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  1. EVIDENTLY , ADAM SHIFF. is making and breaking laws to SUITE his Agenda , he is RUNNING THIS COUNTRY. NOT THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA,

  2. We watched. Circus bec dems saying we done everything according to democracy
    Republican Say u done opposite
    Of course one team are lied which I believe the dems

  3. Barr can't even get a report onthe Russia hoax out. He's way behind. Russia hoax #1 is over & ppls lives ruined. Now Hoax #2 is well underway. Meanwhile Flynn & Stone on their way to jail while not 1 Marxist Democrat has been accountable. Can't blame democrats for winning. No one can touch them. Spineless Republicans in the Senate are as bad as the democrats.

  4. The Senate should open its own inquiry and first order of business is to subpoena Adam Schiff and place him formally in witness status. Then interrogate mercilessly just as he has others. He will have to plead the 5th amendment or lie as he continues to do, putting himself in jeopardy of perjury. I hope someone decent comes along in 2020 and challenges him.

  5. You don’t matter what matters is that the people do want him as head of the impeachment of your crucked president

    Whenare the CIA and FBI criminals going to be dragged into court? This is like a really bad B movie…

  7. You know it's getting boring! You can blame everybody else but let's face facts. trump is the one that made the call. He asked Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. He did want Ukraine to investigate the origins of the 2016 election. There is nothing else to say. He is the one that held back their funding Don't blame the democrats for his behavior. They have to go this route. If it were a democrat that did this I would want them to do the same. Ask yourself why he did those two things. 1 He asked them to investigate the 2016 election because he wanted Ukraine to take the blame and relieve Russia from guilt. 2 He wanted dirt on Biden, just like he did with Hillary. trump has an agenda! He is and always has been a crooked bastard.

  8. Remember….democraps NEVER get tired of losing and being wrong! Even when they lose this impeachment, they'll conspire to do it again next term!!.. Bank it!!!………ha ha!!

  9. Listen and learn. SCHIFF will launch a last minute run for president. Everyone knows him now. I'm 100% Republican, but Schiff has a good shot, considering the Democratic field.

  10. Look at this fool, McCarthy, looking for a scapegoat. We 're not in a court of law, dummy. Not yet so let the process work itself out.

  11. What to hell do you expect the American people do. That is why we elected you people. I take a dozen polls a day and every day we express our opinion in the comments.

  12. It is going to be so awesome when this carnival of errors backfires on the Lunatic Left. They are trying SO hard to stack the deck in their favor, and it is going to collapse on them.

  13. This is simple! Mitch McConnell needs to circulate a letter to all Republicans stating the intent to dismiss all charges brought by the democraps and have each one sign the letter stating that they favor the dismissal then send a copy to Pelosi. She will only have 2 choices at that point. Either shut the Impeachment down and focus on November 2020 or continue with the Impeachment and lose every chance of winning the Impeachment and losing the house and her speaker position in 2020! I say she will shut it down because she will see that there is absolutely no chance of the senate impeaching the President. They need 20 Republicans to vote for impeachment and that is impossible to get with 99% backing the President!!

  14. Did you hear that someone threw a beer at Trump while he was getting booed the other day? He's ok though, it was a draft so he dodged it.

  15. He has created so many malicious lies …everyone in his sick party knows he has NO credibility! His fabrication of quid pro quo is exactly what Biden did , and no one but Sean speaks about that video of Joe bragging! Dispicable political party is going down America and they have Joe and fancy Nancy and Adam Schiftty to thank for it

  16. You people are getting worried now, your eyes are like windows into the black hole of your soul, you will soon be begging in the street when the people find out you were aiding Trump

  17. If adam schiff ever ends up on a firing sqaud,please let me be one of the dhooters,ill even use my own gun and ammo!

  18. "McCarthy on why Schiff can't lead Trump impeachment inquiry"

    McCarthy on why Trump can't produce exculpatory evidence:


  19. That is not due process and it is truly treasonous act ……the problem is that their sitting in season making 50 thousand dollars back in the 80's how much are they getting paid now? Per session?…..Americans need to know their being frauded on another level….. They need to start paying back their fraudulent attempts prolonging their capital gains on our ticket….. Time to end the smoke and mirror incompetence……………!

  20. Could you imagine if someone leaked all these Demonrats traitors home addresses. Equal Justice would start to be administered by Veterans, Patriots, Hardworking Taxpayers and other true Americans.


  22. I think it's better not to get mad but to get more than even. So that this Anti-American Crap doesn't ever happen again. We are Free Because of the Brave. Soon we will have to take action against these Anti American traitors. It is those that stand by and do nothing when bad things happen that are responsible for those bad things that do happen. We got a job to do ASAP and MAGA. God Bless The USA.

  23. The actors should be made to pay back all the taxpayers' money used in this whole fiasco; from Mueller to today and going forward. Confiscate all their wealth, property and liberty, that would be due process.

  24. strzok and page falsified 302 !!!!!!! all yellowcakemuellers and weismans cased will be thrown out !!!!!!!! they will be dis barded !!!!!!!!!!

  25. the evil demonkkkcommierats won the house by 30 mill illegal aliens election voter fraud!!!!!!!!!!!! deport 30 mil illegal aliens !!! !!!!!!!

  26. Why can't anybody file an impeachment complaint against adam schiff and nancy pelosi for VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION, FOR GROSS AND PATENT ABUSE OF POWER AND DISCRETION, FOR BETRAYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST, FOR UNLAWFUL N UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR ON THE FLOORS OF CONGRESS FOR PERSONAL AND PARTISAN ATTACKS AGAINST THE PRESIDENT AND FOR OBVIOUS PARTIALITY AND BIAS. why can't anyone pick up a pen and blast these demo rats out of earth? Is there anyone with balls in the republicans? My goodness!!!! REGARDLESS if such complaint is ignored or what, due to democrats being majority in the house……JUST FILE IT!

