McCarthy: Dems are afraid to face Trump at the ballot, want to frame him

McCarthy: Dems are afraid to face Trump at the ballot, want to frame him

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  1. ASSAULT ON DEMOCRCY!!! Florida Governor DeSantis and indicted Ukrainian-American Parnas met at least 6 times, governor’s office says. The number of meetings is more than previously reported by Florida reporters who have been asking questions for weeks about the governor’s ties to the Parnas and his business partner Igor Fruman. The duo also has been tied to the Ukrainian scandal that has led to House impeachment hearings of President Trump.

  2. Schiff’s “whistleblower” doesn’t fit the definition of whistleblower according to the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989.

    Credibility comprises the objective and subjective components of the
    believability of a source or message. Credibility has two key components:
    trustworthiness and expertise, which both have objective and subjective
    components. Trustworthiness is based more on subjective factors, but can
    include objective measurements such as established reliability.

    Several factors affect witnesses' credibility. Generally, they are deemed to be credible if they

    are recognized (or can be recognized) as a source of reliable information about
    someone, an event, or a phenomenon. 

    Federal whistleblowers have seen their protections diminish in recent years, largely as

    a result of a series of decisions by the United States Court of Appeals for the
    Federal Circuit, which has exclusive jurisdiction over many cases brought under
    the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA). Specifically, the Federal Circuit has
    accorded a narrow definition to the type of disclosure that qualifies for
    whistleblower protection. Additionally, the lack of remedies under current law
    for most whistleblowers in the intelligence community and for whistleblowers
    who face retaliation in the form of withdrawal of the employee's security
    clearance leaves unprotected those who are in a position to disclose wrongdoing
    that directly affects our national security.

    Schiff’s handling of his “whistleblower”, if adopted broadly, suggests that anyone could accuse another of any crime resulting in that person’s demise.

  3. We should be afraid of the ballot box. Some 24,000 illegal votes recently cast in only one Florida County. Open borders for illegal votes. Let's not get distracted. Demand Voter ID before the 2020 elections.

  4. Adam Schiff is America is an all America HERO and PATRIOT and Americas last line of DEFENCE against a complete take over of America by the RUSSIANS. Stay STRONG Adam Schiff America got your back.

  5. If the way this hearing is being run is the new way you want our country to run I would really prefer you move to another country that does not have fair trials so the rest of us can elect senators and congressmen who follow fair rules of law.

  6. I see You Tube over and over again editing and cutting these videos to show the dems in a better light and to cut off major truths being presented by the Republicans.

  7. Seems pretty obvious that it's the GOP who are afraid of Trump the most. They have surrendered almost all of their congressional powers to him. Correction. Congress is the voice of we the people. That is their job. They have surrendered the power of the American people to fight back against a corrupt, incompetent President. How any American could gleefully support turning over their own power is just freakin' weird.

  8. the money was released because someone started an investigation Fox News is just spinning the truth. Someone need to check Fox News for spinning the truth.

  9. The Ambassador to Ukraine had Trump all a titter as he tweeted away this morning. He is the very depiction of CORRUPTION.

  10. "Heard it from a friend who/ heard it from a friend who/ heard it from another you've been bribing Ukraine."
    (Every Democrat witness in 2019 House Presidential impeachment show trial)
    October/November 2019, Secret Kangaroo Court, House "Intelligence Committee
    November 2019, House Presidential Impeachment "Investigation"

  11. You may not like the Democrats, I'm certainly not a fan. But they are the only ones that recognize that good people cannot stand for an overtly corrupt president. After it's all said and done, Fox New and Republicans are complicit with the crimes that Trump has committed.

  12. I'll bet you the farm Pelosi ends up saying "oh Schiffty deceived me, he lied to me… I believed him" to try and get off the hook!

  13. It’s so funny how they all say the exact same thing every day. Do all the biased media have a meeting the night before or is a memo sent to all the fake news networks?

  14. Can anyone tell me what happened to the so called second whistleblower? I haven’t heard a word about him or her and Why aren’t the Republicans bringing it up?

  15. We love this president because he humiliates people who get in his way and if he uses a foreign government to get dirt on an opponent so be it . USA USA USA

  16. Republicans would not have a chance at the ballots if it were about a popular vote. This stupid system of an electoral vote makes fools out of the Americans.

  17. What a long way we've come from J.F.K. and Martin Luther King Jr. 
    With the advent of the first black president, racism seethed and spread beneath the skin of a right leaning white minority, infecting everything in its path like a pathogen, burning through the weak minded like a scythe slicing through wheat. While their forefathers would smile at the continued fight of a bygone and insidious era, their children and grandchildren will weep for generations, until the stench of hatred falls from their family names like poison off the fangs of a rabid dog.

