McCombs Minute | Nov, 14, 2019 | McCombs School of Business

McCombs Minute | Nov, 14, 2019 | McCombs School of Business

Hi everyone, here is this week’s McCombs
minute. In the news this week, IROM professor Tricia Moravec is featured in
Forbes, Fox Business and several other national outlets commenting on her
research focusing on fake news. Business, Government and society professor Brad
Gold was featured on KXAN in a story about a new partnership between Google
and Ascension Health and Meeta Kothare, director of social innovation initiative
was featured in the Daily Texan in a story about Austin business and
sustainability. In our big ideas faculty research, constantly hanging around
friends, family, and people you already know might be hurting your creativity.
Find out why McCombs researchers say strangers can help you be more creative.
And if you’ve missed the new Q&A with Jay, be sure to watch. Dean Herzl talks
about new online classes at McCombs and several women’s initiatives. Check out
more by clicking below. Speaking of women’s initiatives, let’s hop over to
the McCombs calendar because the women in business leadership conference is
happening tonight. It’s also time to register for our upcoming Business
outlook series. There are plenty more events in the McCombs calendar. Click
below and check it all out. That’s this week’s McCombs minute. Have a great rest
of your week everybody!

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