McCarthy: We don’t have USMCA because of impeachment

McCarthy: We don’t have USMCA because of impeachment

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  1. Remove our President , and many will show up in Washington DC . to remove those certain Democrats ……. TRUMP 2020 . . . . .

  2. The Dems aka the new Nazis and communists combined (which is weird enough) are conspiring to overthrow our government. Where is the outrage, not matter who is in office this is a problem. This is obscene misuse of power and abuse of power and they AREN'T DOING ANY WORK and now they are having "secret" impeachment hearings which is creepy because we the people no matter what your political affiliation are the people and deserve to hear the truth of these hearings and any bias and partisanship and any dishonesty. This is the 4th time they have tried this. This is NOT what our Constitution talks about as the right to face one's accusers and more. If you were in that hotseat, if you were being investigated, if you were being anything, you have the right to face your accusers. Not these guys, they hold secret meetings and more dirt behind the scenes, it's more and more and more of the same shady dealings and where is the outrage about this? Where is the outrage regarding RIGHTS under the Constitution and why aren't people trying to get rid of lying Schiff, Pelosi (who says she is praying? Really, because she said outright oh I'm not going to call for impeachment and not a year later or less calls for it). These liars do NOT DESERVE THE TRUST OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE….Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, more of them than I can type here. They are NOT upholding their oath of office and this has to stop.

  3. 2-24-20 What the Dems in Congress and some “hidden” operatives are trying to do is to take over the government and legislate socialism on the people.

  4. SO McCarthy! What are you GOING TO DO/There are ALL these laws that pop up Willy nilly/WHAT gives the Dems ALL THIS POWER – THE PRESIDENT HAS THE ULTIMATE POWER – OR SO I THOUGHT!!!!!!!!

  5. they can not impeach behind close doors the end that is grounds for high treason which means the Marines can be activated to start arresting the dems involved and they know it

  6. I am having a flush back when the DEMOCRATS mob went to stopJudge Kanava hope i have his name right why dont the Republican storming there offices??i would love to but i am here in Nevada and can't get to Washington

  7. These Republicans are not doing ANYTHING to get these dems to shut up, and stop with their childish, immature BS!!!

  8. They would rather have Impeachment than USMCA which will bring revenue to the country. So dumb, stupid, selfish of the Democrats. I hope the American People wakes up to this in 2020.

  9. Fire all the Democrats – no matter what! as we go to the polls in our state's for any Local – Civic – State and National "Any and All" elections that we should make sure that if a political office is held by a Democrat that they be replaced by a Republican Candidate. Sorry but enough is enough! Its time to send a clear message.
    Use the Tools that we currently have because these jerks ( the Dem's ) are working to take that away one day. They are already working on turning over the 2016 presidency – Shame on us if we let them do it.


  11. I got your answer….
    They want China's Money! Screw Freedom and screw Hong Kong!
    "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!" 🤑🤑🤑

  12. Trump can blame every failure he has had in the last three years on being impeached. He will still die in prison.

  13. The left-wing corporate A-holes talk about social responsibility.. then SELL OUT their own country and do whatever China asks… we allow these people to lead our society, at our OWN PERIL!!

  14. Want to see every Democrat marched in front of a tribunal of The People. WE demand accountability from these traitors!

  15. The republicans are definitely the best choice to run the country because they care about the rule of law. The democrats think like people not from the human race .

  16. Democrats are traitors and liars…..if they continue we should take Congress by force…and execute some traitors

  17. Fox news is making you folks stupid. You have been brainwashed and led the whole way. You think you are fighting for the good guys but you let yourself be fooled. Don't make it a permanent mistake. Do you really think every news Org out there is fake and only Fox is telling you the truth. You really can not be this slow. Don't let them hoodwink you.

  18. People have been doing without the Fourth Amendment for quite a while now department of Homeland security doesn't recognize the Constitution, Obamacare criminalizes the Constitution.
    And Republicans voted for it right alongside Democrats.
    Left, Right same Dirty Bird.

