤸‍♂️

  44. 99% of the media (NBC, MSNBC, ABC, etc…) are NOT showing Trump's lawyers. They are only showing the Dems' arguments. Are voters so easily led, like cattle?

  45. Trump Does Play It, Dirty
    And, he did commit crimes.
    But, unlike "Career Politicians," he lacks the political savvy, necessary, to fly under the radar.
    But, these constant investigations are not "because Hillary lost." It's his "Far-Right Christian Supremacist agenda," and "ties to Moderate Fascist" leaders," that, understandably, scares The Left.

  46. What is all this witness swap crap?

    Who are you bargaining with, Republicans? YOU CONTROL THE PROCESS! If you want Schiff, or Joe Biden, or Hunter Biden, or Pee Wee Herman, or The Situation from Jersey Shore or anyone you want to testify… CALL THEM!

    We all know the reason you don’t is because there are ZERO witnesses you can call that help Trump’s case, not even Joe and Hunter Biden.

  47. WHAT? NOBODY CAN EXONERATE TRUMP?……Not Pence? ….Not Perry?….. not Bolton?
    Not Mulvaney?………Not Pompeo? …….All of them would damage Trump's case?

  48. This impeachment lingers because of the 4 republicans that hate Trump. That’s okay karma will come soon Election Day 4 republicans will be voted out.

  49. The whole point of not calling witnesses, was to vote on the actual artiles of impeachment. If you want to investigate that should have been done in the House…
    So it was like a spit in the eye of demo majority in the House.
    Personally, they've went this far, might as well go all the way. I won't be upset either way.

  50. Let call Joe Biden and lest from the whistle blower and when we do we can impeach all the dems in house I would not mind at all tax money go towards that then put them in jail for treason

  51. 2012. Mitt Romney runs for President. Guess who his Foreign Policy Adviser was? None other than the War Hawk, neo conservative Bolton known to be Blunt, Rude, Undiplomatic, and has a reputation of sabotaging people who he does not agree with.

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