  27. McCarthy could not lead an inquiry into an impeachment procedures because he would only believe what comes directly out of Trump's mouth, just like Hannity who gets paid millions for doing so.

  28. Schiff and the Democrats party are fighting Desperately from going to PRISON . Everybody can see this is nothing more than a SHAM. .

  29. There is no President Trump Quid Pro Quo, and that is not a crime.
    What is a crime is the Biden Quid Pro Quo as it is actually interfering in the Justice System / Obstruction of Justice of another Country through Blackmail.
    Biden and others are deeply involved in a whole lot more crimes just over in Ukraine alone.
    The Demoncrupts attempt to distract from their deep evil crimes, is Treasonous at the very least!

  30. Three trick or treaters walked up to a house. One wore a pointed hat, one a cap, and one a white sheet. The mother who answered the door said “How cute. A witch, a vampire, and a Trump supporter”. ????

    Hannity is that you under the sheet?

  31. Kevin, you are in no position to criticize anyone on leadership. Your blind grovelling defence of a career criminal and traitor doesn’t qualify as leadership.

  32. You're priceless! Wasn't it you who hid a lot of things and wouldn't step down? Didn't you have your time of bias? Bite the bullet!

  33. This should never be happening….new rules and laws need to be designed by the people of America…not the government.
    People need more say…
    Feels like we lost our rights and country long ago…
    Hoping prayers are being said all over the world…

  34. Can you imagine a wussy like shiff perpetrating his deceitful ways on the founding fathers.
    When the smoke clears some day, we will be able to peel back all the layers of treachery these devils have cooked up.

  35. Seems to me they can do what ever they want. No one has stopped them yet. Maybe it's time for the American people to stand up and say enough is enough. This is our country not a bunch of deep state socialists. One world government. They can go straight to hell

  36. First, the identity of the whistleblower is irrelevant. Second, why is this bobblehead more concerned about the process (which has members of the GOP are on the attendee list, but chose not to attend), rather than the suspected crimes?

  37. Schiff is not bringing the “whistle blower” forward because he is the whistle blower. He made it all up! My opinion!

  38. Hannity is part of the problem because he keeps lying and saying things like the president was exonerated. Why do you guys have to push things over the edge? All it does is enable the left to point out that you exaggerate or lie … just like they do.

  39. For this Trump sychopant and number 3 toady next only to Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz, these 3 stooges will always be about "party loyalty".

  40. President Trump has done NOTHING wrong!! Schiff,Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, and ALL democrats LIE, and should be held accountable for their actions!!

  41. Hannity will "stick to the facts" when the piggies take wing … and once again, folks, – the Whistleblower's identity is protected by US Law. – If a Whistleblower's safety were not guaranteed by law, you wouldn't have anyone willing to come forward, – Republicans … ask yourself what you would do if this were a Democrat President, instead of one of your own … would you still demand the Wistleblower's outting, – knowing that it might be one of yours ? – I think not.

  42. Whistle-blower and summary transcript don't matter much any more now that people are testifying almost daily. Republicans know this, but have no valid defense of a corrupt President.

  43. Hilarious – McCarthy puts on his 'Kindergarten-Speak' voice for Fox News viewers. The vote was on how to INVESTIGATE, not on actual IMPEACHMENT, so nobody needs to name an actual crime or anything like that – McCarthy knows this.

  44. Ooohhhh, I LOVED the Anti-Facebook, Pro-Christian, Pro-Trump, plea to forget the separation of church and state Advertisement at the end if the vid. Wow! Really targeting their audience there at Fox News.

  45. Do not be naive – dems want to have excuse to impeach Trump, there is nothing common with truth. They are working on chosen republican senators now, trying to bribe them, or blackmail them, or eliminate them in other illegal way to overcome republican senators in High House during vote on impeachment. They need only a few of them

  46. The republican party is just a bunch of angry old white men goin…bla-bla-bla because they are afraid of extinction. Get over it…it's here! ??? And I'm so glad! ?

  47. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. If Trump has "all the best people" he would have confidence in them to dismantle the Impeachment proceedings and make the Democrats look ridiculous….. BUT HE AND THE TRAITOROUS REPUBLICANS KNOW HE'S GUILTY! SIMPLE!

  48. When you witness a crime its your duty to report otherwise you are accessory after the fact. Nixons aides went to jail for it.

  49. I remember when Americans had a backbone. Back in the day Americans would have marched on the House and put these Democrats in there place. Today, it looks Americans have lost there spirit, lost there soul of there country and now bow to the globalist.

  50. Schiff is a dangerous creep who is making a mockery of our justice system . He's trying to start a civil war .He should be in prison .

  51. Why do they keep calling the memo a transcript.? It says right on the memo of the call “this is not a transcript”. The transcript was immediately moved to a private server

  52. These are the enemies of Americans, evil communist traitors. Go to live in Venezuela or Cuba you don't belong in this Country of God.

  53. They are with thier tax and spend. It was okay with Obama his blind vote on his health care. And hearing the Dems say they want to give illegal immergrents free health care. at the tax payers expense. Hmm that will keep our borders safe. Tax the Rich but then they right in loopholes for themselves. Let's start eating lunch out of dumpster. Oh maybe we should just have no laws any more. Rip up the Constitution. And wipe out all order. Demand due process. Demand are rights.

  54. Zelddin focused on interest in holding the Ukraine energy company that paid bidens son 50.000 a month to serve in it's board.

    2 LINDSEY Graham
    3 Mick Mulvaney
    4 Sen. Kennedy

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