  19. I have a feeling the corrupt democrats are about to be removed from office by the US marines any day now. Just a little something I heard through the grapevine.

  20. How is any of that manipulation of the process legal or permitted? Schifft is allowed to just lie and brush it off a parody? Why is that not perjury? It is supposed to be through the judicial not "intelligence" committee if cases get thrown out for defects why has this farce not been shut down already? I think they are trying to entrap Trump into being so frustrated and exhausted he does something drastic. This is heinous behaviour by the Democrats and an obvious attempt to distract from their mounting corruption.

  21. our sports teams are all about letting any player who wants to take a knee, but not a good idea to stand up for hong kong?

  22. The democrats don't care about the American voters who elected President Trump. They have been sore losers since the 2016 presidential election

  23. You should be thinking about the ultimate cause. A welfare state takes responsibility away from the people. You know take care of what you produce until they can take care of themselves which well make them naturally responsible. Failed states end badly

  24. The only problem with this claim is that the USMCA was signed months before the republicans lost control of the House. So, when it ws signed, the republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the presidency, and never bothered to bring it up for a vote.

    So sorry that the facts disprove the lies of the republican TrumpTards.

  25. Nothing is happening by congress due to 3 stupid leading democrats.
    Eradicate socialist and communist and democrat individuals they are the crazy stupid destroyers.

  26. Pelosi repeatedly said no one is above the law is DS trying to fool the American people ? truly they treated us deplorable people we are useless to them.wake up !!

  27. Anyone whose read what's come out and seen Trumple speak, knows he's a traitor, a criminal, and a constant liar. Fox knows , that's for sure. He'll have idiot turd blossoms like this who'll sing his praise even after he's sitting in state or federal prison for the remainder of his life.

  28. Democrats need to be recalled as TRAITORS. They change the Rules whenever it suits them. This is illegal! I think this whole thing is a circus and is breaking the Law. Time to shut these hearings down. They are FAKE. Waste of TIME and MONEY!


  30. We don't need phony Trump trade deals. All this is is NAFTA 2.0 with a few changes. Trump is against anything that does not have his name on it.

  31. It seems to me like they planned two or three whistleblowers without thinking that Trump would actually release the transcript. Every whistleblower now looks like an idiot.

  32. I believe when Obama was in he ran the deficit up $9 trillion dollars. The Dems were having a big party. Now Trump came along and ended their big party days and now their corruption and greed is no more. Trump stole their money and power.

  33. I hated to repeat myself but i say it again Adam Schiff is a whistleblower 1st and 2nd, we're not dumb like he is hopping ,stop waist tax payers money Schiff and you have been running around D.C. tell people's your lie over and over again for too long it's shameful for people's put you in the office!!!

  34. If anyone is for getting rid of our PRESIDENT it’s because you love making the Democrats Obama Clinton’s and the rest of the GOVERNMENT SWAMP RICH

  35. I really admire Maria's calm, respectful manner toward her guests. She doesn't butt in, cut short, interrupt and act like a real devil's advocate.
    Please FOX, get RID of Donna "Aunt Jemima" Brazile, and Al Sharpton's whipping boy and stunt double Juan Williams.

  36. Dems = 🤡🤥😭🤬🖕🤪😴🤮😤👎🤡, POTUS 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤑💪😁👍😎👏❤️🤑😁💯%‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  37. can the white house, the state dept, and other government agencies not testify at trial usually when you dont show up for trial you lose

  38. whats he talking about trumps approval rating overseas is horrible i mean really bad like 20 percent in some countries

  39. So far we are sold out to china….Politicians encashed it. This is not happening under Trump. Oh…they will impeach Trump not only one time. but three times!!!

  40. I PERSONALLY can't wait for an Impeachment Trial.I ,as explained want to see Pres. Trump's legal representation,subpoena all these criminals that HERETOFORE have managed to avoid testifying under oath.

  41. McCarthy-why aren’t you requiring the other 100 Republicans in the house to speak up about Impeachment. Poor Leadership. Support POTUS Trump. Nov 2020 elections coming soon. 🇺🇸

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