  18. Mc Carthy and the GOP are shamless and the biggest coward ever. All SNOWFLAKES this woman has balls than all of you. The money was released after they knew there was a wistleblower LYAR

  19. as soon as Giuliani gets indicted (not if but when)…he will most definitely turn states evidence and that will be game over for conman Trump…

  20. Nope. Trump don't have the numbers this time around. The GOP should not complain about this impeachment. They impeached a blow-J, for god's sake.

  21. This argument sounds awesome ONLY HERE; however, we are finding out that everybody from the trump team that goes under oath in court goes directly to jail lol. If trump is so innocent, why is he not sending himself, Mulvaney, Giuliani, or Barr to testify under oath? this is another laughable and shameful Jedi mind trick tactic

  22. Marvetentrumfacendatchmakenamericanalestenkanvilheltrumamericakokjdattrumdefenkomenendurikstopensnapiternetvatentofrest

  23. This goes to show what really the Dems think of their supporters… As ignorant, stupid, unthinking people who are incapable of drawing their own conclusions. The Dems prove their supporters are dumb people who can't make their own decisions. Dem supporters are being led to the slaughter with false narratives, doctored (edited) to show only what Dems want them to see. This is a Dem utopia; to dumb down America for an easy takeover. But they never figured on such an opposition as they are getting today. Glory to God!!!

  24. Looks like YouTube, Google and friends are all scared too.
    Changing their terms of service. So what, the post office and telephone company still work and did so long before the big techs even existed.

  25. Look at all the money that the Democratic party is wasted on thisthey should be held accountable to pay all that money back because it's all bull bull crap I also heard they stole money from social security to pay the bill on this

  26. There's nothing that people can say on either side because the Democratic partyCongress have already decided they're going to go through with this impeachment all the way weather the president gets impeached or not too different story

  27. The American public must show support to President Trump in all angles. They should let their presence feel in the streets, online, make comments on everything. Support President Trump if you don't want your border be open next year by a Democrat President, bring back free trade with China and make China the richest and US manufacturers will close down and a lot will be homeless and unemployed. Bring out your voice to every platform. Just 30 mins a day. All ye American people who want your Nation to be the Greatest!!

  28. "Why does Adam Schiff lie about having proof […], lie about meeting with Glen Simpson, lie about knowing the whistleblower?" Answer: Because he's a Peice of $#!+.

  29. Quid pro quo HAS CRUMBLED!!!!!
    Then they reach for some bribery HAS CRUMBLED!!!!!
    Then they reach for intimidation HAS AGAIN CRUMBLED!!!!!
    It reminds me of 3 years of CRUMBLING RUSSIA DELUSION
    The reaching for obstructiont that CRUMBLED!!!!!
    I was a Democrat but now I am CONVERTED TO REPUBLICAN because of SHIFF'S CHAOS CIRCUS.
    NOTHING BURGERS!!!!!!!-!!!!!!

  30. when obama denied aid to ukraine and sent blankets, he gave soros $50 million, via one of soros' phoney orgs, to help Soros overthrow the government there. Obama ransacked that country. Besides both bidens, pelosi's son, Kerry's step-son there was 10 to 12 other obama grifters involved. They were draining energy companies so ukraine had to depend on russia. Rudy was contacted by ukraine because messages to Trump were blocked by people like Schitt's witnesses. Tat lady ambassador was working the scam, assisting obama, soros and the assorted crooks. It's sickening how she was praised like some kind of saint when she is just as rancid and filthy as the rest of the coup participants.

  31. Trumpf picks the best people:
    *Trump personal lawyer Cohen – FELON!
    * Trump campaign manager Manafort – FELON!
    * Trump asst. campaign manager Gates – FELON!
    * Trump foreign policy adviser Papadopoulos – FELON!
    * Trump wingman & top political adviser Stone – FELON!
    * Trump national security adviser Flynn – FELON!

  32. I spent the evening thinking about this and caressing the inside of my boyfriend'a anus, and after I smelled my finger I definitely think something fishy is going on here!

  33. The danger to our nation, USA, is in FAILING to investigate corruption. In this instance, the person President Trump wants investigated is trying to become the next president of USA, a clear danger for us and other nations including Ukraine.
    It is President Trump's duty to help Ukraine end corruption with the information he has available.

    At the end of the witness of US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, Adam Schiff condemned President Trump for praising the man making an investigation of Burisma and Hunter Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, and condemned President Trump for seeking investigation of the Bidens, even though Joe Biden confessed on camera to threatening Ukraine officials to withhold funding for Ukraine if the prosecutor was not fired, and the prosecutor was fired. The danger is in Adam Schiff and the Democrats who want to stop the investigation of Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

  34. Everyone in the trump appointee in the White House testified against trump. 12 people on the call and they all testified AGAINST trump Rotflmao

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