McCombs Minute | December 12, 2019 | McCombs School of Business

McCombs Minute | December 12, 2019 | McCombs School of Business

Hi everyone, here is this week’s McCombs
Minute! In the news this week, senior finance lecturer Michael Sadler was
featured in WalletHub speaking about stocks and hedge funds. Adrian Ward
was featured on NPR member station in phoenix KJZZ. He was chatting about his
smartphone research and what it’s doing to our brain. And Cesare Fracassi was
featured in Forbes Brazil, giving a 101 about blockchain and
cryptocurrency. In our big ideas faculty research: with lots of movies releasing
this month the studio’s could be using fake tweets to draw you in. And you may
learn something you can apply to management from former NFL coach Daron Roberts. You can check out more McCombs research in the link below. In the
McCombs calendar, our Business Outlook series is happening in cities across the
state, you can click below to register. And you guys this is the last McCombs
Minute of this year! It’s been a great year, and a very fast year, so I thank
each of you for watching each and every week. I wish you and your family happy
holidays I will see you back here next year have a great rest of your week,

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